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Don’t Sleep On Narcolepsy with Kendra McGregor

All episodes are available at https://TheNeuroNerds.com. Follow @TheNeuroNerds on Twitter/Instagram and Like us at Facebook.com/TheNeuroNerds. Summary Joe is chatting with traumatic brain injury survivor, Kendra McGregor. Going into this episode, Joe thought it was going to be pretty nerdy since Kendra is a cosplayer, but this ended up being a super informational episode all about…

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Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories and Dark Duel Stories with Luke Herr

Yu-Gi-Oh is something I never really got into growing up. Or now for that matter since I’ve gotten into some things now that I should have gotten into when I was younger. Although I was kind of around it since I was into Pokemon and Magic: the Gathering so it’s not a totally 100% new…

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Better Podcasting #262 – The Future of Better Podcasting

It’s here, it’s finally here! In our return episode of Better Podcasting, we kick of Season 2 of Better Podcasting (yes, Season 2) and in this episode we’re going to talk about the future of Better Podcasting. In typical Better Podcasting fashion,…

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Ep. 192 – Jurassic Park(1993)

This week Jason and Rob relive their younger years as they reminisce and talk about 1993’s dinosaur sensation, Jurassic Park.
R.I.P.D. 2 – https://gizmodo.com/ripd-sequel-rise-of-the-damned-announced-1849681538
Betty Ross Returns – https://www.giantfreak…

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We Matter Too with Dr. Ashley Perkins

We sit down with mental health advocate & cofounder of We Matter Too, Dr. Ashley Perkins! We talk the pros & cons of social media, self-diagnosis, and more! We Matter Too with Dr. Ashley Perkins Intro Background Ending Apple…

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Hey Everybody! It’s Dr. Nick

All episodes are available at https://TheNeuroNerds.com. Follow @TheNeuroNerds on Twitter/Instagram and Like us at Facebook.com/TheNeuroNerds. Summary Dr. Nick Housley from Motus Nova is BACK! Joe is chatting with one of his favorite doctors for another fun and informative episode with our partners at Motus Nova. Joe and Dr. Nick talk about the importance of patients…

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Better Podcasting #261 – We’re Returning! (plus a replay of SP’s chat with Scott Johnson)

We’re coming back next week! In this episode we announce the return of Better Podcasting. You should stick around after the announcement for a replay of a recent chat that SP did with infamous Scott Johnson of Frogpants (recorded for his ‘Better…

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Episode 48 – Black Panther

Smoking and Drinking in Capes Rob and Jason review the movie that broke the glass ceiling at the Academy Awards by being nominated for best picture. The two come to the conclusion that while the movie was good, the whole plot should have been avoided if logic and modern laws were implemented, and not some…

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