How to use Skype NDI with Xsplit Broadcaster, OBS Studio & Streamlabs OBS (Plus NDI Virtual Input)


In this video we walk through how to enable and use the new Skype NDI integration with Xsplit Broadcaster, OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software Studio) and Streamlabs OBS.

This video also shows how to use Skype NDI on your local network, as well as how to use NDI Virtual Input to send a return feed back from Xsplit Broadcaster and OBS Studio, which could be helpful if needed over your network (Edit for clarification: As briefly mentioned this is not needed locally – Xsplit has a virtual camera built in and there is a virtual plugin for OBS Studio. The purpose of this demonstration is for those situations where the virtual camera may not suffice, such as over the network).



1:46 – How to Enable NDI Setting in Skype
2:13 – If you aren’t seeing the NDI option within Skype settings
3:01 – Group Skype Video Call
3:45 – How to know if Skype NDI is working during a call
4:05 – Using Skype NDI Feeds in Xsplit Broadcaster
5:18 – Masking Skype NDI Streams
6:26 – Using Skype NDI Feeds in OBS Studio (Prep/plugins needed)
7:18 – Using Skype NDI Feeds in OBS Studio (Adding sources in to OBS Studio)
9:20 – What is Stream Labs OBS?
9:44 – Using Skype NDI Feeds in Streamlabs OBS (Prep needed)
10:05 – Using Skype NDI Feeds in Streamlabs OBS (Adding sources in to Streamlabs OBS)
11:09 – Using Skype NDI over local area network
12:40 – Using NDI Virtual Input in Skype (Prep)
14:43 – Using NDI Virtual Input in Skype with Xsplit Broadcaster
14:43 – Using NDI Virtual Input in Skype with Xsplit Broadcaster
15:45 – Using NDI Virtual Input in Skype with OBS Studio
16:45 – Final Thoughts

OBS NDI Plugin:
NDI Tools (Virtual Input):
Streamlabs OBS NDI Information:

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