Cullen Bunn and Magneto choose sides in CIVIL WAR II: X-MEN #1


The X-Men are choosing sides, and writer Cullen Bunn hopes readers do to, in CIVIL WAR: X-MEN #1. The Inhumans have a new seer, and Magneto fears this gives the Inhumans an edge over mutants. So, being magneto, he sets out to level the playing field. But not ALL the mutants agree with him.

It’s Mutant vs Mutant vs Inhuman in this new tie-in series from Cullen Bunn and Andrea Broccardo.

Here’s the official release from Marvel.

The X-Men Enter the Fray in CIVIL WAR II: X-MEN #1!

New York, NY—March 7th, 2016 — As the heroes of the Marvel Universe stand against one another, the Mutants will face their own war. This June, the X-Men prepare for war in CIVIL WAR II: X-MEN #1 – a new Civil War II series from writer Cullen Bunn  (Uncanny X-Men) and artist Andrea Broccardo (Kanan: The Last Padawan)!

Terrigen Mists encircle the globe, igniting the Inhuman race while simultaneously crippling mutantkind. As conflict between the two nations simmers below the surface, a new Inhuman with the ability to profile the future has emerged. As heroes of the Marvel Universe battle over whether to use this Inhuman’s ability or not – one mutant will take matters into his own hands. Fearing this untapped power may tip the scales in the Inhumans’ favor – Magneto is willing to wage war with the Inhumans and even his own kind to prevent that from coming to pass!

“I certainly hope this story divides the fans in terms of who is ‘right’,” says writer Cullen Bunn in an upcoming interview with Marvel.com. “One of the things I’m excited about with Civil War II is that there are so many questions, debates, and positions that are going to rise from it. In Civil War II: X-Men we’ll focus on the mutants and the specific positions they are taking.”

No longer sitting on the sidelines, Magneto will use his terrifying and awesome power to take mutantkind’s fate into his own hands! Though he may be surprised who stands with him…and who stands against him! The battle lines are drawn this June in CIVIL WAR II: X-MEN #1!

For more information, visit Marvel.com later today for a full interview with the creators!

Civil_War_II_X-Men_1_CoverCIVIL WAR II: X-MEN #1 (of 4)

Written by CULLEN BUNN



On-Sale in June!

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Game/Life Balance U.S. Podcast Episode 8: Cody reviews the Deadpool movie


Cody LOVED the Deadpool movie, which is set to surpass Passion of the Christ as the highest-grossing Rated R film of all time. As a relative newcomer to the franchise, hear Cody try to explain Deadpool to Jon, who then has his own insane story about recovering from wine and Fireball whiskey, in this episode of the Game/Life Balance U.S. podcast!

X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST available on GraphicAudio




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In the far future, mutants have all but been exterminated. Crushed by the mutant-hunting Sentinels. Only a small group remain alive, powerless, locked away in concentration camps. The key to saving their future may lie in the past. Now, Kate Pryde leads a desperate mission to the past to warn the present-day X-Men of coming danger. But is she too late?

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Announcing the Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #1 Launch Party!


Head to Your Local Comic Book Store to Experience the Biggest Launch of the Year!

Marvel is making sure all comic book stores worldwide are armed and ready for the biggest comics event of the year as Avengers & X-Men: AXIS explodes onto comic stands on October 8th! In addition to being among the first to purchase AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #1, fans will also be able to receive special items exclusive to these parties at participating retail stores.


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“An event like Avengers & X-Men: AXIS deserves the red carpet treatment,” says David Gabriel, Marvel SVP, Sales & Marketing. “Escalating the conflict that began in Avengers vs. X-Men to new heights, we’re backing retailers with the biggest incentives you’ve ever seen with these launch parties. Whether it’s promotional materials, limited edition variant covers or special giveaway items, Marvel is committed to making sure fans are buzzing about this event. Each of our valued retail partners will have exactly what they need to entice their regular customers and new fans to check out the biggest event of the year and make AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #1 their top seller for 2014.”


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Prepare yourself for the marquee comic event of the fall, as Rick Remender and co. explore the fine line between good and evil. Find out just how thin this October in AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #1!


