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#009 – Comics: Introduction


Chris and Stephen hold down the fort while the French-Canadians are off doing things that the Quebecois do. We share our history with comic books, what titles we’re currently reading and we make a few recommendations to our listeners. We also run down a few of the main publishers and our thoughts on them (both good and bad). Finally, we also talk about our thoughts on Ben Affleck as Batman — including tooting our own horn a bit.

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Confessions of a YouTube Addict: Flying RC Enterprise



There is almost perfect timing on the pick of this video, but I assure you its perfectly coincidental.  This week on the Gonna Geek Podcast we talked about how Star Trek had influenced our lives and this week’s video just happens to be Star Trek related.

This week we get to witness a Star Trek fan make his own version of the USS Enterprise D… did I forget to mention that this is a remote control Enterprise that flies?  Its pretty cool and makes me insanely jealous because I’d love to have a chance to fly the Enterprise.

#008 – Star Trek and its Influence On Our Lives


This show we talk about Star Trek and its influence on our lives (both on us personally and society in general). We even take some time to chime in on some of our favorite character (hint: it’s not Wesley Crusher).

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My thoughts on Star Trek Into Darkness (spoilers inside)


I had the opportunity to see Star Trek Into Darkness last night and while I generally like to stay spoiler free during reviews, I just can’t do so with the items I’m about to talk about. This is your official warning – do not go any further if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Ok, now that I’ve got that SPOILER ALERT out of the way, let’s start by saying that overall I enjoyed Star Trek Into Darkness. I’ve been a Trekkie since I was young and contrary to many other die-hard Trekkie’s opinions I loved the 2009 Trek. The reality is that the Star Trek franchise was dead before Abrams worked his magic. Star Trek (2009) managed to keep continuity yet open an entire new can of worms – genius. One of the things I really enjoyed about Star Trek (2009) was that the majority of the film was its own creative venture with just enough throw backs to evoke a level of nostalgia for fans. The film was a perfect balance for a reboot of such a major franchise – I wish I could say the same about Star Trek Into Darkness.

While I did leave Star Trek Into Darkness extremely satisfied (to the point that I want to see it again) I felt at times that the creative team forgot about the mind-blowing changes they made in 2009. The plot is enjoyable and very Star Trek-esque but the reveal that the nemesis in the film turns out to be none other than Khan Noonien Singh felt a little forced to me. The film was progressing perfectly before the reveal of Khan and in my opinion the movie has enough other twists and turns that Khan could have been left for a later date. I also think that a large portion of the fun in using the Khan character was lost as many people predicted this in 2009 before any plans were made for the sequel – these folks were simply assuming that the modern series of movies would follow the original ones. It would have been great to see Abrams and his team do something completely different than the Wrath of Khan to show that this is a new life in Star Trek – a point that is no long as apparent as it felt in 2009.

Now, with all of that said – I want to emphasize that overall I REALLY enjoyed the movie. It was a fun film to watch and it lived up to my expectations for a sequel. Once I accepted the fact that Khan was being used I really enjoyed some of the throw backs to Star Trek fans. There’s certain dialogue, which if I’m not mistaken, is word for word from the original movies – heck, there’s even a certain yell which just made my day. Some people have described the movie as feeling more like a TV episode than a movie but I disagree. Star Trek Into Darkness progresses a lot quicker than the 2009 film did, but I believe that it was necessary to introduce some key components to the franchise going forward. The film also acts as an important crash-course to catch the audience up with what happened with Starfleet between this film and the previous one.

The main plot itself is enjoyable with a few parts that I did not see coming. The cast once again hits their roles perfectly. In 2009 Karl Urban stole the show but this time my hat is tipped to Simon Pegg. Scotty’s character has a lot more screen time this movie and there’s a lot more depth to his character than in 2009. We even get to see a side of Scotty that is emotionally broken up and Pegg does a terrific job with this. If you enjoyed the first film and haven’t seen Star Trek Into Darkness yet I suggest you go see it. It’s a fun watch and if you’ve seen Wrath of Khan recently you’ll better enjoy some of the throw backs.

Oh and Doctor Marcus… fantastic.

Tabletop Tuesday: Wherein Elder Gods get smashed and the Dominion blitzes the Alpha Quadrant


Welcome back for another week of delightful tabletop gaming news.  It’s been a busy, busy week in the wide world of analog gaming.  We’ve got space ships, dark gods from beyond space and time, a few coveted awards and ELVES…IN…SPAAAACE!






