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Episode 87 – Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Smoking and Drinking in Capes Rob and Jason kick off the new year with a movie that leaves such a mark that they completely forget what they are covering… much like Amber Heard’s lines in this movie. It’s 2023’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

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123123 Day

As we wrap up the year the guys take a show to recap what has been some of the most interesting geeky and nerdy news over the last year. Joins us for this meandering trip down memory lane. For a full rundown of the show check out our  show notes: https://bit.ly/ATGN545 Look for us LIVE…

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Issue 186 – Aquaman

To tie in with the recent release of Aquaman & the Lost Kingdom, we take a look at the man himself, Arthur Curry! We have a whale of a time with this one, and we’ll cod to making more than a few fish jokes just for the halibut…  Issue 186…

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A Christmas Eve Event

Today might be Christmas Eve but there’s still geeky shenanigans to get into.  Willie is away for family affairs but Bachman and Chris have some news to share. Chris has the details on a new costume added to Batman Arkham City and details on GM’s failed in-car software with the Blazer EV.  Meanwhile Bachman shares…

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Episode 86 – Deadpool 2

Smoking and Drinking in Capes It’s Christmas 2023. That means it’s Deadpool time. Rob and Jason invite Joe back to the show to talk about anything and everything Deadpool. Unfortunately, Joe doesn’t follow directions and he talks about anything and everything except Deadpool 2. Can’t wait for next Christmas. It’s 2018’s Deadpool 2

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Issue 185 – Eobard Thawne

We take our first look at a Flash-affiliated character with Barry Allen’s nemesis EOBARD THAWNE! Things go off the rails pretty quickly, but it’s ok, because we can just jump to another timeline where everything is fine, and no one will be any the…

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Are You Blake?

The boys are back this week to recount some of the latest in the world of geek. Chris has details regarding Naughty Dog canceling their multiplayer The Last of Us game, Willie has some thoughts on the resurgence of fighting games, and Bachman shares some of the nuggets James Gunn has been dropping about the…

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WWF No Mercy with Adam Williamson and Josh Garvey

Welcome, dear listeners, to another bodyslammin’ edition of Play Comics! Get ready to tag in and grapple with nostalgia as your host, Chris, is joined by the dynamic duo of wrestling wisdom: Adam “Ringmaster” Williamson and Josh “Suplex Strategist” Garvey! In this pixelated pilgrimage through the archives of gaming history, our intrepid trio steps into…

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Mobile Suit Gundum Journey to Jaburo with Daniel Carroll (Retro Wars Podcast)

In this pixel-packed extravaganza we’re diving into the realm of Mobile Suits, futuristic warfare, and enough Gundam drama to make soap operas blush. Yes folks it’s time to chat about the PlayStation 2 game “Mobile Suit Gundam: Journey to Jaburo,” a game that had us pressing buttons faster than a cat chases a laser pointer….

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