Bachman’s Best – Silk #1 and Spider-Gwen #1


The best thing I read last week was Silk #1 and Spider-Gwen #1 spinning out of the fantasticness that was Marvel’s Spider-Verse. For those that may not know Dan Slott brought us a spectacular story that had Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus a.k.a. the Superior Spider-Man in Peter Parker’s body from earlier in the same timeline gathering different versions of Spider-Man, and other spider totems, from all over the multiverse to fight a family called the Inheritors that scour the multiverse to devour spider totems. It was a super fun story with more spider action than anyone ever thought possible in one story, Dan Slott is now the best Spider-Man writer ever in my humble opinion. If you’re a fan of Spidey you should be checking out Spider-Verse. But enough about that, the Spider-Verse is over and now we are seeing some of the great new books coming out of that story.


Silk #1 brings us the story of one Cindy Moon, a girl that was bit by the same spider that bit Peter Parker but then hidden away in a bunker to avoid being detected by the Inheritors. After being rescued/released by Peter Parker see finds herself now in a New York see doesn’t understand looking for a family that appears to have left her behind. This is a great first issue brought to us by wordsmith Robbi Thompson, some great line art by Stacey Lee, and some kicking colors by Ian Herring. It’s a fun read and well worth your time. Silk is relearning life among New Yorkers, dealing with her crazy spider powers which are not the same as Peter Parkers and of course trying to build a life for herself both in and out of costume. It looks like it’s going to be a fun ride. And the Dave Johnson cover I got is just awesome!


Spider-Gwen #1 was probably the funnest all around book I read last week as well as a beautiful addition to the Spider books. Introed in Spider-Verse #2 the character of a Spider-Woman portrayed by Gwen Stacey, affectionately called Spider-Gwen by the spider fans, in an alternate world where Gwen was bit and eventually Peter was the one that died. Spider-Gwen patrolled the streets of Manhattan for one issue and caused an uproar in the geek community, some of it negative of course, but most of it positive. The story was great and the artwork was fantastic, but what really set it apart was the suit design. If you haven’t seen the stir it caused just go Google Spider-Gwen and look at all the fan art, tons of pieces by artists from amateur to pro. And Marvel heard the uproar and responded in the best way giving Spider-Gwen her own series. Now sadly with Marvel heading into Secret Wars there is no telling if Spider-Gwen will come out the other side intact or changes or at all but in the meantime we have an amazing book to read. Wicked word play Jason Latour, ultra kinetic art by Robbi Rodriguez that is in the same category as Tradd Moore and Skottie Young in its frenetic energy, and killer colors by Rico Renzi that make Gwen’s New York both strikingly similar and yet very far from the New York of Spider-Man. This first issue introduces us to the Vulture of Gwen world and places her in his talons all the while not knowing that the band she drums for, The Mary Janes, may well be falling apart. Pure fun, beautiful bright artwork that nearly leaps off the page, go get it.

4049035-edge_of_spider-verse_2_cover (1)

(And a quick tease for next week. The picture below is the stack of Action Lab books I’m about to read. Pretty sure I’m going to have something to say about them. See you then.)

Action Lab books Feb2015

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