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So you want to join the GonnaGeek Network? First off, thank you for your interest. GonnaGeek has always been a site for geeks by geeks so we’re glad that we’ve managed to get on your geeky radar. GonnaGeek is always looking to add valuable geeky related content that is well produced and we are looking forward to seeing your application!

In order to maintain the standard of podcasting that we currently have, there is an application process set for podcasts wishing to join the network. Here’s the submission criteria.

Criteria for Submission for Consideration

• Any podcast is eligible to be submitted with minimum of 1 episode. However, it is recommended to wait until 4 episodes have been released as generally approvals are not granted until a podcast has 4 episodes (this allows us to see release schedules, consistencies, etc)
• Your podcast should have a set release date and the history should reflect consistency with this (ie. monthly, weekly, bi-weekly).
• Your Podcast must have a custom DOMAIN NAME, even if the primary function is to forward to your podcast media host site.
• No illegal use of copyrighted music/material
• Oh, and of course, your podcast needs to be geeky – in some way.

If you meet the criteria above, go ahead and submit your podcast using the submission form below. Your form will be sent to our network committee for review of that and your podcast. A representative from the committee will contact you within 14 days to provide an update and any further questions.

An important house keeping note – as the GonnaGeek Network is essentially a listing service, all responsibilities (legal or otherwise) of podcast members (including their hosts and/or affiliates) continue independently of GonnaGeek. Each show remains its own entity and in turn continues to responsible (legal or otherwise) for itself. For example (but not limited to):

• Your podcast will continue to be owned and operated independently of GonnaGeek
• Your podcast will continue to be legally responsible for itself in the same manner in which it currently is
• Any other agreements you may have involving yourself, your hosts and/or your podcast continue to be the responsibility of those involved with the applicable agreement(s)
• No compensation (monetary or otherwise) is offered for being a part of GonnaGeek
• GonnaGeek reserves the right to remove your podcast from the network at any time without notice.

Please note, if your podcast is approved for the network, there are a few requirements we ask of our members which include:

Allow syndicating (posting) the podcast on GonnaGeek each week (as you’ll see on the site for existing members)
Updating our cross-promotion network-shared spreadsheet after each episode release
Using an approved GonnaGeek Network Header/Pre-roll at the start of the show (listen to the beginning of any of our network podcasts for an example).

If you believe you will be unable to meet any of the requirements above, please email stephen [at] PRIOR to applying:



    The following two (2) contact boxes are optional. If you leave them blank, we will contact you using the details within your podcast's RSS feed.

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