Adventures in Erylia

Adventures in Erylia is a collaborative storytelling experience guided through the game of Dungeons and Dragons. Damian, the Dungeon Master, has invited four of his best friends, Chris, Christa, Chantalle, and Caitlin into his world of Erylia.

In the Erylian Epic, members of The Guild of Adventurers uncover an ancient evil that seems to be awakening in the world.

In the Mieveht Story, a jail break leads to a group of unlikely allies finding themselves indebted to a mysterious sponsor.

Join us on our adventures through an immersive experience complete with background music, ambient soundscapes, and sound effects.

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MS-1-1 – A Game of Cat and… Lizard [Remastered]

We rejoin the group with a debrief with Lord Cassien. He once again asks for the parties help in finding his missing daughter, Xanphia. The party agrees that they owe it to both Xanphia and Cassien to find her after they had saved the group jus…

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Announcement – Remastering Early Episodes

Hello and welcome to Adventures in Erylia. My name is Damian and I am the dungeon master and editor for this show. Our show started with the group back in the middle of 2017. Back then, we were all still new to being recorded and I was still learning how…

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Mieveht Story Prologue

This episode is a recap of events that happened in a prior campaign leading to the Mieveht Story. Previously, we had recorded and posted that campaign, but ultimately were not pleased with the audio quality. We now have a new recording set up and are bac…

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Where Five Friends Sit Around The Table

Promo for the Adventures in Erylia podcast, where five friends sit around the table and record themselves playing Dungeons and Dragons. If you would like to use our promo in your show, please email us at
A huge shoutout to D…

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