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Gal Gadot Wants You To Know That She’s Working Out


Remember when it was announced that Gal Gadot was cast to play Wonder Woman for the 2016 Man of Steel sequel and the fans loss their minds concerning Gadot’s body?  “She’s too thin!” many cried. “She needs bigger boobs!” Really people? Really?  Well here’s a pic from her Facebook page that will hopefully shut their mouths on the issue:


She shared the pic with the caption: “There’s nothing like a good workout in the morning. Love it! You?” Gadot has previously mentioned that her workout routing for the film includes“Kung Fu, kickboxing, swords, jiujutsu, and Brazilian” training so that she can be physically prepared to play the Amazon.  Looks like it’s working. We’ll get to see the final result on May 6, 2016 when the sequel hits theaters.


Breaking: Jesse Eisenberg & Jeremy Irons Cast In Man of Steel 2



We didn’t see this coming, did we?

Today it was announced that Jesse Eisenberg has been cast to play Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons has been cast to play Bruce Wayne’s father figure, Alfred.  I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in your heads.

While I would have loved to see Bryan Cranston as Lex, I could see Eisenberg taking on the role of Luthor. He can bring the bitter-narcissistic, intensity, ego, and nerd skills that Luthor has.  He’s younger than Lex usually is but then again who’s not to say that the film calls for a younger version of Lex?

Here’s what director Zack Synder had to say about Eisenberg as Luthor:

“Lex Luthor is often considered the most notorious of Superman’s rivals, his unsavory reputation preceding him since 1940. What’s great about Lex is that he exists beyond the confines of the stereotypical nefarious villain. He’s a complicated and sophisticated character whose intellect, wealth and prominence position him as one of the few mortals able to challenge the incredible might of Superman. Having Jesse in the role allows us to explore that interesting dynamic, and also take the character in some new and unexpected directions.”


 And on Irons as Alfred:

“As everyone knows, Alfred is Bruce Wayne’s most trusted friend, ally and mentor, a noble guardian and father figure. He is an absolutely critical element in the intricate infrastructure that allows Bruce Wayne to transform himself into Batman. It is an honor to have such an amazingly seasoned and gifted actor as Jeremy taking on the important role of the man who mentors and guides the guarded and nearly impervious façade that encapsulates Bruce Wayne.”

I think Irons can pull definitely pull this off. He’s a good actor.

The casting revelations for this film have created super sized brain farts in the minds of fans.  Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, these two castings have created huge debates in fandom and Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons as Alfred will do the same.

The film is set to open worldwide on May 6, 2016


Gal Gadot Talks About Wonder Woman, Fan Criticism, and More



Ever since it was announced that model/actress Gal Gadot had been cast as Wonder Woman in the upcoming untitled Batman vs. Superman film directed by Zach Snyder, many responses have been heard except from Gadot herself.  Well the wait is over as our new Wonder Woman was recently interviewed on the top entertainment show in Israel called Good Evening with Gai Pines.  In the interview Gadot talks about the casting news, fan reaction, training, and more.  Here is a snippet of the interview which was translated by into English by Batman News reader Maxim:

Where were you when you heard the news that you’d been cast as Wonder Woman?

I was just on my way to shooting at LA. I landed at NY in a connection flight when my agent, Hadass Lichtenstein, called me. She says to me “Wonder Woman!” and I’m like “What??” – “The role is yours!…and it’s a secret and the news are not yet announced and you can’t tell anyone…”. I’m saying to her “Are you serious??”- and we both scream! Now it’s a plane from Israel to NY and I can’t make loud noise, and so I lean on a window, bending down to my legs, and just try to understand. Long story short – I was totally alone in NY, I got to a hotel at 12 pm, I needed to wake up in the morning for shootings. I remember laying in the darkness by myself, staring at the ceiling, and I was telling myself “It’s not real!”…it shouldn’t be like that, I’m supposed to be like… “where’s the champagne?”.

It’s been said that you’re too skinny for the part. Wonder Woman is large-breasted, is that going to change?