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Inversion Variant by GABRIELE DELL’OTTO (JUL140598)
Deadpool Party Variant by CHIP ZDARSKY (
Deadpool Party Sketch Variant by CHIP ZDARSKY
Young Variant by SKOTTIE YOUNG (
Variant Cover by Milo Manara (AUG140720)

Young Guns Variant by Mahmud Asrar, Nick Bradshaw, Dave Marquez,
Sara Pichelli, Valerio Schiti & Ryan Stegman (JUL140601)

FOC – 09/01/14, On-Sale 10/08/14


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Bachman’s Best – X-Men: Days of Future Past


!Warning – Here there be slight spoilers!

The best thing I saw last week was X-Men: Days of Future Past, twice on opening day in fact. This may not mean a lot to some people but to me it is a big thing. I’ve got a streak going that has lasted over a decade now. I’ve seen every Marvel film on opening day since Blade. So not only seeing X-Men: DoFP on opening day, but being able to catch it twice was great, the streak continues and will continue with Guardians of the Galaxy in August. For which I have already requested the afternoon off from work so all things should be good.


So I saw X-Men: DoFP twice on Friday and both viewings were great for different reasons. I saw it early in the afternoon first by myself in a theater that ended up only having about 100 people in it by the time the film started. It was quiet, no shouting, and no cell phone interruptions, peaceful. The only downside was only a couple of us being secure enough to laugh out loud at the funny parts, but other than that it was great. Later in the evening I returned with the wife and a huge soda and a bucket of popcorn and sat in an almost full theater which cheered and roared with laughter during the funny parts. All together this made for a great Friday. So just as a reminder people, when you get a chance, treat yourself to a movie, however you enjoy seeing them.


The spectacular Bryan Singer returns to the X franchise with his unique flair and ability to make these mutants seem to be such a part of the world they inhabited while also seeming so shunned by their society. A dark future, tragic historical events, crazy jailbreaks, and attacks on the Whitehouse make for large chunks of action broke up by some interesting seems filled with what is usually pretty funny and or seriously and well delivered dialogue. We get the return of X-Men from both the earlier trilogy as well as X-Men: First Class which is great. Fassbender, Lawrence, Hoult, Page, Ashmore, Berry, Stewart and McKellen all turn in solid performances and do well bringing their characters to life. However its, James McAvoy, Hugh Jackman, and Evan Peters that turn in the star performances and really kick this movie in the ass.


So yeah, Jackman, McAvoy, and Peters. Jackman you all know and love. This being his 7th time playing Wolverine he only gets better, and when he wakes up as his younger self we get to see Jackman in probably the best shape of his life. And boy do we get to see Jackman, word of mouth is going to sale an additional 20 million in ticket sales and probably 50 million Blu-Ray buys just so the ladies can get a glimpse of a whole nother side of their favorite Canucklehead. McAvoy tears things up as a young Xavier that believes he has lost everything he ever cared about and see’s no way of getting his old life back. For any of you familiar with McAvoy’s other work, seeing him turn it up to 9 ½ is no shock, he’s an actor with power in him when the right director’s find it. But the shocker, to me and you, is Peters.


Evan Peters a.k.a. Pietro Maximoff also known as the Marvel speedster Quicksilver, the kid you might know as the creepy neighbor from American Horror Story Season 1, or the MMA lover from the Never Back Down flicks (don’t judge me, I love those!), or better yet as the friend of Kickass in Kickass #1 which is awesome because Kickass, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, is also Quicksilver, but over in the Marvel Cinematic Universe of Avengers: The Age of Ultron. Like many others I was really worried when the pics of Quicksilver were released for this film. It showed in a 70’s silverized outfit that I thought could be best described as Dazzler Quicksilver, this is not a good thing. But lay all fears aside, on film, in the setting, and powered by Evan Peters performance you don’t even really notice his outfit, much less have time to be bothered by it. It actually seems to fit, and crazily I now really like it, it works. From start to finish Peter’s acting is a tour de force and the only bad thing I would point out is that it doesn’t last long enough. Though after showing what he can do in a spectacular Pentagon kitchen scene it’s easy to see that the writers were ready to run him off so the rest of the film couldn’t be so easily handled. Quicksilver is the perfect scene stealer in this movie, and staying true to the character rubs a few people the wrong way, but I have to say, along with a few smaller items he steals the show. Peters is funny, sarcastic, and just enough of a joker that you come off loving a somewhat jerk of a character. In all honesty it’s worth seeing this film on the big screen just for the Quicksilver kitchen incident.


