SP as he is known to his close associates has dedicated his life to working within the system to bring geeky humor and science fiction points of view to the mindless minions in charge of providing the freedoms, security and infrastructure to our lives. Given the opportunity, SP would gladly slip through the Stargate to begin colonizing a new planet and living the Little House On The Prairie life or suit up to mine the solar system's asteroids for precious metals, gems and hidden signs of ancient advanced societies. SP has a lifelong fascination with geeky shows, advanced technologies, revolutionary science and apocalyptic tales.

Podcasts: GonnaGeek.com Podcast, Voices of Defiance and Legends of SHIELD

Shannon O’Hara has been a geek from the word go. Raised on a healthy love of Star Trek TNG then graduating directly to X-files and Xena - sci-fi and fantasy were a staple foodstuff. Born with the fan girl mutant ability she is both able to survive lines at cons with barely any dehydration but also to hunt celebrity personalities and return with their likeness contained in her camera.
In recent years she has become a disciple of Warehouse 13 and SyFy’s Defiance. Unable to contain her love of sci-fi in a normal way she joined Stargate Pioneer and Sean O’Hara to co-host the Voices of Defiance podcast to educate the masses on their lack of Jaime Murray love.

Podcasts: Voices of Defiance

Artist and creator of… stuff Sean blindly staggers through life with the firm belief that more geeekery would solve most if not all the worlds’ issues. Beginning his podcasting habit in 2006 co-hosting Galactic Watercooler and later moving to Legends Podcast and Voices of Defiance (among others) Sean continues to believe there is little that cannot be solved with extreme geeking.
Able to ramble without notice and bring a conversation away from almost any topic in a heartbeat he brings friendly disorder and words; some of which coherent form sentences, to any podcast.

Podcasts: Voices of Defiance

Podcast 43: Trenna Keating (Doc Meh Yewll) Interview


Trenna Keating has delivered some amazing performances and expressed a great deal of range playing three separate characters in Defiance Season 3. We just had to take time out from our regular schedule to talk to her directly and she graciously agreed to return to Voices Of Defiance. Get some liquorice tea, find a nice spot out in your yard and press play on this episode. We love talking to Trenna and we know you’ll enjoy listening in to get some off-screen Doc Ywell/Crystal/Laura/Clone snark. We really appreciate Trenna taking her time out to talk to us so please tweet her your thanks. We’ll be back soon with our next episode covering the latest edition of Defiance, the penultimate season 3 episode “The Awakening.”

Don’t forget! You can download the awesome Voices Of Defiance custom made Defiance Monopoly style game. Download the game here:

Join Voices Of Defiance next time as the hosts discuss the penultimate Defiance Season 3 twelfth episode The Awakening! We stream live on Sundays at 11:00 AM eastern or 10:00 AM Central at Voicesofdefiance.com/live or gonnageek.com/live. Join our fun chatWING chatroom and interact with us live. Contact us: @VoicesODefinace – feedback@voicesofdefiance.com – www.voicesofdefiance.com – www.facebook.com/voicesofdefiance – 612-888-ark1 or 612-888-2751.

Voices Of Defiance is proud to be a member of the GonnaGeek network found at GonnaGeek.com.

This podcast was recorded Saturday August 22nd, 2015

SciFi and Space aficionado. Dreaming of heading through the stargate or travelling via starship to new worlds to colonize them with the old pioneer spirit.

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