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Game/Life Balance U.S. Podcast #054: Gen Con 2018 Board Game Review Special


In a special solo episode, Cody discusses his favorite games from Gen Con 2018 and offers some buying recommendations if you’re looking for the latest and greatest in strategy board games. Plus, learn a little about the role-playing game worlds of Starfinder, Arcanis: The World of Shattered Empires, and Savage Worlds. (more…)

Game/Life Balance U.S. Podcast Episode 21: Martin-Con 2016 board game reviews


Cody and Jon played a ton of board games at “Martin-Con” 2016 in Minneapolis, and they have a lot to say about them! Hear them delve into several board game reviews, then review X-Men: Apocalypse and talk a little Jessica Jones on Netflix.

Show Notes:

Unqualified Gamers Podcast #115: Customizable Card Games and Luck


Cody has a bone to pick with customizable card games, specifically Hearthstone, specifically the Hearthstone Arena, specifically the amount of luck involved in winning games in it. Plus, catch up on Jon’s progress in the massively multiplayer online RPG Final Fantasy XIV, and hear what the hosts have been up to in their spare time lately.



Unqualified Gamers Podcast #099: Star Realms and Warframe


Jon and Cody say hello to Ryan D., a fellow unqualified gamer, who gives his completely unqualified opinion on the Star Realms deckbuilding game! Plus, Jon talks about Warframe, and Cody reveals his latest gaming addiction!

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Tabletop Tuesday: Comrades in Arms


Good day, fellow Board Barons! This week I intend to expand your horizons exponentially with a few of my favorite tabletop gaming podcasts & webseries.  Even when it is delivered in a timely fashion, Tabletop Tuesday can only deliver a certain amount of information at a time. It is my hope that these recommendation will help sate your appetites for dice, tokens and miniatures in the long, cold period between Tuesdays…



When talking about board gaming podcasts, it would be rude not to mention the colossus that strides the air waves known as the Dice Tower.  Way back in May of 2005, a gentleman by the name of Tom Vasel began a journey that would start with a show about designer board games and press onward into 2014 with a media network that includes other podcasts, videos and even it’s own convention.

Today, Tom and his current co-host, Eric Summerer talk about the games they’ve been playing, open up the show to features from guest contributors and count down their weekly Top 10 list.



I don’t know if I owe the guys behind The D6 Generation a beer or a punch in the nose.  No other tabletop gaming media source has been responsible for introducing me to so many games.  Every two weeks, Russ Wakelin, Craig Gallant and their special guest host go on a 3-4 hour adventure as they discuss what they’ve been playing, cover hot news in the tabletop gaming world, and perform an in-depth game review.

It’s very clear that these guys not only love games, but love sharing them with other people. The attention to detail in their reviews is overshadowed only by their enthusiasm.  They almost always have one board gaming luminary or another as a guest host and the show always feels fresh, interesting and never takes itself too seriously


Last but not least, we have the hilarious duo of Paul & Quinns – captains of the staunch British webseries known as Shut Up & Sit Down.  Blending humor and cheesy effects with deep and thorough reviews, the guys at SU&SD cover games as easy and lighthearted as Escape: the Curse of the Temple to games that are thick, rich and take at least 8 hours to play like Twilight Imperium.

What’s truly extraordinary is that their videos often clock in at around the 20 minute mark and even with all the goofing around they do, I have never finished one of their videos feeling like I didn’t have a decent (albeit basic) grasp of even the most complex game.  These days, I often check to see if they’ve reviewed a game that’s next up to be added to my collection.

Fantasy Flight’s First Big Box Expansion for Android: Netrunner


The fine folks over at Fantasy Flight Games made my day yesterday with the announcement of their first big box expansion for Android: Netrunner.  Dubbed “Creation & Control“, this boxed set introduces a whole slew of new cards for the Shaper faction of runners and the Haas-Bioroid corporation.



Android: Netrunner is part of Fantasy Flight’s line of Living Card Games.  Since it’s release at Gencon 2012 last summer, the game has garnered some hefty praise from fans and critics alike.  The theme has players entering a cyberpunk world of giant, malicious corporations and the quasi-heroic Runners who hack into their servers to steal data and disrupt the status quo.  Haas-Bioroid stands as one of the largest and most influential corporations in the Android universe and is behind the influx of biotic labor – mass produced androids that are taking peoples’ jobs.  The Shapers, on the other hand, are the artistes of the Runner community.  They aren’t trying to make the big bucks or topple regimes like their Criminal or Anarch comrades.  For the Shapers, running is simply a fantastic challenge and each line of code they write to bypass corporate ICE is a work of art.

Even though I tend to favor NBN as a Corp and the Anarchs as my runners of choice, I think there will be plenty to love in this box for me and every other Netrunner player.  The ability to include a limited number of cross-faction cards in any given deck means that players can find a lot to love in Creation and Control.