Arrow Season 3 Preview
SDCC 2014: Arrow Season 3 First Look
Continuing with the Arrow news comic out of SDCC 2014, we have a first look at Season 3 of Arrow. While you may be tempted to click off part way, we recommend continuing through the whole trailer as the Season 2 footage only lasts the first minute. Fans ...
SDCC 2014: The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer – Beth is Alive
AMC released the Season 5 Trailer for The Walking Dead this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC 2014) and its surprising the majority does NOT happen at Terminus. Does this mean Rick and the Gang’s stay is short lived or do these events in ...
arrow banner
SDCC 2014: Arrow Season 3 Brings in Ra’s al Ghul
Last night at San Diego Comic Con it was time for Arrow to take center stage at Hall H.  There were some great bits of information that came out earlier this week but there was really big news announced at the panel. Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim ...
Wonder Woman
First Look: Gal Gadot As Wonder Woman
I like this! I want DC to do well with their films I really do.  Honestly I’m more excited for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice than I am for Avengers: Age of Ultron.  What are your thoughts my fellow geeks?
preview Podcast – #055 – 50% Less French
This show we talk about early Guardians of the Galaxy buzz, Arrow and the Flash cross-over confirmed but they won’t cross over with the movies and there’s a new Fight Club sequel coming… to comics. After that Stephen talks about ...
Ben Affleck Batman SDCC Chin
Ben Affleck’s Batman: The Chin Plays – New Image
Geeks can always tell when it’s SDCC weekend by the wave of teases and previews hitting the web. Warner Bros. released a new photo of Ben Affleck’s Batman and it appears that our beloved Sad Batman is no more…. KIDDING! I’m ...
Musings of a Blerd: Thorsday #4 Adversaries of Thor Part 1
People of Midgard the time has come once again to celebrate our beloved god-soon to be goddess-of thunder! Last time I spoke tales of the many who have been found worthy by Mjolnir. This time I speak of the foes of Thor. These are the nefarious beings ...
Roy Harper Arsenal
A First Look At Colton Haynes as Arsenal in Season 3 of Arrow
Entertainment Weekly released a first look today of Colton Haynes as Arsenal for the upcoming Season 3 of CW’s Arrow. While we still are eagerly awaiting October, this sure helps tide us over.
Batman face
Musings of a Blerd: 14 Facts About The Dark Knight
Note: *I wrote a version of this over at my blog site back in January.* In honor of Batman Day, here are fourteen facts about the Dark Knight: 1. Batman was created by Bob Kane AND Bill Finger. 2. The first Batman story, “The Case of the Chemical ...
Musings of a Blerd: Batman Franchise Media, My Top 14
Note: *I wrote a version of this over at my blog site back in January.* Happy Batman Day! Today we celebrate our brooding Dark Knight and this year also marks the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight’s existence fighting crime on the streets, sewers, ...