Cody is the kind of guy who knows a little bit about a lot of things, bouncing between fandoms with reckless abandon. But video games have always been his true love. He is a retired competitive Smash Brothers: Melee player, knows the names of all original 150 Pokemon by heart (in rap form), and has a VHS tape of him beating Castlevania: Symphony of the Night... which he has actually watched with friends. At parties.

When he's not gaming, Cody dabbles in cosplay, most memorably Booker DeWitt (Bioshock Infinite) and Dr. Horrible (both the white and red lab coat versions). As an occasional actor in Chicago, he also takes on nerdy projects at every opportunity, most notably his lead role in the no-budget YouTube feature film "Dance Dance Revolution: The Warrior's Path," the Troll 2 of video game movies.

Podcasts: Unqualified Gamers

If Cody is a jack-of-all trades Jonathan is a jack of few. He's been gaming since he was 5 years old starting on the original NES and fell in love with the medium upon the discovery of the JRPG. As a 5 time world smash bros. champion (of Rockford, IL), he grew up on Nintendo systems but branched out when all the best RPGs appeared on the Playstation.

Jonathan is a jack of few trades because he's basically good at playing video games and being a pharmacist. With his true love being board games of epic scope (Twilight Imperium, Through the Ages, etc), Jonathan turns to video games because it's hard to get a group together for those board games. An avid bowler as well, he basically did all the most unpopular things in school. If Cody is the talent of the podcast, Jonathan is the face, as Cody is hideous.

Podcasts: Unqualified Gamers

Game/Life Balance U.S. Podcast Episode 40: Are special edition video games ripoffs or worth it?


The collector’s edition of Final Fantasy XII has been announced, and the price is STEEP. Cody and Jon debate the value of special edition video games, then give an update on their recent game/life balance.

Show Notes:

  • Current News
    • FINAL FANTASY® XII THE ZODIAC AGE COLLECTOR’S EDITION is for sale on the Square-Enix store, and… it costs $200, which Jon thinks is offensively overpriced
    • Jon takes a hard line against collector’s edition and special edition video games, insisting that they just aren’t worth the extra money to him, and Cody debates by helping him understand some of the appeal
    • Art books? Collectible figurines? Exclusive games/DLC? Hear how they stack up as add-ons, plus hear about the Gears of War 4: Collector’s Edition and learn why it costs $250
  • Balancing Act
    • Cody has been playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on his new Nintendo Switch… but he ran into a little trouble actually getting his hands on a copy of the game, since he refused to get anything other than the coveted and ridiculously rare Master Edition of the game
    • Jon is replaying through Final Fantasy VII for the first time in a long time, so Cody grills him with the most important question that exists: does he plan on beating Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon?
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  • Podcast theme song intro/outro credit: ‘Unity‘ by TheFatRat with permission
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