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Hosted ByWing, Beef, Rumdaddy and Jonolobster.

A podcast that talks about a variety of topics including movies, tv, video games, comic books, and more.

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Here we talk about entertainment Legends and Legendary Entertainment. Movie, TV, Web, Video Games, Comic Book, Classic, New, Old,Original, Sequel, Reboot, Remake and more . For better or worse.

This podcast is a member of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network but is not owned by GonnaGeek.

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Legends Podcast #683; Shoresy Special Edition (Season 2, Part 1)

This week we’re talking about the first three episodes of season 2: “Get ‘Em Focused,” “Skill vs. Will,” and “Set the Tone.” The Bulldogs have played a perfect season, but success has led to distractions off the ice. Simply put, the boys a

Legends Podcast #682; Slap Shot (1977)

In 1977, director George Roy Hill re-teamed with actor Paul Newman – the pair had previously collaborated on Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Sting, two of the biggest movies of the past decade – for an oddball sports comedy about a little-known

Legends Podcast #681; The One (2001)

Following the release of The Matrix in 1999, Hollywood saw an explosion of martial arts-focused action movies. Riding that wave was Chinese actor Jet Li, who made his first American-made film debut in Lethal Weapon 4 and went on to star in Kiss of the Dra

Legends Podcast #680; The Hitcher (1986)

Nothing says summer like a road trip movie, so we’re setting off for California in this 1986 cult thriller. Things get interesting in West Texas when a young man picks up a mysterious hitchhiker who turns out to be an insane serial killer. Starring Rutger

Legends Podcast #679; Godzilla Minus One (2023)

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the first Godzilla film, Japanese movie studio Toho unleashed a new installment in its historic franchise last year. Set in Japan in the days following World War II, the film serves a prequel of sorts to the 1954 fil

Legends Podcast #467R; Mad Max: Fury Road Re-Release (2015)

We’re rewinding the clock to 2020 with a release of our review (repeating from Legends 246) of Mad Max: Fury Road, the sequel to the recently released Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga film. Believe it or not, we were just starting to hear rumblings of a…

Legends Podcast #677; Madame Web (2024)

From the studio that brought us Venom and Morbius comes the latest attempt by Sony to make a Spider-Man movie without Spider-Man in it! When Cassandra Webb’s mother is bitten by a magic spider, she grows up with the power to see the future. But even she

Legends Podcast #678; Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (2021)

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On burst onto the internet stage in 2010 with a three minute YouTube video. In three short videos, the world fell in love with the tiny, soft-spoken, introspective mollusc as he showed us his everyday life in a human-sized home

Legends Podcast #676; Bottoms (2023)

Putting a new spin on the traditional coming-of-age teen movie, director Emma Seligman mashes up The Breakfast Club with Fight Club for an action-packed, surreal romp through high school. Starring Rachel Sennot and Ayo Edebiri as two lesbians who start a