There are all sorts of other things going on as well but I’m not going to spoil too much. A dastardly villain played well by Peter Dinklage, great fights, superior CGI – in no part of the film does the CGI appear fake and take you out of the movie, and the biggest bonus of all, the time travel is done well and clear, there’s never any confusion of which era you are in or which part of the past or future you are looking at. X-Men: Days of Future Past is one to pay full admission for and catch on the big screen, you won’t be disappointed, so go see it people!



P.S.  Of course, stay until the end end end of the credits for the end credits sequence, it’s SO good!


Pak & Ibanez thunder into STORM ongoing


The Goddess of Thunder Reigns Supreme in July’s STORM #1!

This May, the heart and soul of the X-Men flies solo for the first time in STORM #1, a brand new ongoing series from New York Times Bestselling writer Greg Pak (The Incredible Hulk, Superman/Batman) and fan-favorite artist Victor Ibanez (Defenders, Wonder Woman)!


From a thief on the streets of Cairo to the Headmistress of the Jean Grey School to the Queen of Wakanda and everything in between, Ororo Monroe has always defied a single title. Her desire to better the world was never limited to just her own kind. On a mission to foster goodwill and safeguard her fellow mutants in her own way, Storm will embark on a new journey.


“If you tell Storm she can’t go somewhere, that’s exactly where she’s going to go,” says writer Greg Pak, in an interview with Marvel.com. “She’s got an incredibly strong sense of justice and empathy earned through years of hard experience. And her empathy isn’t limited to whatever group she’s standing with at the moment. Storm will do the right thing–as she sees it–without apology. That’s incredibly strong–and potentially very costly for her.”


STORM #1 marks the very first ongoing series for the character and joins a number of critically acclaimed new solo series featuring female leads as a part of the All-New Marvel NOW! initiative.


“And Storm makes seven,” says Editor In Chief Axel Alonso.  “Starring for the first time in her own ongoing series, and joining the wave of new series anchored by female characters  — a list that includes Black Widow, She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Elektra, Ms. Marvel and the all-female X-Men — comes one of the world’s most popular mutants.”


“It’s about time,” Alonso continued.


You cannot stop a force of nature. She is Storm, a hero with no equal…and the skies will tremble at the sight of their namesake! Get swept up as STORM #1 thunders into comic shops this July!



Written by GREG PAK

Art & Cover by VICTOR IBANEZ

Variant Cover by SIMONE BIANCHI Coming July 2014!

Storm_1_Bianchi_Variant Storm_1_Ibanez_Cover


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Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit www.marvel.com ©  MARVEL

All-New Doop #1 Review


Release Date: April 9th, 2014

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Written By: Peter Milligan

Art By: David Lafuente

Price: 3.99


All-New Doop #1 is weird. I like the idea of him floating around the background of the X-Men’s biggest and most hated story where he, I guess, records them all. I thought he would be trolling Battle of the Atom and Milligan was going to be making fun of it. If he did, it went over my head. I don’t really see where this book is headed though.

