BTS-4-2020 – Covid 19, Hiatus, and Remasters.


Hey there Adventurers,

Been a while since you’ve gotten one of these Behind The Screen things, but I’ve got some stuff to get out to you and this is the best method I have to do so. Here’s the short version for those of you that just want the barebones of it. The cast is all healthy, our last episode was the finale of the Grimfang Arc of the Erylian Epic, the show IS going on a sort of hiatus, and the early episodes are going to start getting remastered – listen to the last 30 minutes if you want a taste of that. If you’d like to get in touch with any of the cast, you can reach us all in our discord server over at and also: Caitlin, Chantalle, and I are all streaming weekly and you can find us over at on Wednesday Nights around 7:30pm Pacific.

Now onto the deeper dive of these topics. Everyone is effected by covid 19, and we are not exempt from that. Stress is higher than normal, peoples jobs have had to make changes to accommodate things, and people have lost their jobs during this time. While none of this is the focus of reaching out to you, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that at this time, the entire cast of the show is okay. None of us have been dealing with any symptoms or have tested positive for the virus. We wish all of you out there listening to this right now the best.

This has impacted the show in many ways however. First of all, the last episode was already planned to wrap up the Grimfang Arc of the Erylian Epic, and thankfully we powered through and got the whole thing recorded. Unfortunately, since things have changed and our area is under stay at home orders right now, we cannot record anymore. We had hoped to get 1 more recording session in to really wrap up the story so far with a short episode focusing on getting back to town and the road ahead, as well as our nightwatch. At this time, we don’t plan to record those until we can get back together in person.

As a result of not being able to get together anymore, the show has to go on a hiatus for the foreseeable future. As the DM and editor for the podcast, I made the decision long ago not to let us record too far ahead of where our episodes were. This has been beneficial so far, allowing us to be more on top of where the story is since we can usually listen to the episode, or the preview, before playing our next session. However, it also means that when we cannot get together to record, we only every have enough material for 1 or 2 episodes coming up. Trust us though, the group is eager to get back together and we will get back to things as soon as we are able.

To fill up the time that I would usually spend editing a new episode, I am going back to a project I had teased almost a year ago. I am finally able to sit down right now and start working on remastering our old episodes. This remaster involves a few things that I am hoping will help draw people into our story more easily and retain listeners better. I have gotten feedback in the past that the way older episodes are edited makes it hard to get invested in the story early on. On top of things like off topic comments, entire side conversations, and overall sloppy recording and editing, I have gotten some plugins in the years since those were released to help make the show sound better overall. I can only do so much with the audio we have. In the very early episodes we were still learning how to use the microphones, I was still learning how to set levels, and we were just all around new to being recorded.

I have gotten the first half of Episode 1 of the Mieveht Story – A Game of Cat And… Lizard, remastered already. This is the first main episode in our podcast feed, and you can listen to what I have gotten done so far in just a few moments. As this remaster project goes on, I will replace those original files with the new ones and will put out some sort of update to let you know the remaster is available to listen to. The originals will be moved to patreon and live on as Lost Episodes, like the very very early recordings.

Without further ado, here’s the remastered A Game of Cat and Lizard.


If you’d like to know more about the music featured on the show, check out our Music Page.

The Path of the Goblin King – Incomepetch (Intro)

The Fae – Vindsvept (5:05)

Sanctuary – Epic Stock Media (8:34)

Undertow – Scott Buckley (8:40)

Traveler’s Rest – Epic Stock Media (12:31)

Morning Dew – Adrian von Ziegler (13:14)

Medieval City – Michael Ghelfi (13:45)

Search – Dark Fantasy Studios (14:17)

Psycho Bass – Omnia Sounds (14:34)

RavenPuff Common Room – Tabletop Audio (15:36)

Santuary – Epic Stock Media (16:30)

Elf Shadows – Derek & Brandon Fietcher (19:17)

Aeternitas – Adrian von Ziegler (20:27)

Sanctuary – Epic Stock Media (35:02)


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