Hmm. I represent the Wonder Woman of the new world. Breasts… anyone can buy for 9,000 shekels and everything is fine. By the way, Wonder Woman is amazonian, and historically accurate amazonian women actually had only one breast. So, if I’d really go “by the book”…it’d be problematic.

So you’re not going to gain a little weight and start eating carbs before filming begins?

It’s the physical preparations that I’m starting now. A very serious training regimen – Kung Fu, kickboxing, swords, jujutsu, Brazilian…1,000 and 1 things…I’ll gain body mass.

You can watch the full interview here. Keep in mind that it’s all in Hebrew.  I love Gadot’s responses to the interviewers questions.  It’s basically and FU to all the folks out there who body shamed her. We’ll see the end the result when Batman vs. Superman hits theaters in 2015.

In Defense of The Batfleck


Few things in recent memory have the ability to raise the collective blood pressure of geeks around the world.  What they have all had in common though have been The Dark Knight, Batman himself.   Whether it be which of Nolan’s movies was best, should the suit have nipples or not, is Batman better than Superman, or who has played a role in the movie it all seems to revolve around Batman.   Never more has this been so apparent than last Friday night when seemingly out of the blue an announcement was made that Ben Affleck had been cast to assume the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel Sequel and in future movies as well.   What made this really interesting was that there was no leak of the information that could be found.   One minute it just appeared on the internet.  What followed could only be called a nuclear civil war amongst the fandom.

While there have been quite a few well thought out articles and comments, of which I am about to add to, in favor of Ben Affleck as Batman…or Batfleck as he has come to be referred to, there has been an overwhelming cascade of negativity towards the decision.   Many of these comments have been a simple comment or tweet about how they don’t like the idea, the majority of them have been filled with hate and vitriol directed not only at Ben Affleck, but at Zack Snyder and the production team  as well as DC.   While some of the comments have been rather clever and funny, namely the ones from people who are obviously bigger fans of Marvel than DC, there have also been a segment of them that seemingly make no sense and display not even the slightest bit of thought or contemplation on the part of the writer/poster.

I personally have no problem with people disagreeing with me or my viewpoint, especially when they have put together a well thought out response to my well thought out opinion on an issue.   There is nothing wrong with disagreeing, in fact an open dialogue is something that can be very beneficial in the long run.   Having said that, if after you read my thoughts in defense of “The Batfleck” feel free to comment below, it’s what the comment section is there for.

Now that I have the formal part of this piece out of the way, I’d like to say….I called it!!   I called Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne my off the wall, crazy pick to play Wayne/Batman almost a month ago here on GonnaGeek, on my review of Man of Steel on my podcast (Embrace the Geek Podcast), and light heartedly with Chris over on ATGN Podcast.   It was a lot of fun on Twitter and Facebook throwing out my Geek cred on being the one who was right… much so that Jason Hackett even gave me the idea to use the title of “The Prophet of Affleck” when I introduce myself.   To be fair, I didn’t think there was any way they would cast him but I hoped they would.   My reasoning for it hasn’t changed, if anything I have had even more time to think it over since the reveal last weekend.

Much like I did when I went in to watch The Man of Steel for the first time, I have to put all former incarnations of Batman on a shelf in my mind and go in to this without the shadow of previous portrayals lingering.   When I did that with Man of Steel it made it a much better movie to me because I wasn’t comparing it to Richard Donner’s work or Smallville.  With this new universe that Superman inhabits, we need to have a new and different Batman living in it.   This is one of the first reasons why I think Ben Affleck will be good for the role.   That is why he was my off the wall choice because he is so different from Christian Bale in the same way that Henry Cavill is so very different from Christopher Reeve.

One of the big complaints on Ben Affleck revolved around his part in Daredevil and I get that.   Where I disagree with them is that I didn’t think that Ben Affleck was bad as Daredevil.  If anything, I thought he played a good Daredevil in a bad Daredevil movie.   What I saw in that movie was first and foremost his ability to play a physical action role.  Batman needs to have physical ability, especially if he is going to be going toe to toe in a fight with Superman.  Also, Ben Affleck is similar in physical stature to Henry Cavill which for me lends to the believability that he could not only hold his own in a fight, but actually win as was teased at Comicon last month. 