We follow Doop thru one the mutants’ biggest storylines recently focusing mostly on Battle for the Atom as he skulks around in the background as a “marginal character”. It feels like that issue of X-Men Legacy where we were introduced to that mutant who everyone completely and totally forgot existed as soon as he was out of sight. Just not as good. That issue was full of detailed emotional exposition and plenty of introspective contemplation while this issue about Doop is just there. Much of Doop’s purpose is implied and I don’t feel like it’s given enough history or details for the reader to determine what exactly he’s supposed to be doing. In one instance he’s recording a battle. In another he’s motivating a healer to fix an injured Cyclops which I’m sure any other X-Man could’ve done. In another part of the story he’s travelling between stories witnessing another argument between the mutants. Then he reaches into himself and…well…that’s it. He doesn’t pull anything out. It just moves to a new part of the story. Maybe he was pulling his “sleeve” up to look at his watch. I don’t know if that was something that went over my head or something that will impact the story later or what. That’s my complaint about this 1st Doop issue. I don’t know what in the hell is going on. I’m confused but not in a cool, mysterious, mad genius with a master plot, kind of way. I’m just really confused. At the end we find out that he’s in love with Kitty Pryde and wants to marry her. At her complaints that they can’t even have a conversation much less get married, the little green booger turns himself inside out, literally. And then he speaks English?! At first I thought he was gonna rock the Yoda speech for a second there but no. Anyway, at least he can talk now so maybe his story will make more sense to me. I actually am looking forward to figuring out just what the hell Doop is.

The art fits in this his whacky world. The facial expressions on the X-Men are pricless as they interact with each other and Doop especially. Kitty Prydes surprised looks and astonished facial expressions are hilarious when he makes himself known on the battlefield and when he proposes. If Doop continues to bounce around battles and X-Men skirmishes with little to no purpose, at least the art will look awesome.

Overall this was a strange read and I hope it will be one that fleshes out into more of a storyline instead of Doop randomly doing stuff. And things. I’m interested in the character just because he’s weird but I need to see some kind of reason or motivation for his weirdness to stay interested.

X-Force #2 Review


Release Date: March 12, 2014

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Publisher: Marvel Comcis

Written By: Simon Spurrier

Art By: Rock-He Kim

Price: 3.99


This book is getting good already. Cable, aided by his newfound precog ability, leads a group of mutants in an effort to help other mutants in the real world. He’s never cared about how anyone sees him and it looks like he will continue not giving a damn when he gets labeled a terrorist or hitman.


While his origin story may be the most convoluted pile of nonsense in comics, Nathan Summers has remained one of my favorite antiheroes ever. His guerrilla tactics have almost always left him on the outskirts of the Marvel Universe but also the X-Men’s world. In this issue he jacks up the nutjob militant persona to 10 as he basically tells the entire mutant population to @#$/ right off. From every faction of X-Men to Mystique and all the “heroes” and “villains” in between, Cable rails on ’em. He informs them that all of their fighting amongst themselves while wearing sparkly outfits has left the real mutants, who live in the real world, alone, vulnerable, and without a voice unless they stand up on national TV with a giant X. Meanwhile an intel gathering mission hits a snag and Dr Nemesis is much, much smarter than you or I. The writing in this book is top notch and Cable delivers some truly revolutionary type lines that would surely light a match to any mutant that hears his words. While his method for dealing with a particular target proves mysterious, insane, and self destructive, he remains in control. ‘So, I let the parasitic fire spirit take me over, he can’t eat my soul because, well, there is none, then I blow myself up in order to kill him. Bodyslide by one.’ In that order. What just happened? Who blows themselves up and THEN teleports? Secrets abound.


Rock-He Kim’s art is otherworldly but hyper realistic at the same time. It reminds me of Clayton Crain meets Adi Granov and it looks so good. I say otherworldly because you wont see anything like it and because he illustrates characters, machines, and worlds that cant and don’t exist beautifully. He does it so they look like they can and do exist. I love his realism for this book since Cable wants to take the fight for mutant rights into the real world.


My main complaint is that I will be forced to sit thru more annoying Fantomex pickup lines written in fake French. I’m just about over that thing with him and Psylocke but least it wont be the entire focus of this book. While Cyclops hides from (and teams up with?) Captain America and the Avengers, and Wolverine writes lesson plans, Cable lives in a reality most “superheroes and villains” don’t even know exist. It’s a great premise and I hope it picks up steam and garners plenty of attention. The X-Men are too busy fighting Colossal Bad Guy A to worry about the little people who are getting stolen, experimented on, and turned into weapons or tools. Good thing Cable isn’t.

