The History of Adventures in Erylia



This is a special episode that goes over the history of how Adventures in Erylia got started. We talk about how the group formed, how we got into D&D as a whole, and how things changed (pretty quickly) from a home game into being an actual play podcast. Check the bottom of the show notes for breakdown of topics.



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Since this is a bit of a special episode going over the history of how Adventures in Erylia got started, in lieu of our usual show notes, you can use this topic list as a reference to timestamps around where we cover a certain topic.

Introduction (1:06)

Joining the GonnaGeek Network (2:44)

How We All Met (5:05)

  • Lack of Friends and the Start of (BOARD) Game Night (5:31)
  • Retail Brought Us Together (6:46)
  • Christa Came Along to Color (7:29)
  • Chantalle Gets Roped In (7:46)
  • Caitlin and Chantalle Bond Over Minecraft (8:32)

The OOG Group (9:48)

  • Christa’s Favorite Game is Yahtzee (10:33)
  • Christa Rolls the GOAT (11:43)
  • Critters Unite (13:40)
  • It Really Was About Board Games (14:25)
  • Chantalle Isn’t Even Involved in D&D Yet! (15:13)
  • I DM’d For Five People?! (15:29)
  • Pour One Out for Pavel (15:42)
  • Chantalle Was JUST Here for Board Games (16:54)
  • The Moment A Character Was Made, Christa Was Hooked (17:47)

To Put A Date On Things (18:06)

  • Both Campaign Have an Arc Before The Podcast (18:22)
  • How We Roped Chantalle In (18:42)
  • She Wasn’t Even Driving Yet! (19:10)
  • They Weren’t Even Here for Her First Chartacter (20:19)

Why The Mieveht Story Came First (20:43)

  • The OOG Group Had to Take a Break (21:09)
  • It Was a Filler (22:23)
  • They Aren’t BAD People (23:42)
  • Free Meat! (25:29)

Brand New Role Players! (27:08)

  • Originally Planned as A Learn Along Show (27:20)
  • The History of Chris (27:51)
  • Damian Started TTRPGs With Pathfinder (30:14)
  • Critical Role Is an Investment (31:04)
  • Erylian Critters Switch Sides (31:38)
  • Christa Out D&D’s All of Us (32:52)
  • From Turn Off, To Turn On (33:17)
  • Chris Was New To 5E (34:02)
  • If You Know Us and Not Critical Role, Let Us Know! (34:57)
  • Keep Expectations in Check (35:43)
  • Christa Was Terrified (36:05)

The Death of The OOG Campaign and the Birth of AinE (37:03)

  • We Started Recording For Our Own Sake (37:20)
  • Upgrading To The Blue Yeti, That Was A Mistake (38:49)
  • A Little Bit of Stage Fright (39:28)
  • We’re Actually Mostly Theater of the Mind (40:49)
  • This Was NEVER a Podcast (42:06)
  • I’m Editing This, Can I Put It Online? (42:46)
  • Dungeons & Randomness Was a Key Inspiration (43:36)

Adventures in Erylia Begins to Bloom (44:00)

  • Glass Cannon Made Us Care About Quality (44:35)
  • In The Early Days, There Were Minimal Edits (45:16)
  • Self-Learned and Self Taught (45:34)
  • Damian Reveals Prior Experience (45:46)
  • Things Were Very Raw. Too Raw For Today (48:17)
  • Pre-Podcast Erylian Epic Exists, It Will Never See The Light of Day (48:34)
  • Used Audacity for YEARS (48:53)
  • Always Keep Improving (49:03)
  • Our Gear Progression (49:28)
  • The Ongoing Project of Remastering Old Episodes (51:26)
  • What About Nicer Mics??? (52:46)
  • 2020 Was A Wormhole (53:09)
  • The Difference Shock Mounts Make (53:37)
  • Building the Audio Library (54:04)
  • Just Show Up And Let Me Put A Mic In Your Face (54:55)
  • It Really Is Five Friends Sitting Around A Table (55:43)
  • We’ve All Grown Over Time (56:17)
  • Christa, The Most Mic Conscious of Them All! (56:55)

Experiences Before Podcast (57:34)

  • Caitlin – Elementary School Pageants (58:06)
  • Chantalle – Ballet and Stage Performance (58:36)
  • Chantalle’s Thoughts on Playing a Character (59:34)

Are Your Characters Extensions of Yourself? (1:00:10)

  • Chantalle – It Is An Opportunity To Be Someone Else (1:01:12)
  • Christa – Willow Is Almost So Opposite It Is Difficult (1:02:30)
  • Christa – Ariel Is Much More Christa (1:03:13)
  • Chantalle – Characters Can Grow Beyond What You Expected (1:03:47)
  • Chris – Started As A Leader Type To Drive The Story (1:04:56)
  • Caitlin – Struggles Creating New Characters (1:05:43)
  • Caitlin – Trying To Leave Your Comfort Zone Doesn’t Always Work (1:06:27)

Reminiscing The Lost Arc Of The Erylian Epic (1:07:35)

Introducing A Character With A Goodbye (1:12:12)

The Inter-Party Relationships of The Erylian Epic (1:13:02)

Outro And A Peak Of What’s To Come (1:20:20)


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