Beef, was hatched and coddled in Dirty Stallis Wisconsin, where he acquired his Tourette's and a unique brand of crazy that is all his own. Since 2011 more often than not you can hear him saying random and off the wall ish into a mic. just for effect. Still mentally stunted @ the age 20, most of beef's jokes have a childish wit to them. So you should never look to the man for spelling or grammatical work, he's horrible at it. It's a good thing podcasting is an audio medium, where you can hear him utter classics such as Ping-pong, wassaname, and Mrrrr!

He had an opinion once, then he forgot it...

Podcasts: Legends Podcast

John D was born in the wood of french-Canarnia. Growing up in the city he studied movie making, art and literature. His venture into podcasting started in 2010 with Legends an Action Movie Podcast when John D and his friend Frank sat down to watch a series of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and recorded their conversation.

John D produced Legends Podcast since it's inception and soon started producing other show including Comic Book Legends, Legendary Horror Theater and act as executive producer for Arthouse Legends.

Podcasts: Legends Podcast, Comic Book Legends, The Starling Tribune and Podcast

Legends Podcast Final 2016; The Killing Joke (DC Comic)


This episode takes Beef and Wing to the end of the year as the discuss The Killing Joke. We discuss the difference with the graphic novel, the voices, style and rejoice at the idea of recording Legends on a regular basis again.


Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! these discussions will be spoiler filled and will use an explicit language, so consider yourself warned.


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