Bachman’s Best – Marvel’s Daredevil – Teaser Trailer


The best thing I saw last week was short and sweet and got me really excited for the next entry into the Marvel TV universe through the Netflix original series Daredevil, with the release of the 1:31 teaser trailer. If you haven’t seen it yet here’s the official trailer from Marvel’s YouTube page:

The earlier teaser poster of Hell’s Kitchen glowing with flaming DD letter’s was great but gave us no clue as to what the show was going to be like. And even with the amazing cast I always worry that maybe the director or show runner’s ideas of the characters may be so off from mine that the show might not quite be what I think it could be. Luckily this trailer is fantastic and shows us a lot of nods to the aspects that make Daredevil a great Marvel character.


For those unaware after he created possibly the greatest Batman story ever with The Dark Knight Returns Mr. Frank Miller went back over to work for Marvel again and in 1993-1994 worked on a 5 issue miniseries with the John Romita Jr. doing penciling duties on Daredevil: The Man Without Fear. The book redefined who Matt Murdock was and who Daredevil was, solid storytelling and reimagining of the DD origin along with fantastic art from Romita Jr. If you want to know who Daredevil is, this is the book you should pick up. And if you don’t want to wait you can go get the collection on Comixology at the following link:



In the trailer we see a scarred and battered Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, which we also saw in the Marvel film of the same name which I actually still like, fuck the haters. We see a glimpse of Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk, The Kingpin. We see Daredevil in his all black starter costume that he wears in the Man Without Fear before donning the all red devil horned outfit comic fans are now more familiar with. And the tiny part that gave my goose bumps, we see a cloudy contact eyed Scott Glenn stepping into an elevator, the cloudy contacts being part of the character of Stick, Matt Murdock’s mentor and trainer.


The show looks well put together. The cast is high caliber and full and of talent. The trailer shows us that the show runners seem to have a firm grasp on the source material. And in the world of unrated Netflix shows we know that they can push the violence that we will see Matt fight against in Hell’s Kitchen. I’m excited. The whole first season will be released April 10th at 12:01 am and I along with quite a few others will be binge watching it that day. We’ll try not to spoil anything for those of you that don’t take that Friday off from work, cause I know I will be.


The Man Without Fear is coming. Are you ready?



Bachman’s Best – The Ultimate Fighter Season 20



The best thing I saw over the last week and a half was The Ultimate Fighter Season 20 episodes #1 and #2. I am super excited for this season of the show for a handful of reasons. TUF Season 20 is the first all female cast, it is the introduction of the 115 pound Women’s Strawweight Division, the season is being done as a tournament with the winner of the finale being crowned the Strawweight Division UFC World Champion, the cast is filled with fighters I already enjoy watching and I’m getting to see great new warriors that I hadn’t heard of yet. Plus it’s one of the only reality shows I think people should watch.


The majority of all “reality TV” is poorly scripted, badly edited drivel designed to entertain at the lowest common denominator which networks happen to love because it’s about the cheapest form of television you can create. But in the case of The Ultimate Fighter, it’s real fighters having real fights with real consequences.  Some of the house stuff is edited for entertainment purposes but you can’t script what happens in the cage.


The first all female cast of The Ultimate Fighter is also a huge deal if you happen to be aware of UFC President Dana Whites previous stance on females in MMA, specifically in the UFC. At one point after seeing a very badly one-sided female MMA match Dana White publicly stated that females would never be allowed to fight in the UFC. And he stuck with that stance until he met Ronda Rousey. Now a few years later White has publicly recanted his stated and said that seeing what female fighters of Rousey’s caliber could do convinced him of the fact that a female division deserved a place in the UFC. So White created the 135 pound Batamweight Division which Rousey is now the champion of. Fast forward a few years and White is welcoming a 2nd female division, the Strawweights.


The first 2 episodes have entertaining as hell with 2 great fights. The coaching teams of Pettis and Melendez have been going head to head in spectacular fashion. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but there have already been upsets and the trash talking just keeps getting turned up. A house full of female warriors are going to make this a fantastic season to watch.


Links below for more information and some really interesting reading from one of the seasons fighters. And I don’t want to seem biased but for those in know I am #TeamCookieDog all the way! Along with that hashtag you can also find this season’s coverage on Twitter with the hashtags #TUFBeauty and #TUFStrength. The UFC’s media coverage has been great, I personally like the commercial that says “Easy on the eyes, tough on the face”. Beautiful warriors are taking over the UFC and it’s a wonderful thing.


