Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. #108 One Shot – Deadpool (2016) – A Marvel Comic Universe Podcast

Live Video Blab Edition:
Still laughing their collective butts off after seeing Deadpool, The Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Haley, Lauren and Stargate Pioneer are joined by Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. co-founder Agent Beef for the FIRST TIME since the hosting turnover to discuss the hilarious R-rated 2016 20th Century Fox film. The Agents also run down the latest in their Marvel Guardians Of The Galaxy Collector Corps Crate giveaway – including someone who is completely banned from future Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. giveaway contests based on the poor taste of the entry, talk about upcoming GonnaGeek podcast host convention appearances, some Deadpool related news, live viewer chat comments. 



– Guardians of the Galaxy crate giveaway

– Deadpool

– A little weekly Deadpool News

– Highlights From The Live Chatroom




In the middle of the contest’s last week, the Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents discuss the final days of the Marvel Collector Corps Guardians Of The Galaxy Crate giveaway. The Agents discuss a new entry into the contest and the first ever Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. giveaway lifetime ban!  For your chance to enter and to help with the war against Stark’s “special” flamingo, enter into the contest and let us know what the next animal that Howard Stark is going to add to his collection, the animal’s name, and the backstory and personality of the animal. Is the animal a superhero or villain? We’ll need to have your entry in before 8:00 PM Eastern time on February 24th, 2016. Bonus Points for starting a Twitter account for the animal and to start a Twitter war with @BernardSt4rk.




After much negotiations and a bit of alcohol imbibed, the GonnaGeek network was able to CONFIRM that  Beef from Legends Podcast will be joining the GonnaGeek C2E2 panel on March 18th in Chicago covering Podcasting For Your Everyday Lives. It’s going to be an amazing time so join up in the Workshop Room at 2:45 PM for an hour of total podcasting goodness.


DEADPOOL [06:31]


The four Agents take time this special episode to break down the unexpectedly fun hit movie Deadpool. From the genius title credits to the 4th wall breaking the Agents simply cannot stop quoting and laughing at this movie. The timing sequences were perfectly done, the Deadpool suit creation was amazing, and the Easter Eggs were well places and meaningful (The Agents are sure they haven’t caught everything even after multiple viewings). Beef gives his patented movie rating scale from Legends Podcast and the talk is topped off with Agents Haley and Beef trading dueling movie quotes. The Agents had a ton of fun recording this episode and they hope you have fun listening to it and all agree Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. needs more Agent Beef in future episodes.




Some Douchebag’s Film: Tim Miller



God’s Perfect Idiot: Ryan Reynolds [Deadpool]


A Hot Chick: Morena Baccarin [Vanessa]


A British Villain: Ed Skrein [Ajax a.k.a Frances]


The Comic Relief: T.J. Miller [Weasel]


A Moody Teen: Brianna Hildebrand [Negasonic Teenage Warhead]


A CGI Character: Stefan Kapicic (Colossus voice)


A CGI Character: Greg LaSalle (Colossus Facial Performance)


A CGI Character: Andre Tricoteux (Colossus Stunt Double)


A CGI Character: Waléra Kanischtscheff (Colossus voice actor)


A Gratuitous Cameo: Stan Lee [Stripper DJ]


Produced By Asshats:


John J. Kelly      …         executive producer


Simon Kinberg   …         producer


Stan Lee            …         executive producer


Jonathon Komack Martin …         executive producer


Rhett Reese       …         executive producer


Ryan Reynolds   …         producer


Lauren Shuler Donner     …         producer


Aditya Sood       …         executive producer


Paul Wernick      …         executive producer


Written By “The Real Heroes Here.”


Rhett Reese


Paul Wernick


Directed By: An Overpaid Tool (Tim Miller)


NEWS [36:29]






OUTRO [38:42]


Haley, Lauren and Stargate Pioneer love to hear back from you about your top 5 Marvel character lists, your science of Marvel questions, who would you pick in an all-female Avenger team, or who’s Marvel abs you would like to see. Call the voicemail line at 1-844-THE-BUS1 or 844-843-2871.


Join Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. next time as the hosts discuss The 2016 20th Century Fox Film Deadpool (This will be a special Sunday 10:00 AM Eastern live stream). You can listen in live when we record Wednesday nights at 8:00 PM Central time at (Also streamed live on YouTube, Spreaker and Blab). Contact Info: Please see for all of our contact information or call our voicemail line at 1-844-THE-BUS1 or 844-843-2871


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This podcast was recorded on Sunday February 21st, 2016.


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Audio Podcast Edition:

Legends of S.H.I.E.L.D. Longbox Edition December 30th, 2015 (A Marvel Comic Book Podcast)



Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Longbox Edition is a podcast dedicated to covering the weekly and classic Marvel comic book issues and news. If you want to hear more the ABC television show Marvel’s Agents of Shield, Marvel’s Agent Carter, Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix and the general Marvel Comic Universe as well as these same segments please check out the main Legends Of Shield podcast found at


This edition of Legends OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Longbox edition covers Marvel comics released for the week starting December 23rd, 2015.




Lauren’s Mutant Musings discussing Extraordinary X-Men #4


Neil’s Mighty Marvel Moment



Guidebook to the MCU: Marvel’s Thor


-All New All Different Marvel Universe:

Amazing Spider-Man #5

Angela: Queen of Hel #3

All New Avengers #4

Captain America: Sam Wilson #4

Daredevil #2

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #2

Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat #1

Spiderwoman #2

The Astonishing Ant-Man #3

Venom: Space Knight #2


-Skipped This Week:

Marvel XD: Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors #2

Deadpool #4

Star Lord #2



Patsy Walker: Hellcat 5-issue limited series from 2008


For more information on Patsy Walker: Hellcat check out Talking Comics #215


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This podcast was released on Wednesday December 30th, 2015.


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Audio Podcast Edition:

Who will be the next JUGGERNAUT?


The Classic X-Men Villain – The Juggernaut – Makes his Epic Return

New York, NY—October 14th, 2014 — The fledgling team of the Amazing X-Men have already faced off against demon arms from Hell and ravenous hordes of Wendigos and there is no rest in sight for our band of heroic mutants as one of the X-Men’s most notorious villains charges back into their world. This January marks the return of The Unstoppable Juggernaut within Amazing X-Men #15 by series writer, Chris Yost and interior artist Jorge Fornes.

The story, called “The Once and Future Juggernaut” finds former wielders of the Gem of Cyttorak, Cain Marko and X-Man Peter “Colossus” Rasputin, getting the call to become the inter-dimensional power’s external force once again, but they’re not the only ones invited to the party.

While Yost remains tight-lipped about who those other characters might be he does give a few hints about what kinds of folks are being called. “A few of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe get the call,” Yost tells “But Cyttorak needs a specific kind of person… someone they can manipulate. Someone who craves the power.”

“Cyttorak wants an avatar,” Yost continues. “It’s a status thing among the other mystical entities/gods. All the cool other-dimensional powers have one. The return of the gem is part of the mystery, but the X-Men know that whatever Cyttorak wants, it’s probably not good.”

Next year, Amazing X-Men #15 charges into comic book retailers and ushers in a new era for the X-Men as we bear witness to the rebirth of one of the most well-known X-Men villains of all time – The Unstoppable Juggernaut!


Written by CHRIS YOST
Cover by KRIS ANKA

On Sale in January!