Game/Life Balance U.S. Podcast #43: We’re back! Weddings, Extra Life, and SNES Classic Plans


Cody and Jon return from a 6-month hiatus to talk weddings, classic Star Trek, the Extra Life video game marathon, Super Mario Odyssey, retro gaming, and their SNES Classic plans for the future of the podcast!

Show Notes:

Game/Life Balance U.S. Podcast Episode 23: Independence Day Weekend 2016 with Guns N’ Roses


 Jon and Cody discuss their Independence Day weekend, complete with illegal fireworks displays, The Book of Mormon, and the Guns N’ Roses “Not in This Lifetime…” tour. Plus, hear about a bizarre Anime called Belladonna of Sadness and a check-in with Summer Games Done Quick 2016.

Show Notes:

Unqualified Gamers Podcast #116: LIVE Gen-Con 2015 Podcast with Casters Caravan, Extra Life


Cody and Jon record in front of a live studio audience in an official event at Gen-Con 2015! Special guest Jim “AwezomeZauce” Wittmer talks about his shoutcasting career with Casters Caravan, a company that provides organizations and tournament hosts with streamers and shoutcasters for their various tournaments and events. Plus: Oliver Wojtyna, Head of Public Relations for the Indianapolis Guild of Extra Life, joins the podcast to talk about Extra Life, how it helps change lives, and how you can get involved. Hear all this, in addition to Jon talking board games and euchre and Cody talking Amiibo tournaments and Werewolf, on this exciting live episode of Unqualified Gamers, made possible in part by our awesome friends at eBash!


Unqualified Gamers Podcast #112: Crypt of the NecroDancer, Geometry Wars 3, Hearthstone expansions


Jon reviews Crypt of the NecroDancer before he talks about his obsession with this year’s Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta. Hear whether he got a decent starting character, or if he’s just going to FAIL MISERABLY. Plus: Cody actually played video games this week, specifically Geometry Wars 3! And, of course, there’s some requisite Hearthstone talk in there, including Cody’s opinion on expansions Naxxramas and Blackrock Spire.



Chicago Board Game Meet Up for the Philippines


Ryan Numrich and I will be hosting a board game day on Saturday at the Chicagoland Games store and taking cash donations to go to Concern USA’s relief effort after the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. If you’re in the area that day please come, even if it is for just one short game and to contribute a few dollars.

What: A Board Game Day for the Phillippine’s Relief Effort

Where: Chicagoland Games: the Dice Dojo at 5550 N. Broadway Avenue, Chicago, IL 60640

When: Noon until about 7 PM, on Saturday November 23rd of 2013

Bring: Snacks, friends, an easy to share game, and a few dollars or more to contribute the the relief effort!

Please RSVP on the Facebook page here, Tweet at me, or email me to let me know you are coming!

Wednesday’s Webcomic: Terminally Illin’


I make a rare case for an incomplete comic that needs funding today: Terminally Illin’ is one young woman’s fight against cancer, documented in an irreverent, surreal, and psychedelic story described as “Alice in Wonderland on Chemo.” The  completed first issue is available for free if you submit your email address, and I highly recommend donating to support the comic; as your donations contribute to cancer research and the free copies of the comic for patients. I backed the second round of funding on Kickstarter for the full color graphic novel eighteen months ago and I couldn’t be more pleased with the first part of the comic I received; on page three there is a chemo-merkin joke. Our heroine, the writer’s avatar, pokes fun at every moment of the process: the day an old lady yelled at her for laughing before her treatment, her insincere doctor who disapproves of her chemo-mohawk, and the massive quantities of drugs she was consuming at the time make a song and dance about their skills. The actual blog posts the author made at the time are spaced through out the book. The comic also aims to educate about the biology involved and tries to be factually correct about all of the scientific matters, even if you can’t actually fight tumor-Hitlers with your sewing scissors and pet cat. The vivid and expressive art accentuates the often grotesque subject matter in the style of R. Crumb or Gabby Schulz, and while the subject and illustrations are dark and close to tragic, there is a palpable sense of hope and vigor that comes through in the writing and in the playful and bright eyes of our heroine as she journeys through her own body.

Terminally Illin' Subway

If your world is a body with cancer, the end really is nigh!

The writer, Kaylin Andres was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer, and was both troubled and inspired by the lack of cancer resources available for young adults during her treatment. She documents her experiences, battle and victories and recurrences in her overwhelmingly popular blog Cancer Is Hilarious. While producing the comic, she unfortunately experienced a Cancer recurrence and has started agressive treatment for it, but somehow managed to finish the first book of the comic as well as begin her fashion design career! She and her story were featured on the MTV documentary Series World of Jenks. She is now a three-time cancer survivor. The artist, Jon Solo, is a long time friend and experienced graphic designer and comic artist.

Please enjoy this adorable video of the birth of the Chemo-Hawk and the heroine learning to fire and AK-47.

Buy The First Two Arkham Games Along With A Few Others For Charity For $5



If you haven’t gotten a chance yet to play the first two games in the Batman: Arkham series, you can purchase them and a few other games for only five dollars on Humble Bundle.  In order to get this cool bundle, you need to donated more than $4.49. Or you can be like Bruce Wayne and give more. For those who aren’t familiar, Humble Bundle is an online store where you purchase video games and donate a portion or all of the money to charity.

Aside from the two Batman games, F.E.A.R. 2F.E.A.R. 3, and Lord of the Rings: War in the North  are also included in the WB Games bundle at any level of donation.  Arkham City and Scribblenauts are  included only if you meet the average  level which is currently $4.49.  You also get to decide what percentage of your money goes to WB Games, Humble Bundle, and the We Can Be Heroes charity.

We Can Be Heroes is a charity Created by DC entertainment, We Can Be Heroes charity has raised over $2 million dollars to help with the food crisis in the Horn of Africa.

‘This is a great way to get some cool games while also helping out an excellent cause.