The Next Ultimate Fighter Home Page 

The Fighters 

Calderwood Article 



Bachman’s Best – Guardians of the Galaxy



The best thing I saw last week was Guardians of the Galaxy. It was not a contest. Nothing else I read, saw, played or listened to last week even stood a chance. It was just so damn good! It’s smart, it’s witty, it has amazing pacing, the CGI is top notch, it rocks, and it’s funny!

At this point you’d have to be living under a rock to have not heard how much comic and non-comic fans alike are loving Guardians of the Galaxy. After Captain America: Winter Soldier and X-Men Days of Future Past I thought Marvel might end the superhero buffet of 2014 on a downslide with their totally unproven 4th tier characters of Guardians of the Galaxy, and I think I was going to be okay with that. I mean lets be honest, Marvel went into Guardians with it being their risky movie. It stars a tree, and a raccoon, and the chubby funny guy from Parks and Rec, and an ex-pro wrestler, and that chick that’s hot no matter what color you make her. Okay Zoe Saldana is like bacon, she makes everything better. But even with her on paper this doesn’t sound like a $100 million dollar opening weekend superhero flick does it? Well I was wrong.  Marvel didn’t take as much of a risk as they originally thought, the ramp up went damn well and having the highest rating of any Marvel film on Rotten Tomatoes seems to have all combined to create a phenomenon that no one was expecting.


Now let’s be honest here folks some people have taken it too far. It seems some people have hopped onto their social media devices and started claiming that Guardians of the Galaxy is this generations Star Wars, and as much as I love the film that’s still a huge stretch. Though at the same time I will say that time will tell, it is always possible that Guardians could be that big. But proclaiming it on opening weekend is a bit much. This internet age man, we don’t do anything in half measure. It’s either a flop or the best thing since Zapruder.


I will tell you this, you won’t have more fun watching a film in the theater this year than Guardians of the Galaxy, that I guarantee. It’s such a big bucket of fun it seems almost unfair to other films that had the sad scheduling mishap of opening around the same time. The characters are a joy from credits to credits. All the actors turn in spectacular performances. Yes I said all. All. Even Dave Bautista, his Drax is one of the best parts of the film. Basically you go for Rocket and Groot and you end up loving Drax and Starlord. And Rocket. And Groot. There’s just no way around it.


So lets all do the world a favor as we get ready to roll into the weekend again. Keep your childhoods safely tucked away in a secure spot, and while the 4-12 boys that don’t know any better drag their parents to go see the Middle Aged Super Solider Shrekhulks that Michael Bay is trying to pass off as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles instead do your heart some good and go see Guardians of the Galaxy. Or go see it again. And take a friend that you know might need a good laugh with you. You’ll both be better off for the experience.




Bachman’s Best – Spider-Man 2099 #1


The best thing I read last week was Spider-Man 2099 #1.

Written by Peter David

Lines by Will Sliney

Color Art by Antonio Fabela and

Letters by VC’s Joe Caramagna




For those that aren’t aware Peter David actually created the first non-white(Irish/Spanish), non-Peter Parker, Spider-Man back when the Marvel 2099 universe was thought up and hit the shelves back in the ancient days of 1992. David presented the weird with a wholly new Spider-Man: Miguel O’Hara, with a new origin, variations on spider powers, and of course his own bucket of problems. Over the run of 42 issues Spider-Man 2099 quickly became my favorite book of the 2099 universe and a stand out highlight if great books from the 90’s. Before I started using my full name as handle I could be found, and still can be actually, on many a forum, blog, gaming network or chat room under the name Bach2099 which I used as an homage to this character. After the cancellation of all the 2099 books I bid him farewell and never expected to see him again.


Then along came Superior Spider-Man. And as a fun way to mess with his pet, the fantastic Dan Slott tossed in some time jumping and brought Miguel O’Hara into the world of Spider-Ock, to save his grandfather from dying in the past and therefore negating Spider-Man 2099’s future, and to be just one more thorn in Spider-Ock’s side. Slott writing my favorite version of Spider-Man that isn’t Parker was a huge surprise in a series I was already loving. And thanks to the boys at Marvel, they made it even better by stranding Miguel O’Hara in the current Amazing Spider-Man universe/timeline.