All New X-Men #24 Review


Release Date: March 12th, 2014

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Written By: Brian Michael Bendis

Art By: Stuart Immonen

Price: 3.99


The Trial of Jean Grey, Part 5of6

This is one of the best issues of an X-Men comic I’ve read in a long time. It has a lot to do with the writing and the awesome teams coming together in this Trial of Jean Grey storyline. Mash-up The Starjammers, current and past X-Men, and the Guardians of the Galaxy and you’ve got one of the funniest, high-octane comics on the shelves.


Bendis writing a team book is fantastic. While the bullheaded Gladiator of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard insists on punishing Jean Grey for crimes she committed in the past, as her future self (?) the team of space pirates, mutants, and whatever the Guardians are, race to rescue her. The dialog is insane in All New X-men. It’s fast-paced, hard-hitting, and downright perfect. Rocket and Peter Quill obviously have the funniest lines but it’s Gladiator and young Cyclops who take the show for their badass remarks. The cracks and smart remarks aren’t forced at all and feel exactly how most of these characters would and should interact with each other. The best moment was when the team lands and meets Gladiator who, of course, threatens them and informs them to …”choose their next move carefully.” Rocket’s response right before blasting him in the face with a giant space rifle: “All Right.” Awesome. Angela in this book, while she doesn’t make sense yet, fits in crazy good with the Guardians. Cyclops, fresh out of puberty, even threatens to kill the invulnerable space spartan, Gladiator. While the cracks are showing in the Imperial Guard and their leader’s choices in this bogus trial, they still basically hand the X-Men their tails. I love it when the Imperial Guard gets introduced to the rookie X-Men because it shows how far these characters have come in the years since their creations. At their best, the X-Men are at least on par with the Guard.


Stuart Immonen’s art is perfect for this title. The facial expressions communicate fantastically and the action is full of…action. I’ve been a huge fan of his since Nextwave and he’s grown exponentially as an artist. The numbers in this book look to be taking a toll but not many artists can have 10 to 20 characters per panel per page and still maintain the level of identifying detail Immonen puts into his cast. The fights and punches and brawls all look kinetic and you can actually feel that lick Groot puts on Gladiator. Each blow looks painful and real. Drax looks angry, Gladiator looks even angrier, Cyclops looks on the verge of crying in every panel and the rest of the book is full of awesomely drawn space pirates, space cops, space Spartans, the Guardians, prepubescent X-Men, and even what looks like a very pissed off Jean Grey resurrecting the Pheonix itself!


This book is awesome if I haven’t used that word too much. Seriously though, while I may be partial to these characters, I love the story, the matchups, the characterizations, etc. My only complaint, which is a constant in an ensemble book like this, is that I don’t get 8 pages of Groot and Drax versus Gladiator. Even with that complaint, the conclusion of the Trial of Jean Grey should be a big one.

Marvel First Look at ALL-NEW DOOP #1


The Strangest Mutant of All is Back in ALL-NEW DOOP #1!


This April, the weirdest mutant of them all takes center stage in his very own limited series! Today, Marvel is proud to present your first look at ALL-NEW DOOP #1 – from Doop co-creator and legendary X-writer Peter Milligan and blockbuster artist David Lafuente!


Who is Doop? Actually…what is Doop? Living in the margins of the X-Men, Doop’s origins have always remained shrouded in mystery as he hovered around with his video camera – freaking out readers and fellow X-Men alike. But his time has finally come! Where did Doop come from? What is he? All your questions will be answered! And this adventure will prove once and for all that Doop is, in fact, the most powerful X-Man! From the pages of the blockbuster X-Men crossover Battle of the Atom comes the story you didn’t see! Did you know Doop was an integral part of stopping the evil X-Men from the future? Don’t believe us? You will!


Don’t miss a new story starring one of the X-Men’s strangest that will have you on the edge of your seat. This April, the Doop shall inherit the Earth in ALL-NEW DOOP #1!

ALL-NEW DOOP #1 (FEB140700)




Variant Cover by ADI GRANOV (FEB140701)

FOC – 03/17/14, On-Sale – 04/09/14


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