Chris Ferrell is a long time fan of a variety of so called nerdy things. Growing up he was introduced to Star War, Star Trek, and Babylon 5 by his father. That grew into a love of just about all Sci Fi and fantasy. Add in his fanboy nature when it comes to comics and Chris probably has too many things he's interested in.

Nowadays Chris espouses his love for all things good and nerdy in both podcast and blogging forms. Chris is a staff writer at Gonna Geek. In addition to that he is the co-host of a bunch of podcasts. Basically, if you want to hear someone ramble about nerdy things, Chris can do it.

Podcasts: All Things Good and Nerdy, Podcast, The Starling Tribune and WTWD Radio Free Woodbury.

Throughout her lifetime Naki was a volunteer at conventions and trade shows, working behind the scenes to make shows run smoothly. In 2011 she began working with ReedPop, becoming the stage manager for the IGN Theater.

Naki now travels the country helping out as much as she can. You can see her at Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) East, Dev and Prime, Star Wars Celebration and New York Comic Con.

Podcasts: All Things Good and Nerdy

Raised on a diet of Stephen King novels, Bruce Lee action, John Landis films, and horror flicks by his loving mother, Anthony spent his formative years reading everything he could get his hands on and spending far too many hours in his room watching movies while drawing. Anthony currently spends his evening coloring comics whilst Netflix plays in the background.

After starting his own podcast The Next Element, Anthony found a group of like minded individuals on Twitter and found that if invited to a podcast the desire to blab takes him over. Anthony is Knight of the Pod Table on the Spoiler Alert Theater podcast and can be found guest hosting all over the podiverse. Anthony has dealt with a 23 year addiction to comics and a longer addiction to movies. Even if he hasn’t seen it or read it, he probably has an opinion about it.

Podcasts: All Things Good and Nerdy

ATGN 339 – A Farewell Episode


Naki is back this week to talk about her adventures in China and share what’s new in her life.  Meanwhile, Willie recaps the Gaming Awards, Anthony geeks out over the CW Elseworlds crossover, and Chris shares some laughs over someone poaching an Avengers Endgame domain.  Finally at the end, it’s the end of an era as Naki bids her farewell as a regular member of the show. Don’t worry we’re sure she’ll be back from time to tim.

For a full rundown of the show check out our shownotes:

Look for us LIVE Sunday mornings (11 AM EST) by checking out or, where you will be either to participate via our chat room. We are also available via Twitter (@ATGNPodcast) Facebook ( e-mail (atgnpodcast(at) or our ATGN Hotline at 304-806-ATGN.

All Things Good And Nerdy is a proud member of the Gonna Geek Network.

Chris Ferrell is a long time fan of just about all things geeky and nerdy. Growing up he was introduced to Star Trek, Star Wars, and video games by his father. Those hobbies stuck and he has just added to them since. Now Chris writes for Gonna Geek and co-hosts the Official Gonna Geek Podcast, All Things Good And Nerdy podcast, and WTWD Radio Free Woodbury.

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