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Quite The Xbox Leak

Willie is out sick this week but don’t worry Bachman and Chris are still here to talk geek.  Chris starts things out digging into the massive Xbox leak and sharing some of the most interesting bits to come out of it.  Meanwhile Bachman is wondering h…

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There’s a Second Aquaman?

Some of us legit forgot there was a second Aquaman movie coming soon. The crew is reunited as Chris details the success of Starfield and the fact it has sparked console sales while Bachman has the details and questions about the upcoming Aquaman sequ…

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Everything Is More Expensive

The fellas are back this week to run down some of the latest news.  To kick things off Willie gives his review of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game before Chris details the fairly significant PlayStation Plus price increase, and finally Bachman has so…

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The News Of Next Week This Week

After a short break the guys are back to share the latest things that have been keeping them entertained and digging into some of the geek news of the week.  Chris has details on the Xbox 360 Marketplace shutting down and why that’s not actually too …

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It’s A Scream

Its a pretty packed show this week as Willie gets to give his initial impression on the latest online DC Card game, Bachman has the details on the latest Scream movie and Chris wants to talk about Discord on Xbox.
For a full rundown of the show che…

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Can We Call You Chalupa Batman?

The boys are back this week and they get to learn all about Willie’s plans for lawn decorations. In the news Chris is confused over Netflix killing the ad-free plan, Bachman is excited for some Invincible news, and Willie took one for the team …

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Willie’s Twisted Metal

It’s a packed show this week as Chris has the details on a court case designed to protect community managers from online harassment, Wilie is confused about the new Twisted Metal trailer, and Bachman wants to geek out over the photos from the set of …

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Chris is out this week so Anthony and Willie are here to deliver all your geeky and nerdy news for the week live on June 29th, 2023.

Look for us LIVE Sunday mornings (11 AM EST) by checking out or http://live.atgnpo…

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We Aren’t Lawyers

Willie is out this week so he misses Chris trying to explains the current state of the Blizzard/Activision acquisition by Microsoft and Bachman is shocked that Neftlix has finally shared some numbers regarding viewership.
For a full rundown of the …

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About That Reddit Kerfuffle

To start the week the guys talk about the ongoing API issues with Reddit and share their opinions before moving into the news.  Chris has the details on EA’s low pay for college athletes in the upcoming NCAA Football game, Bachman has some pretty int…

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