So it breaks down like this. In the first issue on the first page you get all the history you really need as well as the return of/intro to Layla: Miguel’s assistant. By page 2 we have a new villain, page 4 a new love interest and residence, by page 6 he’s in the costume and flying through the steel canyons of Manhattan. The first issue is a full contained first adventure that opens lots of doors and gets all the wrong people asking questions, read it and you’ll understand.


Break neck pacing to toss you in and get you interested, great line work making us feel like we are in Peter Parker’s New York but never letting us forget it’s a totally different ride. I just enjoyed the hell out of it and think any Spidey fan out there couldn’t go wrong putting their dollars down on this title. I hope for a long run this time but even if it’s just another 40 issues of Peter David getting to refresh Spider-Man 2099, I’ll be a happy man. You better go shocking get this book people!



A close 2nd place that I thought was worth mentioning this week went to Grayson #1. In all honesty I was not looking forward to this book. I thought the spy idea sounded ridiculous and basically a waste of my favorite DC character. I have every issue of Nightwing. I was lucky enough to grab Nightwing #1 with the spectacular Scott McDaniel cover off the rack back in 1995 and was hooked from the get go!  Then the present day bastards go and off my favorite DC character and now have him living in hiding. I was not thrilled about any of this. I actually dropped my DC titles on my pull list at my LCS down to just 1 book, the Snyder/Capullo Batman. That was the only book I was getting from DC.

Then I took a shot on Grayson #1, which my LCS was kind enough to pull for me with the unbearably cool Jock cover. Spectacular line and color work by Mikel Janin and Jeromy Cox respetively, a whole new beautiful world for Dick as long as DC can keep the art consistent. And a story to kill for, really it’s great. I’m a huge fan of Tim Seeley’s other comic work but wasn’t sure how he and Tom King were going to tackle this new world so I was skeptical to say the least. They nailed it. The issue is fun, it’s action packed, it drops a whole lot of story on you in a really short time. And the really important thing, Seeley gets Nightwing, sorry Grayson, you can tell he’s a fan. With 1 line delivered by ***SPOILER ALERT*** special guest the Midnighter we find out exactly what Seely thinks of Dick and it’s pretty much perfect. If you were ever a fan of the original boy wonder go give this first issue a spin. You’ll thank me.

Bachman’s Best – Rocket Raccoon #1 by Skottie Young


This weeks choice was super easy. I picked up a large stack of books on payday but one sparkling gem rose above the clutter and found its rightful place at the top of the heap. The best thing I read last week was the new Marvel series Rocket Raccoon #1 by Skottie Young.

To begin, if you don’t know who Skottie Young is Google him, enjoy the treasure trove of art, now welcome back and say thank you. You’re welcome. With a style all his own Skottie has been bringing powerful comics to life for decades now and is more recently known as the artist on Marvels run of OZ books. If you have a taste for spectacular all ages books or are just looking for a swell gift idea go check those books out, pass ‘em around the family, you will be appreciated. Coming off of his OZ run Skottie was given a crack at the Marvel toy box and came up with an idea that he wanted to stretch his intergalactic fur ball muscles and luckily for us Marvel went for it and we now have a new Rocket Raccoon series!


So we have story by Skottie Young, art by Skottie Young, luscious colors by the fabulous Jean-Francois Beaulieu and the powerful letters of Jeff Eckleberry both also from them spectacular OZ books. This is a powerhouse team that comes out the gate screaming people. The book is gorgeous, the story shoots from silly to intriguing and all the way back across the room, and damn it, IT’S FUN! It is, it’s a huge heaping helping of fun.


So do yourself a favor and go pick up a copy of issue one. Enjoy the fur, the guns, the space princesses, the intergalactic wrestling, the kiss cam, the bounties, the tree they call Groot! And of course, everyone’s favorite fur ball, Rocket Raccoon!


(p.s. cameo appearance by a small group of movie stars known as the guardians of the galaxy)

Bachman’s Best – Big Trouble In Little China


All right guys and gals, it’s all in the reflexes and the best thing I read last week was Big Trouble In Little China by Carpenter, Powell, and Churilla from BOOM! Studios. For those unaware one of my favorite directors John Carpenter has teamed up with Goon powerhouse Eric Powell to continue the unbelievable story of Jack Burton and the Porkchop Express in Big Trouble In Little China the comic book! With beautiful lines by Brian Churilla, colors by Michael Garland, and letters by Ed Dukeshire.

