Top Pirated Films of 2012

I have never advocated piracy of any form, nor will I ever do so.  My personal belief is that if you are going to watch a movie, play a game, or read a comic you should buy them first.  But, the listing of the top pirated movies can possibly show off some trends that would…

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Glen Mazzara steps down as showrunner for The Walking Dead as show gets approved for 4th season

(from the LA Times) Just in time for the holidays, AMC has quite a surprise for fans of “The Walking Dead.” The megahit zombie series has been picked up for a fourth season, but will continue without showrunner Glen Mazzara at the helm. In a statement Friday announcing the show’s pickup – all but a foregone conclusion, given its…

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Why I get geeky about the internet and video….

Sometimes there are things that happen that just make you think to yourself “now that is the exact reason why I am geeky about that.” This happened to me just the other days when a couple of Montreal students fooled the world into thinking that they had captured a massive bird picking up an eagle…

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ATGN 015 – The Prequel To Dickbutts

Our resident @ChiTownSpidey Peter swooped in to grace us with his knowledge on ATGN this week, as we talked about The Rock and his new role as Lobo, our crew was questioned and the Rumble Pit takes on Batman vs…Batman?

Chris and Adahy did the unthinkable and brought up Michael Bay more than once, thus proving that the 4th Transformers movie is going to be made. This time, we’re going to space!

We weighed in on LucasArts new first person shooter, and if it will be a new Battlefront, or a brand new line of Star Wars games. We also talked about how Halo 4 will have surface tablet integration. The announcement of the newest Batman game being set in the Golden Age Batman era took hold, with Mark Hamill saying he will not return as The Joker, who do you think will be up for the big villain in this game?

We would like to thank our guest host Peter for joining us. You can follow him on Twitter at […]

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