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Starling Tribune – Season 4.5 Special Edition – Legends Of Tomorrow Leviathan (A CW Network Arrow Television Show Fan Podcast) #118

Starling Tribune – Season 4.5 Special Edition – Legends Of Tomorrow Leviathan (A CW Network Arrow Television Show Fan Podcast)The Official Arrow Podcast of the Gonna Geek Network

Episode:            Season 1, Episode 13 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow –  “Leviathan”

Air Date:           April 28, 2016 on the CW television network, and on CTV up here in Canada



Director:           Gregory Smith
We’ve talked about Greg Smith before, a director who’s become one of the go-to directors for the Berlanti-verse, having made the transition from in front of the camera on Rookie Blue to behind it

LoT: 2x Director episodes “Leviathan” and “Marooned”
Other Director Credits: 4x Arrow | 8x Saving Hope | 5x Rookie Blue

Writers:             Sarah Nicole Jones
We haven’t heard Sarah’s name in a while, having Producer credits on the two-part Pilot episode, as well as writer and Producer credits on tonight’s episode with couple other episodes under her belt

LoT: Producer credits on Pilot Ep.1 & 2 and Leviathan | Writer credits on “Leviathan” as well as “Night of the Hawk” and “White Knights”
Other writer credits: 3x Forever | 8x Longmire

Ray U-tarn-a-chitt
We’ve seen Ray’s name pop up in a couple other episodes this season as well

Legends of Tomorrow: 2x writer credits on “Leviathan” and “Star City 2046” as well as 16x credits as executive story editor
Other writing credits: 1x Flash | 4x Tomorrow People | 2x Person of Interest

Weekly Ratings

Rating: Episode 13 – 1.86 (April 28th, 2016) – It actually moved up from 1.78 the following week!

April 2016
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


No episode

Season 1 ended April 18th


The Flash

S.02 Ep.19

Rating: 3.39
“Back to Normal”
Barry adjusts to life without his powers



S.04 Ep.19

Rating: 2.27
“Canary Cry”

Fake Black Canary, Ollie outs Laurel as Canary at her grave


Legends of Tomorrow

S.01 Ep.13

Rating: 1.86
Rip takes the team to London in the year 2166



No episode

Season 1 ended

February 13th

Links for Other Shows


Episode # Episode Title Episode Air Date Rating
1 Pilot, Part 1 21-Jan-16 3.21
2 Pilot, Part 2 28-Jan-16 2.89
3 Blood Ties 4-Feb-16 2.32
4 White Knights 7-Feb-16 2.39
5 Fail-Safe 18-Feb-16 2.25
6 Star City 2046 25-Feb-16 2.47
7 Marooned 3-Mar-16 2.28
8 Night of the Hawk 10-Mar-16 2.01
9 Left Behind 31-Mar-16 1.97
10 Progeny 7-Apr-16 1.88
11 The Magnificent Eight 14-Apr-16 1.98
12 Last Refuge 21-Apr-16 1.78
13 Leviathan 28-Apr-16 1.86
14 River of Time 5-May-16 1.63
15 Destiny 12-May-16 1.89
16 Legendary 19-May-16 1.85


