GEEKATION Hotel reservations and dates


Geekation is coming to Chicago Holiday Inn Chicago O’Hare Area on the Weekend of May 15th 2015.

We have secured for you a block of room for May 15-16-17th 2015. Don’t wait and follow the link to book your Double Queen room at record price!

Click here for your reservation!

You will have to put in your own dates, but, the discount rate code is GON. It should already be in the space.

Once that done let us know when we can expect you by sending us an email at to get the weekend schedule as soon as we have finish the fine details. We will also provide you transportations options, list of nearby activities and more!

You have any question? Don’t be shy and write to us at, it will be our pleasure to answer you in a timely manners.

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Geekation 2014 Final Entry and Goodbye


Geekation 2014 finally came to an end with the usual blues that comes after a community meetup. We referred to ourselves, over the year before Gonna Geek, as a digital family and as with every family at some point kids needs to fly on their own. I am particularly proud of you all making this 1st Geekation a success. Our community has survived though everything that could be thrown at us and made the bond between us stronger then ever. I like to think that we proved that together, if we put our minds to it, we can accomplish anything…. or take over any city.


In the next couple of weeks many of us will have to explain to our friends and blood family why we went to Las Vegas. The usual “I don’t understand’ looks will be given followed by “these are not real friends” comments. And as the usual I will feel sorry for them for not opening to the larger world. Good people are good people and if I have to travel to another country on a regular basis to meet them I will gladly do it. Most of you now know me better than geographically closer friends and I like to think I do to. With you I never had to be someone else, to put apperance first or even try to fit in and for that I thank and love all of you with all my heart. THAT is what I call friendship. More invites came my way this year and I assure you I will fill your couches at some point or another ( I know Rum daddy, you have a guest room ;).


Seeing all of you is always a pleasure only matched by the pain of leaving. I hate goodbyes and I have shed some tears on all of your shoulders upon departures. These tears do not only represent the void inside when you leave but the love I have for you all. They will travel to your homes so I can still feel connected to you until next time.


What will I take away from this 1st Geekation:

– Keir can summarize a day on Facebook like no other

– An Irish pub seem to be our place of predilection anywhere we go

– Moscow Mules are better than Beef donkey shows

– A Nerf war can be damaging for your eyesight and boobs are good targets

– Why play in Casinos when you have boardgames in the suite

– Dressing in a mask and a thong can be entertaining for others

– Don’t even try to beat Badgerspoon in Cards Against Humanity

– If there is no more mixer for drinks, just use ice, nobody will notice

– Waking people with a side of Beef makes them happy

– You can always find some fellow geeks in a bus you just walked on to

– Don’t let the French near tip jars

– If you follow Rum Daddy, there will be Rum (duh!)

– A sith lord can go to a Casino unnoticed

– Even geeks like giant displays of dancing water

– Shawarma is as good as it sounds

– Giant Jenga is a concussion hazard

– Always follow the tallest person . . . unless you need to pee

– Bloody Marys are the best hangover cure (and can be ordered with bacon)

– Using “It’s not my fault I’m French’ as an excuse causes a barrage of nerf darts

– and finally, DO NOT eat Thai food before taking the plane


As we, at some point, were all wearing Doctor Who shirts I will leave you with my favorite line:

Before I go, I just want to say you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I!

John D. aka Wing

Vegas Welcome

Dinner casino

Breakfast Hash

GEEKATION 2014 – We Have a Hotel!


The arrangements have been finalized, and we’re thrilled to announce: the hotel accommodations for Geekation2014 will be made at The Plaza Hotel and Casino, right at the top of Main Street, Las Vegas! See the Accommodations page for all the details regarding the venue, cost, booking, and what the “Freemont Street Experience” is all about.


Don’t forget — we encourage you to register with us to let us know you’re coming to the event. This is separate from the hotel arrangements, so you’ve got two, Two, TWO items on your to-do list, okay? Okay!

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