PCC Multiverse #42


Its a Black Friday spectacular as Brent Shelton of Bfadsnet give us holiday shopping tips and great deals in gaming consumer electronics and more for some of the biggest shopping days of the year We also talk Justice League as it opens in theaters more TV ratings news with Jessica Boggs of the TV Ratings Guide and a Survivor Series preview with Mike Crockett of the Wrestling Podcast About Nothing and a look ahead at week 11 of the NFL with Tyler Baker of the Fantasy Football Paydirt Podcast Plus as a BONUS we add the latest Super BS Gamescast with the guys talking more Black Friday gaming deals and Josh and Gerald provide some extra thoughts on the controversies surrounding Electronic Arts and the finale of the Vans Warped Tour

Blood in the Chocolate Actual Play


Blood in the Chocolate Actual Play   Kiel Chenier runs Blood in the Chocolate for the Just One More Fix Crew. Blood in the Chocolate is an ENnie award winning adventure for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Come on a journey with us into a world of pure imagination, as an unlikely group of adventurers sneak into Lucia De Castillo’s chocolate factory. Only good things can come from unrestrained indulgence… right?   This is our first Just One More Fix actual play and we are excited to bring more to you in the future.   Twitter @justonemorefix Facebook Just One More Fix Podcast Support us on Patreon Gonna Geek Network


Episode 091 – Grand Prix Atlanta Special!


Zuby attends Grand Prix Atlanta! Listen as he records himself while driving up there as well as interviews with players and other MTG notables such as Erin Campbell, Randy Gallegos, and Noah Bradley! Hope you all enjoy the episode!


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Two Whos and a Lie! (Live from L.I. Who 5)


As expected, the weekend spent in Long Island with a few thousand good-natured and excitable Whovians was a whirlwind of laughter, surprises, fascination, and even dancing (yes, that was Barnaby Edwards leading what could only be described as “The Dance … Continue reading ?

Episode 048 “Battlefront Microtransactions and the Black Screen of Death(star)”


The kitchen is stocked this week with irritating news from EA Star Wars Battlefront 2, XBox One X crashing on release and the iPhone X hates the cold. Also, YouTube gets tough, is your flash drive secure and Amazon secures a Lord of the Rings deal of the day! This week the digitalSoup is beefy like The Rock and goes best with a nice hot #AppleCiderDongle!


Weekly Riddle:

I go in hard. I come out soft. You blow me hard. What am I?

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Is your flash drive encrypted?

We frequently talk about data security.  This should include any and all removable media.  What are some methods of keeping your flash drive away from prying eyes?


Amazon also may be dipping their toes into the world of cryptocurrency.  

Is Amazon taking over everything?


Some Xbox One X users experiencing the “Black Screen of Death”

Many new owners are reporting that their Xbox One X is affected by frequent black screen issues. This problem affects all games, it is not specific to a certain title.


iPhone X doesn’t like the cold

It seems that fancy new screen isn’t a fan of cool temps.


Email scammers have a new enemy

If you feel so inclined, have some fun at the expense of email scammers. But do so at your own risk.


Youtube Cracking Down on Inappropriate Content Aimed at Kids

Youtube is making an effort to protect your child’s innocence.


Suicide Squad 2 May Introduce Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson may finally get his introduction into the DC universe, with Black Adam rumored to be part of Suicide Squad 2



Will Smith plays Fantasy Cop


American Idol is rising again!

ABC said on Tuesday morning on “Good Morning America’’ that it would revive the former Fox hit sometime during the 2017-18 television season.


Lord of the Rings…The TV Series?

Apparently Amazon and Warner Bros have agreed to a multi season deal for an original Lord of the Rings series. Said to focus on events taking place before The Fellowship of the Ring, the question is….what will it be about? The Hobbit storyline or the years of relative peace in Middle Earth

The Weekly Garnish (don’t forget the garnish music!!!!!)

Batman:Gotham By Gaslight

What if Batman was set in Victorian Era Gotham and Batman was squaring off against Jack the Ripper? A new animated series based off the popular Elseworlds run from back in 1989 is set to be released in 2018.



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Pop Culture Cosmos Episode #63


Its a jam packed episode with Josh and Gerald on the weekend box office what is too many microtransactions the Xbox One Xs holiday forecast Mattel and Hasbro possibly getting together Grand Theft Auto 5 reaching a legendary status and the magic of Bethesdas Skyrim marketing Plus film director Rob McCallum stops by in the Cosmic Crossfire with his thoughts on Twitters big move Tyler Baker of the Fantasy Football Paydirt Podcast recaps week 10 in the NFL for fantasy football owners another hit song from Hyperschmitt and Jessica Boggs from the TV Ratings Guide breaks down the winners and losers of the TV season All this great stuff plus as a BONUS we are adding on more of the Cosmic Crossfire with Rob discussing his wish list for James Cameron and why isnt Lucasfilm talking more about what Luke Skywalker did between Star Wars episode 6 and 7 just for listening

Better Podcasting #105 – Babies Aren’t Podcast Killers


In this week’s show we’re going to tell you all about why babies are NOT podcast killers, and we’ve recruited some stories to support this. Thank you to DigitalSoup, Jay, Keir, Amos and Emily for contributing to this episode.  In this week’s Better Podcasting Download we tell you how SP is finally on Spotify AND how Blubrry bought CastFeedValidator.  Finally, we’ll take your feedback from around the #podcast world! Do you have something to say about the art of hobby podcasting? Do you want to chime in on an episode of Better Podcasting? You can always ping us on Better Podcasting on the internet at the following places:




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PUGCast 47 – The OneExCast


We’ve (temporarily) lost a podcaster but gained (permanently) a console.


– Only two there are
– Tshirt check


– Rian Johnson will return to oversee a new Star Wars trilogy apart from the Skywalker timeline, and a live action Star Wars TV show is in development to Disney’s streaming service
– Ea bought Titanfall dev Remedy
– Harry Potter mobile game will destroy us all
– Crypto shooter game thing
– Saddest N7 day ever
– Thor Ragnarok was soooooo good
– Happy XboneX day!

Tree of Woe

– XboneX roundtable

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The Operation: PUG Discord server: https://discord.gg/0lK2mS63JIvKtLWz


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