Next, as has been teased this Batman is more established and older, maybe even battle scarred.  Having an older actor like Affleck play the role is good because he can play the detective and strategic type of Batman that we did not get with Bale’s version in the Nolanverse.  Affleck in recent years has shown this side in Argo, which he was very good in as both an Actor and Director.

The last piece of the puzzle covers Ben Affleck’s ability to play the role of Bruce Wayne, billionaire playboy.  Affleck needs to have charm and charisma to play off this side of the Wayne/Batman coin and I think he has shown that in the past as well.  In Argo he showed some of it, and in Daredevil he did as well when interacting with Jennifer Garner’s Elektra.   I thought that their chemistry was very good and he was able to translate that onto the screen.  Affleck has had misses in this area too of course, how can we forget Gigli and Jersey Girl.   There is little to dispute that both of those movies weren’t just bad, but pretty awful.   But you can’t judge him on those roles alone.  Give him some credit, even if it’s not for his acting abilities, but for his real life charm.  This is the guy who dated Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and married Jennifer Garner.  He obviously has some sort of super powers.

Ben Affleck is not the actor he was 10 years ago.  He has matured from earlier acting misses like the aforementioned Gigli and Jersey Girl into the Director/Actor in Argo who won another Oscar.  Ben Affleck is not the type of actor to go into a project sight unseen as he may have in years past.  He knows what makes a good movie.   If Zack Snyder, David Goyer, and DC did not have a good story in mind and a vision that they could relay to Affleck I don’t think an Actor/Director of his caliber would have signed onto it no matter how big a fan of Batman he is in his personal life.    Remember, this is the guy who reportedly turned down the role in 2000 because there wasn’t a good story at the time.

To all of the naysayers I say take a deep breath and relax.  We are still two years out from seeing this film and 6 months from the beginning of filming.   I could be wrong in my assessment and he could turn out to be terrible in the role, but we won’t know that until the movie comes out in 2015.   In the mean time though remember casting choices that similarly infuriated the fandom.   Michael Keaton as Batman in the 80’s….yeah right, Mr. Mom can’t possibly play Batman.   Or remember that guy from A Knight’s Tale Heath Ledger…he is going to ruin the Batman legacy as the Joker.    No way can an English guy play Superman.  Superman is all about Truth, Justice and the American Way…not the British way.   And don’t get me started on this blond haired Daniel Craig as 007.   These casting choices all brought out a negative outcry from fans…but when we finally got to see the roles come to life, is there anyone else we we would have rather seen playing them.  I think not.

Oh, and if you think that you signing a petition is going to change anything or hurt Affleck’s feelings….take a look at this clip.

I mean, lets face it, he was the bomb in Phantoms yo!!

Ben Affleck to Play Batman in Man of Steel Sequel


bats supes logo

That’s right folks you read that right.  Ben Affleck will be playing Batman, the Dark Knight, in the sequel to Man of Steel.  This isn’t speculation as Warner Brothers has confirmed the news in press release shown below.

