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Recently, I was in Boston for PAX East. This was my second PAX East, so Boston was still strange to me, but with the help of three apps and a device for my iPhone, the trip went smoother this year than it did last year.



At PAX East this year I picked up the program out of habit. I stuck the program in my bag. The program is useful; it has the schedule of panels, descriptions of the panels, and maps. How often did I use the program at PAX? None. Why? Because I had the Guidebook app installed on my iPhone. Guidebook, which is free, had the entire PAX schedule, maps, and lists of exhibitors and panelists.

With so many great games and panels at PAX, formulating a plan to tackle as much as possible can be daunting. With Guidebook, I was able to add panels I wanted to attend to My Schedule. Also, I set a reminder, so I could have an alert for 10, 15, or 30 minutes, or an hour. Reminders are convenient because the alert signaled when I should leave the Expo Hall and get in line, and with so many people wanting to see the same thing, knowing when to get in line is key. The ability to create my own schedule meant I was able to attend every panel I wanted. The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center can be a maze. Guidebook’s maps allowed me to orient myself, so I didn’t get lost this year.

If you’re going to C2E2 this year, the guide for the event is already available, so you can plan your trip before you arrive!

Guidebook had everything I needed for PAX

Guidebook had everything I needed for PAX



Getting a cab after PAX ended wasn’t a problem; cabs were lined up outside the BCEC. However, getting to the event was an issue for me because I stayed at a hotel without shuttle service to and from PAX (a move I’m going to try really hard to do next year). Also, if you go to one of the many parties, you can end up in an area where taxis are not readily available. Uber is not available in every city, but it is in Boston. While the service is a little bit more expensive than a cab, Uber is a viable alternative than searching for a taxi. To use the service you need to sign up and enter your credit card information (your card can be tied to your bank account). When you order a car, you are sent the driver’s picture, make of the car, and license plate number, so you don’t have to guess which car is for you.



Eat24 is a way to find food. Eat24 is not available in every area, but if it is, the service is an easy way to find out what restaurants are in the area and which places deliver. You can use the service via its app or website. With Eat24, I was able to get pizza and Chinese delivered to my hotel room.




As you can see, I use my iPhone a lot, which could easily drain the battery quickly. With my mophie, I’m able to extend the life of my iPhone’s battery and have a protective case. With my mophie, I got over 12 hours of use of my phone. I texted, played games, and use multiple apps every day, and I still was able to use my iPhone all day. All I had to do was remember to charge the mophie every night, and I was good to go. A mophie is not cheap, but if you have an iPhone, a mophie is a wise investment. The company does have products for other smartphones, but the selection is limited.

I have the Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 4/4S

I have the Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 4/4S

Traveling can be a hassle, but thanks to some apps and my mophie, this trip to Boston went better than last year. Do you suggest any apps or devices that help traveling to strange places easier for travelers? If so, put them in the comments!

Michelle Ealey has been a geek for as long as she can remember. She enjoys sci-fi, fantasy, and horror films, TV and books, and she plays a lot of video games. Michelle writes about geeky things and is a co-host on the Starling Tribune Podcast. You can follow her on Twitter, @michelleealey.

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