The moment I heard rumor of this book I asked my LCS to add it to my pull list, roughly 3 months later it showed up in previews and now two months after that I hold it in my hot little hands. So much anticipation. And so much pay off.


The most important factor in this book coming out and being what it is as far as I am concerned is the involvement of John Carpenter working on the story with Eric Powell. And you feel that from the first page, great epic Jack Burton dialogue intact and powering you into the world of this new comic. Only second to the powerful prose is the killer lines of Churilla. He brings in just enough likeness of the characters from the cult hit so you automatically know who everyone is without letting strict representation limit his artwork. Great story, amazing art, the return to a world that us fans of the movie have longed for for decades and BOOM! has made it a reality for us lucky kids.


So when the winds start blowing, and the lightning starts crashing, and the trees are getting uprooted by the truckload you just do what Jack Burton would do. You march into your LCS, you look your four color pusher straight in the eye and you tell them that come hell or high water you want Big Trouble In Little China on your pull list and you want it now, with or without the six demon bag and hold the 8 foot tall demon China man. Jack’s back baby!


P.S. If you’ve never seen the original cult classic that this comic is based on do yourself a favor and find it, watch it, and thank me later. It’s currently streaming on Netflix. ;-)

Bachman’s Best – X-Men: Days of Future Past


!Warning – Here there be slight spoilers!

The best thing I saw last week was X-Men: Days of Future Past, twice on opening day in fact. This may not mean a lot to some people but to me it is a big thing. I’ve got a streak going that has lasted over a decade now. I’ve seen every Marvel film on opening day since Blade. So not only seeing X-Men: DoFP on opening day, but being able to catch it twice was great, the streak continues and will continue with Guardians of the Galaxy in August. For which I have already requested the afternoon off from work so all things should be good.


So I saw X-Men: DoFP twice on Friday and both viewings were great for different reasons. I saw it early in the afternoon first by myself in a theater that ended up only having about 100 people in it by the time the film started. It was quiet, no shouting, and no cell phone interruptions, peaceful. The only downside was only a couple of us being secure enough to laugh out loud at the funny parts, but other than that it was great. Later in the evening I returned with the wife and a huge soda and a bucket of popcorn and sat in an almost full theater which cheered and roared with laughter during the funny parts. All together this made for a great Friday. So just as a reminder people, when you get a chance, treat yourself to a movie, however you enjoy seeing them.


The spectacular Bryan Singer returns to the X franchise with his unique flair and ability to make these mutants seem to be such a part of the world they inhabited while also seeming so shunned by their society. A dark future, tragic historical events, crazy jailbreaks, and attacks on the Whitehouse make for large chunks of action broke up by some interesting seems filled with what is usually pretty funny and or seriously and well delivered dialogue. We get the return of X-Men from both the earlier trilogy as well as X-Men: First Class which is great. Fassbender, Lawrence, Hoult, Page, Ashmore, Berry, Stewart and McKellen all turn in solid performances and do well bringing their characters to life. However its, James McAvoy, Hugh Jackman, and Evan Peters that turn in the star performances and really kick this movie in the ass.


So yeah, Jackman, McAvoy, and Peters. Jackman you all know and love. This being his 7th time playing Wolverine he only gets better, and when he wakes up as his younger self we get to see Jackman in probably the best shape of his life. And boy do we get to see Jackman, word of mouth is going to sale an additional 20 million in ticket sales and probably 50 million Blu-Ray buys just so the ladies can get a glimpse of a whole nother side of their favorite Canucklehead. McAvoy tears things up as a young Xavier that believes he has lost everything he ever cared about and see’s no way of getting his old life back. For any of you familiar with McAvoy’s other work, seeing him turn it up to 9 ½ is no shock, he’s an actor with power in him when the right director’s find it. But the shocker, to me and you, is Peters.