Ending weeks of speculation, Ben Affleck has been set to star as Batman, a.k.a. Bruce Wayne. Affleck and filmmaker Zack Snyder will create an entirely new incarnation of the character in Snyder’s as-yet-untitled project—bringing Batman and Superman together for the first time on the big screen and continuing the director’s vision of their universe, which he established in “Man of Steel.” The announcement was made today by Greg Silverman, President, Creative Development and Worldwide Production, and Sue Kroll, President, Worldwide Marketing and International Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures.
The studio has slated the film to open worldwide on July 17, 2015.
Last month’s surprise announcement of the new movie featuring both Superman and Batman created a wave of excitement and immediately fueled discussion and debate—among fans as well as in the media—about who would put on the cape and cowl of Bruce Wayne’s alter ego.
Snyder successfully re-imagined the origin of Clark Kent/Superman in the worldwide blockbuster “Man of Steel,” which has earned more than $650 million worldwide to date, and climbing. The director will now create an original vision of Batman and his world for the film that brings the two DC Comics icons together.
Affleck will star opposite Henry Cavill, who will reprise the role of Superman/Clark Kent. The film will also reunite “Man of Steel” stars Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane.
In the announcement, Silverman stated, “We knew we needed an extraordinary actor to take on one of DC Comics’ most enduringly popular Super Heroes, and Ben Affleck certainly fits that bill, and then some. His outstanding career is a testament to his talent and we know he and Zack will bring new dimension to the duality of this character.”
Snyder also expressed his excitement about the casting of Affleck, noting, “Ben provides an interesting counter-balance to Henry’s Superman. He has the acting chops to create a layered portrayal of a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent and bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter, but retain the charm that the world sees in billionaire Bruce Wayne. I can’t wait to work with him.”
Kroll added, “We are so thrilled that Ben is continuing Warner Bros.’ remarkable legacy with the character of Batman. He is a tremendously gifted actor who will make this role his own in this already much-anticipated pairing of these two beloved heroes.”
Affleck recently starred in the Academy Award®-winning Best Picture “Argo,” which he also directed and produced, earning acclaim and a BAFTA Award nomination for his performance in the film, as well as a number of directing honors. In 2010, he starred in and directed the hit crime thriller “The Town.” His recent acting work also includes “The Company Men,” “State of Play,” and “Hollywoodland,” for which he received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor. Earlier in his career, Affleck starred in and co-wrote (with Matt Damon) “Good Will Hunting,” for which he won an Oscar® for Best Original Screenplay.
The new Super Hero film is being scripted by David S. Goyer from a story he co-created with Zack Snyder. Charles Roven and Deborah Snyder are producing, with Benjamin Melniker, Michael E. Uslan and Wesley Coller serving as executive producers.
Production is expected to begin in 2014.
The film is based on Superman characters created by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster, and Batman characters created by Bob Kane, published by DC Entertainment.

Let us know what you think of this news by leaving a comment below.  Obviously I was completely wrong based off my fantasy casting.  Right now I’m going to think a little bit before I jump to any conclusions.  But, if you want to hear some instant reaction the Legends Podcast crew has already done a special edition show based on this casting.  Check it out on the Gonna Geek network and be ready because I’m sure everyone will be talking about this news!

Casting The Next Batman


bats supes logo

With the huge announcement at Comic Con that Batman would be part of the Man of Steel sequel there is a lot of speculation as to just who will assume the cowl of the Dark Knight.  While Warner Bros and DC haven’t announced anything as to who will be the next Batman its fun to speculate.  Here’s a list of actors I think would be interesting to see as the Dark Knight on the big screen.  This list is in no particular order so don’t read anything into who is listed first or last.

Karl Urban – This is a name that game up in an informal Facebook poll I put up the other night. Lots of people threw Karl Urban’s name out for consideration. He’s a tough guy with a gruff voice so it seems like a good fit to me. Also, he’s been involved in Summer blockbusters with the Star Trek franchise. The real question is, does DC want Judge Dredd to be Batman? My guess is that would keep Urban out of the running for Batman in addition to his schedule to film the next Star Trek.


Matt Bomer – While I was hoping to see Bomer as Superman I still think he’d make a good Batman.  If you ever saw the show Chuck, Bomer was able to totally pull off the role of the cocky spy Bryce Larkin and hold his weight in fight scenes.  Now in White Collar Bomer continues to own the screen as a cocky conman that has to wear many different personas.  These are all traits you’d like to see in the next Batman.  Heck, Bomer already has a connection to Warner and DC as he’s the voice of Superman in the most recent animated movie Superman Unbound.  The only problem is that Bomer is probably not tall enough to be the Dark Knight.