  • What was the overall theme for this episode / What was the link to the ep. name
    • “Leviathan”
      • Definition of Leviathan: While historically a reference to a large sea monster, often with old testament linkages, it’s come to be associated with something large or formidable
      • The Leviathan is Savage’s giant robot
    • Recurring theme of Choosing to Fight, Choosing to Live… Choices
      • Kendra chooses not to kill Savage, and chose to learn how to fight
      • Cassandra chose to betray her father and join the rebels
      • Ray chose to get up and to fight and to live
      • Rip had given up, but once the team came together, he chose to try and change fate
  • Fight scenes & Stunts: Share your thoughts
    • Fight at the rally
      • Sara with her staff continues to kick butt
      • Still love the heat gun and cold gun effects
    • ATOM v. Leviathan
      • CGI was interesting, not great, not crappy
      • Compressed light blasts – aww yeah
      • Bad-ass punch to the head
    • Kendra v Savage
      • Really liked the mace effect
      • Kendra laid into Savage and Carter with a bad ass spiked mace – no blood
    • Legends and Cassandra Savage v. Shock Troops
      • Casandra with the throwing knife in the back
      • … But why did they stand around when they had Savage at the start
    • Time Travel: Share your thoughts
      • He knows where his family is even though they were at Whitechapel – can’t get his family to safety.
      • OK, so no matter what he does Savage’s forces keep killing his family – time wants his family to die, yet he’s still trying to change it.
    • Rip Hunter
      • Running into the final battle at the rally with no real plan – yet another example of not great captaining
      • A bit of a dick not wanting the refugees on board Gideon
      • He basically gives up when the Waverider is damaged.
    • Vandal Savage
      • Great speech at the start
    • Vandal Savage’s Daughter – Cassandra Savage
      • Decent training montage with a katana
      • She didn’t know that the Armageddon virus was unleashed by Savage, and that Savage created Per Degaton… and there came the inevitable reveal
      • Joins the rebels at the end.
    • The Atom – Ray Palmer
      • “It worked, I’m not dead… yet”
      • Giant Sized ATOM
      • Looks crushed when Kendra says “we need to talk”
    • White Canary – Sara Lance
      • Aside from decent staff fighting, not a lot
      • Kinda weird that she brought up the whole soulmate thing with Kendra, but she’s her friend, so I guess it was in character
    • Hawkgirl – Kendra Saunders
      • Golden mace is pretty cannon – Nth metal
    • Hawkman – Carter Hall
      • Spike mace training scene, he wasn’t actually a bit of a douche
    • Captain Cold – Leonard Snart
      • Solid throughout the episode, esp. In his interactions with Cassandra
      • Backstory with his dad who was a monster is a lot of callback to the Flash Episode with Golden Glider as well.
    • Heatwave – Mick Rory
      • “It works with my outfit”
      • It’s great when Mic is actually into the role – his looks while interrogating the daughter was kinda awesome.
    • Firestorm – Professor Martin Stein
      • Cared about the refugees, but didn’t have a lot to do – was injured for the climactic fight.
    • Firestorm – Jefferson Jackson
      • Ray’s cheering section – not a lot of direct action since Stein was out of commission.

Video Edition:


Season 1 Episode 13 “Leviathan” (Date: 29 Apr 2016)

  1. Leviathan:There have been two Leviathans in DC Comics.  The first Leviathan was Gim Allor, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  The most recent Leviathan wasn’t a person at all, but an offshoot of the League of Assassins.  Talia al Ghul created Leviathan to oppose Batman Inc.
  2. Growing Atom:Savage’s Leviathan is clearly a giant version of Ray’s ATOM suit
  3. The Rebel Leader:Sharon Taylor, who played the unnamed Rebel Leader on tonight’s episode, was in Smallville, she played Zod’s lieutenant Faora
  4. Cassandra Savage:Cassandra Savage is actually based on a different DC character…  Kassandra Sage is one of Vandal Savage’s daughters in the New 52.  After the police arrested Savage for a string of sacrificial murders, Kass grew up to become a profiler for the FBI, specializing in serial killers.  After not speaking to Savage for years, Kass used her father to help solve a string of copycat murders committed by the son of the man who arrested Savage.  Of course, most fans were hoping that Cassandra would wind up being Scandal Savage, a member of the Secret Six, a group of anti-hero mercenaries.
  5. Extra – thumping class of scotch looked like Jurassic Park.
  6. Extra – did anyone think of Capt. America Civil war when ATOM grew – like Ant-man growing into Giant-man


