Musings of a Blerd: JIMAA Throwback-Tali’s Top 8 Sites to View Anime

Welcome back anime lovers to JIMAA! It’s another manic Monday but no worries, I have a list of places where you can go online to watch anime and relax from the chaotic start of the week. This list first appeared on Comics Crux two years ago, but I thought I share it with you again!…

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Musings of a Blerd: JIMAA: Mite Kudasai Yonde Kudasai #1

Musings of a Blerd Presents: Journey Into Manga and Anime (JIMAA): Mite Kudasai, Yonde Kudasai. Welcome to the first Mite Kudasai! (Watch!) Yonde Kudasai on the new column! Once a month, I’ll pick one-three anime series or films for fans to watch and give my reasons why. One pick will be a classic anime while…

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Musings of a Blerd: Welcome to my column!

Hello folks out there in geekspace! Welcome to a new column on Gonna Geek written by yours truly.  I had a few ideas that I thought would make a cool column that I wanted to share with you my fellow nerds and geeks. So here’s what you’ll be reading on this new column. Comicmaniacs:  Previously…

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