Arguably the most exciting news this week was WizKids’ announcement of an Organized Play Event for their upcoming Star Trek: Attack Wing game.  As a huge fan of Star Trek: Deep Space 9, the theme of this event was particularly exciting – the Dominion War!  Beginning in September, game stores will be hosting tournaments and events for 6 weeks.  Players will be able to take their fleets into battle to fight back the iron grasp of the Dominion and their Cardassian allies or to bring order to a barbaric Alpha Quadrant by crushing the likes of the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire.  These Organized Play events will feature exclusive ships that players can compete for as well as the prestigious title of Fleet Admiral for the winner!



While we’re on the subject of…umm, stars…  It seems like the folks over at AEG have foreseen the movements of the celestial bodies.  Rising from the depths this summer, Smash Up: The Obligatory Cthulhu Set will add the likes of Cthulhu Cultists, the odd-looking inhabitants of Innsmouth and foul Elder Things to the fast paced card game all about pitting the most popular factions of fandom against one another.


The Crimson Hunter is an Eldar strike craft designed to obliterate heavily armed targets from the skies.

And finally, for the space trifecta, we’re going to have a look at some of the amazing new models for the Eldar of Warhammer 40,000.  This ancient and powerful race of spacefarers has a slew of new models coming out this summer and fans of the popular sci-fi miniatures game can get these impressive sculpts to add to their existing models or being a new army to take control of the galaxy!


These Eldar Wraithknights are constructs brought to life by the spirits of fallen Eldar Warriors.



The powerful form of the Wraith Knight looms over the battlefield, rending the foes of the Eldar apart and leaving nothing but destruction in its wake.


Table Term of the Week: This weeks tabletop term is “meeple”.  The term was coined by Allison Hansel in 2000 during a game of Carcassonne in which she fused the words “my” and “people” to describe the game’s wooden worker figures.  In modern use, the term refers to almost any pieces (usually wooden) which represent either a game’s players or their minions.

Star Trek Into Darkness Uhura Poster


Star Trek fans everywhere are waiting eagerly for the release of Star Trek Into Darkness this May. What lies in store for the Enterprise crew remains to be seen. After seeing the follow though, it’s safe to speculate we’ll be seeing Uhura in action, engaged in battle.

Star Trek Into Darkness
May 17, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Uhura Poster

The Force Is Strong With Star Trek


The folks over at WizKids know a good thing when they see it.  According to, they will be adapting their popular Star Trek HeroClix Tactics line of miniatures into a new game called “Star Trek Attack Wing”.  Licensing the “FlightPath Maneuver System” from Fantasy Flight Games, this game looks to be a solid copy of Star Wars: X-Wing the Miniatures Game, but with a HeroClix spin.  Player will have access to forces made up from different factions and empires across the Star Trek Universe.  Fleets can then be upgraded with various upgrades and iconic characters from the Star Trek Universe.

Obviously, the big question on everyone’s mind is going to be whether or not the WizKids and FFG systems will be fully compatible so that fans of both series can final settle the dispute over which is better.  It’s probably not going to be that simple, but gamers all around have a lot to look forward to with Star Trek Attack Wing.


J.J. Abrams Proves It’s Not Always Star Wars vs Star Trek


Since Disney acquired Lucasfilm and announced that 2015 will feature Star Wars Episode VII, the rumour mill has been churning about likely directors for the film. From Fight Club’s David Fincher to Iron Man’s Jon Favreau, the pool of names has been a deep one. This all changed on Friday when Disney announced that the Franchise will be in the hands of the one and only J.J. Abrams.

J.J. Abrams has become a household name with directorial credits including Lost, Alias, Mission Impossible III and a variety of other projects. In 2009 Abrams proved he has what it takes to re-ignite the fire of a science fiction series when he successfully brought the Star Trek franchise back from near-extinction. With the next chapter in Star Trek (Star Trek Into Darkness) set to release this year, some fans are wondering if it’s possible for one person to be the driving force behind two of the biggest named sci-fi franchises in history.

Since the announcement some fans of both universes have expressed concerns. In 2009 Abrams created great controversy with some Trekkies when the film essentially re-wrote 40 years of Star Trek history with one 127 minute film. Although controversial, the film generally received praise and did what Paramount Pictures wanted – rebooted the franchise and made them money. With such success in Star Trek, fans can’t help but wonder if Star Wars continuity will be as big of a focus for Disney as it was for George Lucas. Some Federations-fans are worried too since Abrams has long been vocal about his love for Star Wars while growing up. This Abrams-fandom was reiterated during Disney’s announcement when he was quoted as saying “I may be even more grateful to George Lucas now than I was as a kid.” With so much love for Star Wars, the question has to be asked of how much devotion to Star Trek can remain in the Abrams mind. In any case, it looks like “Star” fans of all kinds have an exciting few years ahead of them.