  1. Wendy Mericle talks Prometheus, no magic, and Flashpoint (Date: 24 Aug 2016)
    * “for Season 5 … we did want to go back to our roots and figure out what is specific to this show. What is our universe? Go back to, ‘What is Arrow?'”
    * Season 5 villain will be Prometheus, a prominent DC comics villain
    * “He’s not going to have magic, no powers.  He has a very personal grudge and axe to grind with Oliver and he’s going to come at him in a really interesting, sociopathic kind of way.”
    * “Flashpoint provides an interesting jumping off point for all the shows this year, in that we have this reset button available to us if we want it,”
    Link: on the comic book Prometheus
    * Three villains have used the name, but the “second” Prometheus is the main one.
    * No powers, but can download files on any hero and upload fighting styles
    * Sometimes set up as the Anti-Batman
    * Ties in to Green Arrow mythology through the very controversial Justice League: Cry for Justice, miniseries (2009) where [Spoiler alert] his actions result in (i) the death of Roy Harper’s daughter, (ii) Roy losing an arm, and ultimately (iii) Ollie murdering Prometheus in cold blood in revenge.
  1. CW drops a new Arrow Season 5 Promo Trailer (Date: 24 Aug 2016)
    * Not much new, but…
    * First look at Chad L. Coleman of The Walking Dead in the role of Tobias Church, a gang leader going up against the Green Arrow. He seems to be masterminding an alliance of criminals
    * We see the Black Canary statue that we discussed in an earlier podcast
    * Fights!
  2. Will Traval from Jessica Jones cast as the Human Target in S.05 (Date: 18 Aug 2016)
    * A professional bodyguard and master of disguise who assumes the identities of those targeted by assassins, the character (aka Christopher Chance) will appear in Episode 5 when he takes on a new client: Mayor Oliver Queen.
    * Traval recently appeared in “Jessica Jones” on Netflix as Will Simpson, Trish Walker’s love interest and burgeoning antagonist.
    * His past credits also include “Once Upon a Time” and “All Saints.”
  3. Episode 4 Title and script cover released (Date: 18 Aug 2016)

* The episode is titled, “Penance,”
* Written by Brian Ford Sullivan and Oscar Balderrama and directed by Dermott Downs.
* Sullivan has worked on a dozen episodes of Arrow and Balderrama has written half a dozen.
* In 2015, Downs directed 2 episodes of Arrow (“The Offer,” “The Return”).
* The title might suggest that Oliver could either go through a voluntary self-punishment as an expression of repentance or confess his sins to seek absolution.


