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Hosted ByWing, Beef, Rumdaddy and Jonolobster.

A podcast that talks about a variety of topics including movies, tv, video games, comic books, and more.

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Here we talk about entertainment Legends and Legendary Entertainment. Movie, TV, Web, Video Games, Comic Book, Classic, New, Old,Original, Sequel, Reboot, Remake and more . For better or worse.

This podcast is a member of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network but is not owned by GonnaGeek.

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Legends Podcast #635; The Road (2009)

Based on Cormac McCarthy’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, this post-apocalyptic “road movie” pairs Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smit-McPhee as father and son traversing a hostile landscape. Co-starring Charlize Theron, Robert Duvall, Michael K. Williams,

Legends Podcast #634; Hair (1979)

It’s 1968, One of the most turbulent years in US history. Richard Nixon wins the election against Hubert Humphrey. The US is entwined in the war between North and South Vietnam and Lyndon B. Johnson, who is still president, increases our own ground tr

HOLIDAY RE.RELEASE Legends Podcast #479; The Vast of Night (Sci-Fi)

With a lil treat this 4th of July, We re-release our The Vast of Night cast from the early dark days of the pandemic! Have a great 4th The coronavirus quarantine has been a boon to streaming, but our favorite film of the lockdown is a low-budget, ret

Legends Podcast #633; Circus of Books (2019)

Director Rachel Mason set out to make a documentary about her parents’ bookstores in the West Hollywood and Silver Lake neighborhoods of Los Angeles. For much of her childhood, Karen and Barry Mason kept the nature of their business a secret from Rachel

Legends Podcast #632; Cocaine Bear (2023)

Based on a true story – sort of – this Elizabeth Banks-directed film bit off a chunk of the box office earlier this year. In the style of Snakes on a Plane and Sharknado, its absurd title promised campy animal chaos that audiences needed to see to believe

Legends Podcast #631; Pride (2014)

Based on a true story, this 2014 film follows a group of gay and lesbian activists who lend their support to a Welsh mining village during the 1984-1985 miners’ strike, uniting two very different communities in the process. Starring Bill Nighy, Imelda S

Legends Podcast #630; The Dark Knight (2008)

After a successful franchise reboot with Batman Begins, auteur director Christopher Nolan leaned into the gritty aspects of the comic with a grounded take on the Clown Prince of Crime as the lead villain in a mob-centric tale of Gotham City. Christian Bal

Legends Podcast #629; Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

Stand-up comic and SNL star Eddie Murphy broke out on the big screen in Eighties movies like 48 Hrs and Trading Places, but his biggest box office successes came while playing Axel Foley, a street-smart Detroit detective as a fish-out-of-water in Beverly

Legends Podcast#628; The Breakfast Club

One of John Hughes’s most well-know films and decade-defining teem comedy, this ensemble film was made for a million and it is still playing on cable TV. Often imitated but never remade – at  lease not yet, anyway- Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, Emilio Est