EE-3-1 – Reawakening



As the party makes their way along the Norgeld Road back to Port Norsal, a strange person approaches them from the forest. Darodem greats them as a protector along these roads who has started to take watch over the area again now that the gnolls are taken care of. While they offer to keep the party safe as they camp for the night, they can do nothing for what is inside these adventurers’ minds.


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Damian – The DM

Chris – Rem

Christa – Ariel

Chantalle – Kenina

Caitlin – Tempest


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Fimbulwinter – Vindsvept (Intro)

Tavern Loop 1 – Serpent Sound Studios (1:16)

Stagecoach – Michael Ghelfi (3:43)

Stay the Course – Incomeptech (5:08)

Magic Mystery – Alec Wesner (7:43)

Forest Walk – Serpent Sound Studios (10:41)

Leaving for Valhalla – Serpent Sound Studios (16:24)

Forest: Night – Tabletop Audio (22:11)

Sacred Places – JDB Music (24:37)

Forest Nighttime – Michael Ghelfi (24:43)

Borealis – Scott Buckley (27:29)

Secret Garden – Tabletop Audio (32:08)

Existential Dread – Tabletop Audio (32:27)

Secret Garden (Ambience Only) – Tabletop Audio (Patreon) (32:42)

Percussion Loop #3 – AndySV (34:12)

Forested Cliff – Michael Ghelfi (38:09)

Giant Wyrm – Incomeptech (35:58)

Soul Searcher – Scott Buckley (45:27)

Virtutes Vocis – Incompetech (49:19)

Enter The Lair – Joel Steudler (53:28)

Secret Garden (Ambience Only) – Tabletop Audio (Patreon) (55:23)

Existential Dread – Tabletop Audio (55:26)

Percussion Loop #3 – AndySV (55:26)

Lively Tundra – Michael Ghelfi (1:00:11)

Whispering Winds – Vindsvept (1:00:23)

Hard Clash (Percussion Stem) – Audio Alchemist (1:01:43)

Medieval Town – Tabletop Audio (1:02:12)

The Encounter – Scott Buckley (1:03:31)

Medieval Village – Michael Ghelfi (1:06:25)

Secret Garden (Ambience Only) – Tabletop Audio (Patreon) (1:09:05)

Percussion Loop #3 – AndySV (1:09:08)

Existential Dread – Tabletop Audio (1:09:11)

Underwater – Michael Ghelfi (1:15:29)

Never Dying – Scott Buckley (1:15:36)

Stay the Course – Incompetech (1:16:50)

Never Dying – Scott Buckley (1:19:34)

The Encounter – Scott Buckley (1:27:05)

Medieval Village – Michael Ghelfi (1:27:06)

Secret Garden (Ambience Only) – Tabletop Audio (Patreon) (1:30:29)

Percussion Loop #3 – AndySV (1:30:34)

Existential Dread – Tabletop Audio (1:30:35)

Forest Nighttime – Michael Ghelfi (1:32:42)

Forest Breath – Audio Alchemist (1:33:28)

Medieval Town – Michael Ghelfi (1:34:39)

Lost – Adrian von Zielger (1:35:39)

Forest Nighttime – Michael Ghelfi (1:36:03)

The Encounter – Scott Buckley (1:36:16)

The Old Ones – Scott Buckley (1:36:34)

Secret Garden (Ambience Only) – Tabletop Audio (Patreon) (1:37:34)

Existential Dread – Tabletop Audio (1:37:35)

Percussion Loop #3 – AndySV (1:37:36)

Forest Nighttime – Michael Ghelfi (1:38:42)

Immersed – Incompetech (1:39:58)

Campfire in Woods – Michael Ghelfi (1:40:00)

Medieval City – Michael Ghelfi (1:42:37)

Last Stand – Vindsvept (Outro)



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