  1. Legends: Marc Guggenheim talks Legends + the Legion of Doom (Date: 22 Aug 2016)
    * Time cops and expanding the DC TV universe beyond Flash and Arrow
    * Love of the Heatwave character
    * Flexible Berlantiverse contracts for John Barrowman, Wentworth Miller and Katie Cassidy
    * Teasers for the Legion of Doom and their dynamic
    * A bit about Vixen in both Season 2 of LoT and animated Vixen!
    * “I’m proud that we were able to launch Arrow and have it not suck, and in that not sucking, it created opportunities, not just for The Flash, but it opened up the world of television. So, I can’t really take credit for the universe. I really think that’s Greg and Andrew’s baby.”
  2. Legends: Is Love in the air for Mick Rory? (Date: 23 Aug 2016)
    * Marc Guggenheim discussed the surprise element of Dominic Purcell‘s Heat Wave during the first season and his continued role on the team
    * Guggenheim may have let slip a future development: “This year, we want him to fall in love with someone and be like, ‘What are feelings?!’”
  3. Flash: CW releases a new Season 3 Flashpoint promo trailer (Date: 24 Aug 2016)
    * Not much new footage
    * Barry realizes he has created a new timeline
    * Cisco is rich in the new timeline and runs STAR labs
  4. Flash: Todd Lasance is Savitar… or is he The Rival?!? (Date: 23 Aug 2016)
    * You may recall last month pics surfaced that gave us a look at that mysterious black-clad speedster, and the actor that was playing him.
    * The images clearly show Todd Lasance (The Vampire Diaries, Underbelly, Spartacus: War of the Damned) under the mask, and we recently learned that this new character was actually Savitar….
    * Except, he isn’t!
    * Hollywood Reporter wrote up a piece confirming that Lasance would be playing Savitar.
    * Greg Berlanti then took to Twitter, refuting this report and saying “Savitar has not been cast”.
    * TV Line then confirmed Todd Lasance is playing The Rival
  5. Flash: Casting for the Top announced AND Ep.3.04 details (Date: 18 Aug 2016)
    * The Flash has cast Ashley Rickards as Rosalind “Rosa” Dillon a.k.a. The Top
    * she’ll make her debut in the fourth episode of the upcoming third season.
    * Her version will also share a fairly intimate relationship with Grey Damon’s Mirror Master as she’s being teased as the Bonnie to his Clyde.
    * Rickards is best known for her lead role as Jenna Hamilton on MTV’s comedy drama series Awkward and has also guest-starred on episodes of Zoey 101, Ugly Betty, One Tree Hill, Entourage, and American Horror Story: Murder House.
    * Additionally, episode 3.04 is shaping up to be a big one for the series: it will introduce Mirror Master, and will also feature the return of fan-favorite Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold.
  6. Flash: X-Men First Class & Thor Screenwriter to pen a Flash episode (Date: 22 Aug 2016)
    * Zack Stentz will be returning to the show to write episode #305, “Monster.”
    * Grant Gustin shared the update via Twitter, uploading a photo of the episode’s script, Gustin wrote, “Our @VancouverDP is directing an episode written by the brilliant @MuseZack. Kim deserves it and he’s gonna kill it.”
    * Kim Miles, a Vancouver-based cinematographer, will be overseeing Stentz’s episode as director.
    * Some fans are already voicing their disappointment now that they know Stentz’s episode won’t be handled by Kevin Smith; the two’s worked wonders last season with “The Runaway Dinosaur,”
  7. Flash: First look at Joey King as the villain Magenta  (Date: 22 Aug 2016)
    * The pic gives us a very good idea of how King will look as the supervillain when she makes her debut
  8. Flash: Teddy Sears to return as Black Flash at some point (Date: 19 Aug 2016)
    * Zoom transformed into the Black Flash during the finale, which seemingly set up some sort of return for the villain down the line.
    * Based on comments from executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, it definitely sounds like the door is open for the villain to return at some point this year:
    “Obviously we did that on purpose,” said Kriesberg. “We love working with Teddy. He’s such an amazing actor and amazing person, and was so much a part of the success of this show last season. There aren’t any immediate plans for that, but you can’t keep a good Black Flash down, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing him in the future.”
  9. Supergirl: First pics of Lynda Carter on Supergirl  (Date: 19 Aug 2016)
    * Pics released by the ‘Just Jared’ Twitter Account
    * Lynda Carter looks great
    * Looks like she and Melissa Benoist are having a ton of fun working together
  1. Supergirl: Super-selfie posed from the offices of the DEO (Date: 23 Aug 2016)
    *  David Harewood (Martian Manhunter) posted a selfie from the DEO set with Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) and Chyler Leigh (Alex Danvers).
    * Behind them, fans will spy what appears to be a new set.


DC to host 8-hour live-stream on DC All Access on YouTube  (Date: 23 Aug 2016)

  1. * Planned for September 2, 2016
    * DC Entertainment will be streaming exclusive live content on their DC All Access YouTube channel to celebrate hitting one million subscribers.
    * The marathon programming block will be led by DC All Access hosts Tiffany Smith and Jason Inman
    * Live-stream will feature interviews with comic book writers, insider info, news updates and more.
    ***DC is totally stealing our live-stream schtick***
  2. Funko Announces DC TV Dorbz  (Date: 25 Aug 2016)
    * Announcement was made on the DC Legion of Collectors (Subscription Box) site
    * Arrow Dorbz include Green Arrow, Speedy and Malcolm Merlyn
    * Flash Dorbz include The Flash, Reverse Flash and Zoom
    * If you read the fine print, available this fall
    * AND Malcolm Merlyn is a Gamestop exclusive


Promo for Next Week: Legends Of Tomorrow – “River of Time”



Episode:            “River of Time” [Season 1 Episode 14]

Air Date:           Thursday, May 5th, 2016

Summary:         After numerous attempts in different time periods, the team captures Vandal Savage. However, Savage tells Kendra that he can reunite her with Carter so she struggles with whether she should kill him. Rip decides they will deliver Savage to the Time Masters which doesn’t sit well with Snart and Rory. The duo decides it may be time to jump ship and return to their old life. Meanwhile, Savage taunts Ray about his place in Kendra’s life.

Director:           Alice Troughton

Writers: Cortney Norris & Anderson Mackenzie


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This podcast was recorded August 25th, 2016.

Thank you for listening and we hope you enjoyed the show!

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