Evan Peters a.k.a. Pietro Maximoff also known as the Marvel speedster Quicksilver, the kid you might know as the creepy neighbor from American Horror Story Season 1, or the MMA lover from the Never Back Down flicks (don’t judge me, I love those!), or better yet as the friend of Kickass in Kickass #1 which is awesome because Kickass, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, is also Quicksilver, but over in the Marvel Cinematic Universe of Avengers: The Age of Ultron. Like many others I was really worried when the pics of Quicksilver were released for this film. It showed in a 70’s silverized outfit that I thought could be best described as Dazzler Quicksilver, this is not a good thing. But lay all fears aside, on film, in the setting, and powered by Evan Peters performance you don’t even really notice his outfit, much less have time to be bothered by it. It actually seems to fit, and crazily I now really like it, it works. From start to finish Peter’s acting is a tour de force and the only bad thing I would point out is that it doesn’t last long enough. Though after showing what he can do in a spectacular Pentagon kitchen scene it’s easy to see that the writers were ready to run him off so the rest of the film couldn’t be so easily handled. Quicksilver is the perfect scene stealer in this movie, and staying true to the character rubs a few people the wrong way, but I have to say, along with a few smaller items he steals the show. Peters is funny, sarcastic, and just enough of a joker that you come off loving a somewhat jerk of a character. In all honesty it’s worth seeing this film on the big screen just for the Quicksilver kitchen incident.


There are all sorts of other things going on as well but I’m not going to spoil too much. A dastardly villain played well by Peter Dinklage, great fights, superior CGI – in no part of the film does the CGI appear fake and take you out of the movie, and the biggest bonus of all, the time travel is done well and clear, there’s never any confusion of which era you are in or which part of the past or future you are looking at. X-Men: Days of Future Past is one to pay full admission for and catch on the big screen, you won’t be disappointed, so go see it people!



P.S.  Of course, stay until the end end end of the credits for the end credits sequence, it’s SO good!


Bachman’s Best – Amazing Spider-Man 2



The best thing I saw last week was Amazing Spider-Man 2! Yes Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a spectacularly good time. Now as I am going spoiler free on this one it will be kind of short as that really limits what I can talk about, but I can talk about what made it great. Quick side note, there are actually articles already up on various sites talking about “franchise fatigue” and the “not quite amazing spider-man”, these are absolutely ridiculous. has ASM2 estimated to have pulled in $92 million domestic and an additional $277 million foreign and people are writing about it like it’s a failure. I don’t understand, it’s like no one on the internet ever wants to write anything these days that isn’t negative. Well except me I guess.

First the super easy part; Garfield, Stone, and Field once again all turn in great performances. It’s so easy to fall in love with Emma Stone anytime she turns on that smile. Both Garfield and Field brought out the big guns and laid some feels on the crowd, there were some tears in the theater I saw it in. Paul Giamatti was a breath of fresh air as Aleksei Sytsevich, I liked seeing him play a badass, no wine sipping for the Rhino. Dane DeHaan gave a talented and interesting performance as the Harry Osborn of this new franchise, some of you might know him as the sad kid turned bad guy from Chronicle, and his take on the Green Goblin was as creepy as it was different. And whether you like his choices as an actor or not you got to love the fact that he was on a flying snowboard. But the big gun of the flick is Jamie Foxx.



In all honesty I was vocal when I saw the first images of Foxx in the blue makeup; he just looked so smurfish that it had me a bit scared. But there is a huge difference between the first publicity stills released and the final cgi’d product, in the flick he looks great, the electricy coursing through his body makes the blue look superb, though the looks take a back seat to the character. Foxx makes us care about Max Dillon which in turn makes us care about Electro as you see him almost being shoved down the path of a villain. Unlike the Green Goblin, it’s a path not of Max’s choosing and it does have dire results.


So yeah, great acting, amazing special effects (except for one shot of Giamatti’s face), and some frenetic fight scenes make for a really entertaining film. I gave it the same rating on IMDB I did the first Amazing Spider-Man, 9/10 stars. It’s fun, it’s a superhero movie, it’s shocking! Leave all your bull shit and baggage at the door, unlike all these whiny ass movie critics, and just go and enjoy it, on the big screen, it is well worth your price of admission. And if you want to converse about it after you see it go hit me up on Twitter at @anthonybachman, I’m always willing to talk Spider-Man.

Bachman’s Best – The Superior Spider-Man #31



The best thing I read last week was The Superior Spider-Man #31, the finale issue and conclusion of the Goblin Nation storyline. For those maybe not in the know the series The Amazing Spider-Man ended at issue #700 with a triumphant Doctor Octopus inhabiting the boy of Spider-Man/Peter Parker and our unlucky hero dying in the failing body of one Doc Ock. The entire Superior Spider-Man series was based on the idea that Otto believed with his intellect he would be a far superior Spider-Man than Peter ever was. Over the course of the 31 issues that the story ran Spides life did indeed see some vast improvements, Peter Parker went for his doctorate, Peter also started Parker Industries, and fell into a new relationship with a great lady. Plus other changes, New York was now patrolled by Spiderbots that updated Spider-Man to crimes in the city and Spider-Man converted an island into a base for his Spider-Men and mechs which he used to take out bigger threats. Depending on your point of view these weren’t necessarily bettering Peter’s life but they sure were changing Spider-Man’s.

backgrounSS 31 d

Over the course of the series Doc Ock fought the Peter ghost he found lurking in his memories, tangled with old buddies who now became his new sparring partners and showed the world that the new Superior Spider-Man meant business. Between maimings and murders the new Spider-Man quickly let it be known that he was out for blood and not a hero to be trifled with.