Armie Hammer – You all might remember that a Justice League movie almost happened a few years back.  Actors had been signed to play roles and the scripts were done before the Justice League project was abruptly cancelled.  Hammer was cast to play Batman in the Justice League movie.  Seems to me that Warner Bros and DC might look at him again to play the role of Batman.  What might keep him from the role is the fact that The Lone Ranger is currently stinking up the box office.  That movie might give Warner Bros some doubts in regards to Hammer’s ability to be a box office draw.


Michael Fassbender – This seems to be a popular pick on the Internet as well.  To be honest Fassbender owns almost any role he takes on and remakes himself into the character.  Just look at his portrayal of Magneto in X-Men First Class.  Fassbender also stole the show in Inglourious Basterds.  I think it’d be pretty interesting to see his take on Bruce Wayne and Batman.  I can’t help but think he would be able to pull off the dual identity.  Here’s the problem though he’s heavily featured in a Marvel film franchise and that fact might give Warner Bros and DC pause.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan – Just stick with me for a second here.  If you want to go with an older grizzled Batman then Morgan would be an interesting pick.  We’ve seen his portrayal of The Comedian in Watchman and that was pulled off pretty well.  He has the physical presence and voice that I would expect from Batman.


Gabriel Macht – This is my dark horse pick that I don’t think many others will suggest.  If you aren’t familiar with him he plays the role of Harvey Specter in the USA drama Suits.  Harvey is arrogant and cocky in the court room and the bulk of his professional life and Macht nails this element of the character.  Not only that but he gives glimpses of the ‘real’ Harvey behind the lawyer persona.  This would be perfect for Bruce Wayne in a movie.  While I didn’t really care for the movie version of The Spirit, Macht was one of the lone good parts in his portrayal of the main character.  He has experience as a big screen crimefighter of course for that same reason Warner and DC might overlook him.  Personally, Gabriel Macht is my pick for the next Batman.


 This list was my complete speculation for people who could be considered as the next Batman.  By no way is anything official  or an indicator of the directions DC and Warner Bros are looking.  Who would you all want to see as the next Batman?  Let us know in the comments below!

Bachman’s Best – Man of Steel


(Slightly Spoilerific, Read With Care)

Kal-El, Man of Steel wallpaper, Superman

Man of Steel

In accordance with what ended up being a fairly small protest to support digital artists working on CGI heavy movies in Hollywood I waited until after the opening weekend to see the new DC offering. So, the best thing I saw last week was Man of Steel, the newest addition to the Warner Bros Superman family.

Holy punching buildings Superman! This film went a long way distinguishing itself from the last outing Superman Returns, which had left a lot of fans complaining that we didn’t get to see hand-to-hand combat with superpowers. Man of Steel goes full-bore into its action scenes and brings you explosive, fast, environmentally-damaging combat sequences that leave you almost breathless. In all honesty I think you could almost re-title this film Man of Steel: Collateral Damage.  Kryptonian-on-Kryptonian violence is a truly spectacular thing to witness.

All of the destruction also leads to one of the major complaints about Man of Steel– there isn’t much saving going on in this film. Something most of us have grown accustomed to with previous Superman films. Though when you add the individual saves along with the movie’s fiery sequence at sea, Superman does indeed save many people, this just seems to be overshadowed by the large amounts of perceived deaths in the major cities and the one rural town featured in the film. I would guess that in real world terms this film’s events would have lead to the deaths of possibly a couple hundred thousand people, if not more. But I believe that in a way this was actually one of the film’s goals.

This is a young Clark Kent that’s learning what it means to be Kal-El, long distance visitor from Krypton, moving along the path to becoming Superman. In the way that Nolan’s Batman Begins gave us a glimpse inside the training and experiences that created the Batman, including scenes of a ski masked Bruce Wayne sneaking into Commissioner Gordon’s office, long before the hero of legend became what some now call the Batgod. Man of Steel presents us with a young Clark Kent that has been different his whole life and has hidden himself away from humanity and so has not been learning his limits and pushing his powers to see what he can really do. It’s a great opening salvo as DC tries to play catch up in an Avengers world. The real question is how strong their next shot will be.

