EE-2-12 – Tonight is for Celebrating



Having defeated the gnoll leader, Grimfang, the party and the dwarven Blackguard make their way out of the forest. Ariel has chosen to safeguard the spear the he wielded personally. As everyone sets up camp to rest before returning to the village of Starren, Adriel makes her way around the group, sharing some of her dwarden, and congratulating everyone on a job well done.

After returning to the village, the part meets up with Ulyean, the captain of the Blackguard, to discuss the events that had transpired, as well as divide up their spoils. He also gives the party two letters. One that essentially buys them the horse and cart from the travel company that they had been renting, and one that tells the Guild Masters in Riven about what the party has done in the region.

Their day ends with the party having a small celebration at Lift’s Rest, the local tavern, though each celebrates in their own way, and not all of them seem cheerful.


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Damian – The DM

Chris – Rem

Christa – Ariel

Chantalle – Kenina

Caitlin – Tempest


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Fimbulwinter – Vindsvept (Intro)

Tavern Loop One – Serpent Sound Studios (1:18)

Elven Glade – Tabletop Audio (1:53)

Campfire at Dusk – Michael Ghelfi (5:02)

Forest Nighttime – Michael Ghelfi (6:27)

The Spaces Between – Scott Buckley (6:32)

Campfire at Dusk – Michael Ghelfi (8:54)

Absolution – Scott Buckley (9:12)

Filaments – Scott Buckley (12:51)

Petrichor – Scott Buckley (18:08)

Casual Theme #2 – Andy SV (21:28)

Midsommar – Scott Buckley (22:27)

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[Exploration] Mystical Place (Loop 2) – Audio Alchemist (24:17)

Daytime Forest – Michael Ghelfi (28:39)

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Rising Sun – Raft (29:55)

Rising Sun – Raft (31:46)

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Countryside – Michael Ghelfi (33:22)

Blacksmith – Michael Ghelfi (34:06)

Sacred Places – JDB Music (35:35)

Thunder Dreams – Incomeptech (37:50)

Thunder Dreams – Incomeptech (39:51)

Vinterns Drom – Adrian von Ziegler (42:04)

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The Things That Bind Us Together – Scott Buckley (49:29)

Forest Nighttime – Michael Ghelfi (56:54)

Melodic Interlude – Serpent Sound Studios (58:45)

Quiet Tavern – Michael Ghelfi (59:59)

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Lady Winter – JDB Artist (1:22:15)

Reunion – JDB Artist (1:23:11)

Love Story – Andy SV (1:24:44)

Last Stand – Vindsvept (Outro)


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