All of this of course changed the worlds, and even J. Jonah Jameson’s, view on Spider-Man and now, big shocker, with Peter back in the driver’s seat he has a whole lot to catch up on and a very different life to try to fit himself back into. And let’s be honest, when Otto took over Parker’s body everyone knew it wasn’t going to last. Especially with a block buster film on the horizon it was basically guaranteed to be a storyline with a set expiration date. The upside was the writer Dan Slott knowing that. He built up to something amazing(sorry) as he brought Amazing Spider-Man to a close with issue #700 and knew going in that he had a finite time to tell his Spider-Ock tale. This I believe is what lead to some of the funnest Spider-Man comics in the last decade. Outside of Ultimate Spider-Man I believe Slott has created the most interesting and lasting Spider stories of the last decade and if we’re lucky he’ll keep doing it for awhile. I mean seriously, look below and check out the super cool sequence when the Green Goblin realizes that he’s no longer facing Otto in Peter’s body.


Go get these books peoples! If you are a fan of Spider-Man and were afraid of what was going to happen during the Superior Spider-Man run I can understand your trepidation but as we have now all seen that the sun did indeed rise again on a brand new day (sorry again) you know going in were it leads and at this point you are just denying yourself great stories.

My fingers are crossed at this point for a supersized Omnibus containing all the Superior Spider-Man goodness. Even owning all the floppies and the digital copies I’d happily slap my cash down again for an oversized collection of all these issues. Chris Ferrell was wrong, Superior Spider-Man rocks! And Chris Ferrell was right, Peter’s back and things are more interesting than ever.

Bachman’s Best – WildStar Pre-Order Beta


The best thing I played last week was WildStar. One of the best things about this is that it was just another of the WildStar Pre-Order Beta weekends, the game hasn’t even launched yet! Now that the NDA’s have been lifted and pre-orders are available it is indeed time to talk about WildStar! At this point I’ve played in 3 beta weekends, watched about 100 hours worth of videos and read too many articles to count so I’m pretty sure I have a fairly well informed opinion on WildStar and I can say I am stoked to have pre-ordered the game and am seriously looking forward to the 3-day head start that the pre-order allows.


I know a lot of people out there are probably like me and they play an MMO for about a year or so and then they get bored of it. I’ve played a few myself, WoW, City of Heroes, City of Villains, Champions (notice a trend), RIFTS, and I’ve done beta testing on quite a few more. After maxing out 2 characters in RIFTS I decided it was time for a break from serious gaming and nothing seemed fun enough to bring me back until I saw the first promo video for WildStar. The fun is very easy to see in their videos. Go hit the WildStar home page HERE, the videos are probably the best I have ever seen promoting an upcoming game.  And in the unlikely event that those videos didn’t convince you I would also highly recommend the videos of one Richie Procopio also known as Bog Otter which can be found HERE. His videos on his personal YouTube channel as well as the videos he’s done for ZAM have been my source for all things WildStar since the game was announced.

WildStar-610x347 wildstar2

The elevator pitch for WildStar would be World of Warcraft in space with humor, but it is SO much more than that. New races and mounts never before seen in any other MMO, a new combat system that I’ll say takes some getting used to but does away with the boredom that can result from tab target spamming for hours on end. Crazy customization on everything from housing to mounts, War Plots, Professional Paths, Chuas! So much fantastic stuff it really does need to be seen to be believed. Great voice work and spectacular cut scene videos along with an expansive new world to discover makes WildStar a treat for anyone looking to get back into the MMO game. So go check it out and hopefully I’ll see you server side on Nexus.


Bonus – if you’re worried about paying for a new $15 a month subscription fee without having a chance to play the game then I suggest you check with your friends. Each box of WildStar is supposed to come with a couple guest passes to give out to friends. So go find your friends that ordered and call dibs on their guest passes!