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Musings of a Blerd: A Celebration of Women Aviators Infographic



As the monthly celebration of Women History Month continues, here’s an infographic I created using Piktochart that celebrates Women Aviators.


Musings of a Blerd Black History Month Infographic: Black Star Wars Characters & Actors



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If you weren’t aware, February is Black History Month. In honor of that, I wanted to mix my love of Star Wars with my love of blackness. So here’s an infographic that I created using Piktochart that lists the black characters in the Star Wars universe. Granted this might not be a complete list but I did scour high and low to find as many black characters as I could. In addition there’s a bonus section listing black actors who appeared via their voice acting, motion capture, or as a member of the many alien races in the Star Wars universe.  Enjoy:


Musings of a Blerd: Art From Computer Graphics’ Star Wars Reimagined Contest


Forgive me my fellow nerds and geeks, it’s been two weeks since my last posting. But I’m here today with a new post, it’s Star Wars related but something a little different. Let’s begin shall we?

Whether it’s a book, movie, video, etc. one of the ways creators flesh out their ideas through concept art. Concept art can be really amazing and at times, we lament about the pieces that aren’t used in a project. Well the folks over at Computer Graphics hosted a contest titled Star Wars Reimagined.  The premise of the contest was basically for those who entered to reimagine their favorite character, creature or vehicle from the Star Wars universe and to be as creative about it as they could.

And the results have been freaking awesome! Behold some of the entrees:




By Stepan Alekseev



By Nicolas Gekko



By Jeronimo Gomez



By Marcelo Laborda



By Andrei Pervukhin



By Gregory Vlasenko



By Riyahd Cassiem 

Check out the 3D model over at Kotaku.com



By Pirkka Harvala


(Via Kotaku.com)

Musings of a Blerd: Awesome Star Wars Books: The Perfect Weapon



And welcome back to my column! With Star Wars fever at an all time high, I’m starting the new year off by taking a look at some awesome Star Wars books. These books are either from the official cannon, the expanded universe, and beyond. Today’s book is an short story ebook titled Star Wars: The Perfect Weapon.

Benzine Netal

Written by  Delilah S. Dawson, the 52 page story focuses on a character featured in the Force Awakens, Bazine Netal, who viewers briefly saw in Maz Kanata’s castle. 


The short story gives readers backstory on what Bazine was up to before the events in the Force Awakens. Bazine is a mercenary, highly skilled at being a  master of disguise, and armed with a blade, a blaster, or her bare hands. The story is well paced and goes deeper into who Bazine is and what her motivations are.

The Perfect Weapon is easy to read, consists of 11 chapters, and can be read in one sitting. It’s only available in ebook ($1.99) and audiobook ($2.99) formats.  I highly recommend it.

GONNA GEEK’s own Sebastian Piccione to debut new comic at MEGACON


Gonna Geek writer Sebastian Piccione, host of the new F3G2 Comic Book review show, poster of news and press releases, and apparent fan of writing about himself in the third person will be at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando for MEGACON Fri. March 21 – Sun. March 23.

He’ll be debutung HEROIC TALES #3, the third installment of his self published super-hero anthology featuring stories of THE UNITED SUPER AMERICANS (with art by Martinho Abreu) and THE BUG (Drawn by this issue’s cover artist, Dirk Grobb).  The issue also features the lettering of David Paul and the Graphic Design work of Matt Grant.

On top of selling his comics, Sebastian will also be doing sketches, and (of course) covering the con for GonnaGeek.com.

If you’re in the area, swing by table Burgundy 10A in Artist Alley and buy something.

Or at least say “Hi.”


Fine, you can ask him to hold your bags behind his table while you go wait in line to meet “Michonne” from AMC’s WALKING DEAD.

If you’re not in the area, you can find Sebastian’s comics on his website http://sundayknightcomics.com, where you can be the first non-spam-bot to leave a comment.

Heroic Tales #3 Cover done