Now of course the film does have its problems and plenty of detractors have jumped on them.  The pacing could use some work, Superman causes a lot of damage and seems to only rescue a handful of people, a somewhat unnecessary and unbelievable love story and the CGI has a few moments that kind of jump out at you. However I found this to be a fun film that really delivers on the idea of what would happen with a super powered alien flying around our planet, for good or for bad.

So if you’ve waited this long because you just weren’t sure, go see it. Leave all your preconceived notions and all your memories in the parking lot. Whether they are from the comics, the Smallville show, or a desperate hope that someone will be able to someday do what Christopher Reeve did in 1978. Go in with an open mind and I think you will be surprised by how much fun there is to be had viewing this film. And see it on the big screen, hit the local dollar theater if your town has one, ’cause this much destruction and punching deserves the big screen treatment.

Zod from Man of Steel FaoraP.S. If none of my other blather can convince you to give Man of Steel a chance, I offer two more reasons.  Michael Shannon and Antje Traue, they play Zod and Faora respectively. These two actors are worth the price of tickets alone.

A Familiar Face For Lex Luthor in Man of Steel 2?


There has been a lot of speculation as to who the villain will be in the sequel to Man of Steel.  Based on the Easter eggs within the movie many people are speculating that Lex Luthor will make in appearance in the Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan sequel.  There is no official news regarding the addition of Lex Luthor in Man of Steel 2, but speculation is fun so I’m joining in.

The folks over at Buzz Focus put together some interesting choices to play Lex Luthor, many of which I would love to see on screen.  Some of their picks were interesting such as Bryan Cranston or Jon Hamm to take up the role.  On Twitter one of the actors named on the list tossed in his two cents.

For those that aren’t familiar, Michael Rosenbaum played the role of a young Lex Luthor on Smallville for 7 seasons before moving on.  Luckily he came back to reprise the role for the season finale.  Let me first admit I was a big fan of Smallville, especially near the end of its run where it became more of a superhero show instead of a teen drama.  Rosenbaum was one of the highlights of the show as viewers watched his portrayal of Lex Luthor try to be a good person before descending into villainy.

Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor

Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor

When Lex returned for the season finale Michael Rosenbaum portrayed him as I had always imagined the villain would act from the comics.  His confrontation with Clark in a destroyed Luthor mansion is fantastic to see on screen.  Luthor has a long monologue about great rivalries between heroes and villains in history stating that villains are only as great as their hero.  This echoes back to a line once said by Luthor during Smallville where he proclaimed himself the ‘villain of this story.’  Its a powerful moment and well done by Micheal Rosenbaum.

Even if you aren’t a Smallville fan take a look at the final confrontation between Clark and Lex on the show its great.

Do I see this happening though?  Not really.  Part of me thinks Rosenbaum’s response might have been mostly joking versus a genuine desire to play the character once more.  In part, I think this because Rosenbaum had said he was done with the character before when leaving the cast during season 7 of Smallville.  But, he did come back one last time for the finale.

But there’s other reasons I don’t see it happening.  Snyder and Nolan worked to reboot Superman and make him different from what has been seen before in comics, TV, or movies.  Bringing in the face of Lex from the Smallville TV show just wouldn’t fit with this new take on the character.  Maybe I’m grasping at straws with this reasoning, I just think its unlikely.  Its a shame, because I’d love to see Rosenbaum back as Lex Luthor, the villain of the story.

Man of Steel Sequel Slated for 2014, Justice League for 2015


man of steel 2

Warner Brothers had a big weekend with the release of the Superman reboot, Man of Steel.  While the film is putting up Iron Man 3 numbers it has the second largest opening of the summer with a $125.1 million box office grab this weekend.  That includes an estimated 12 million from Thursday night shows.

Despite my personal misgiving with parts of the movie this is exactly what DC and WB needed.  A successful Man of Steel opens doors for new DC movies and hopefully to establish a definitive world like Marvel has done with The Avengers and the associated tie-in movies.

My personal hope is that Warner Bros and DC would take their time to setup this world instead of rushing things.  The Wall Street Journal is reporting that WB and DC is doing the exact opposite and rushing a Man of Steel sequel to setup a future Justice League Movie.  The WSJ states that according to a knowledgeable source: “Warner is already in development on a sequel to “Man of Steel” and is expected to fast track that for release as soon as 2014.”

With a CGI heavy film I can’t help but think this is bad decision.  Maybe its overly cynical of me, but I can’t help but think that is a move motivated by greed.  Man of Steel is the first non-Batman DC movie to be successful in years, and a fast tracked sequel is good way to cash in on that.  The problem is rushing a film that is CGI heavy and that reportedly does not yet have a script means there is a very short timeline to film the movie and then perform all the post production special effects.

It has also been reported by the Wall Street Journal that Warner Bros has long been developing a “Justice League” team-up movie that would feature characters such as the Flash and Wonder Woman targeted for as soon as 2015.  I can understand why DC and WB want to move forward with a Justice League movie.  Disney and Marvel had huge success with The Avengers, and of course WB/DC would like to have the same success with a team-up movie like Justice League.  The difference between the two is that Marvel spent years building up their cinematic world so that when The Avengers was released, people already knew the heroes.

The issue with a Justice League movie is that the only established hero will really be Superman and then possibly Green Lantern.  That assumes the Green Lantern movie isn’t swept under the rug.  I highly doubt that version of Batman established in the Nolan-verse is what we will see in Justice League.  After all, who wants to see a Justice League movie without Bruce Wayne under the cowl?  It would be a hard sell.


The Justice League

Outside of those characters who is really known by a mainstream audience though?  My hope is that these rumors are just that, rumors and DC/WB decide to use a Marvel-like approach to develop some of their lesser known characters before trying to pull off Justice League.  Remember, it was just a few years ago that Joss Whedon approached Warner Bros about wanting to do a Wonder Woman movie.  He was turned away as it was deemed a property no one was interested in seeing on the big screen.  I can’t help but think that that movie combined with Man of Steel, and possibly even Green Lantern would have made a great foundation for DC cinematic world.

I know the prospect of a huge box office score is out there and both Man of Steel 2 and Justice League could lead to huge numbers.  But, I think its going to be tough with both movies.  A rushed Superman and a Justice League where the heroes are not as well known is a tough combo.  Before people start calling me a hater, please realize I really want these movies to work, much like I really wanted to love Man of Steel.  But to me, I think they are setting themselves up for possible failure in the future.

That being said, the success of both Marvel and DC movies is great for comic fans like me.  Just think, assuming these reports for the WSJ are true we will have a great trifecta of movies in the summer of 2015.  Right now The Avengers 2, Star Wars 7, and Justice League 2 are slated for the same summer.  If you had told me a few years back I could look forward to these three movies in one summer I would have called you a liar. Despite my misgivings over a rushed Man of Steel sequel leading into a Justice League movie I really hope they are good.  How about you all, what do you expect to happen with these upcoming DC movies?

Coming Soon: The Man of Steel


I don’t know about you all, but I’ve had a hard time getting excited for the return of Superman to the big screen in the upcoming film The Man of Steel.  To be fair, I’m predominantly a Marvel fan but I dabble across multiple companies.  My interest in Superman has primarily been limited to the Smallville show and comics mostly because Superman is portrayed as flawed and learning whereas in the current comics he is near invincible and pretty much uninteresting to me.

All that has started to change, but just recently, with The Man of Steel movie.  Finally, the trailers are starting to get me interested.  Sadly that happened about a week before the movie hits the big screen.  Nokia released an exclusive trailer for The Man of Steel which has really gotten me interested.  I’m not 100% sure but it looks like Jor-El might not die with the presumed destruction of Krypton.  Enough talking from me though, take a look at this trailer and let us know in the comments what you think about the trailer and the upcoming movie.