ONE YEAR FOLLOW-UP: Zoom LiveTrak L-12 Follow-Up Walk-through


This is a follow-up video to my previous Zoom L-12 Walk-through and First Impressions video ( This follow-up is based on my use of the Zoom L-12 after a year, as well as questions asked in the comments on my previous video.

This video builds on the previous video, so if you’re looking for a basic walk-through of the Zoom L-12, please view the other one first at

Time Codes:

00:01 to 1:34 – INTRO

– 3:30 – Confirmation of Monitor/Headphone jacks being TRS
– 4:00 – Individual Monitor Mixes vs Hearing the Master Mix

– 5:00 – Explanation on how panning works across the different mixes

6:35 to 14:00 – ZOOM L-12 EFX / EFFECTS
– 7:00 – About the EFX Return Fader
– 7:37 – Setting individual channel EFX levels
– 8:05 – EFX Return Demonstration
– 8:50 – Choosing an Effect
– 9:20 – Sending Effects to Monitor Output Busses
– 11:53 – EFX / Effects Activation Summary
– 13:25 – EFX / Effects Mute Button

14:00 to 15:58 – EQ EXPLANATION

15:57 to 18:20 – ONE KNOB COMPRESSION
– 16:06 – Turning on One Knob Compression / Demonstration
– 16:45 – How Compression is reflected in SD card recordings

18:20 to 21:08 – SLATE FUNCTION
– 18:50 – Accessing Slate Menu
– 19:03 – Setting Slate recording level
– 19:10 – Setting Slate Recording Channels
– 20:15 – Slate audio demonstration

– 21:20 – Arming and starting recording

21:48 to 25:18 – USB FUNCTION
– 22:01 – How USB works through USB in to a computer
– 22:40 – USB Master Mix channels
– 23:20 – Possible work around for getting Master mix in to the basic USB function
– 23:55 – USB input in to channels 9/10 or 11/12

– 25:25 – Soundbleed
– 26:16 – Reliability
– 26:20 – My personal use case (I’m not a musician)
– 27:00 – My SD Card Experience
– 27:47 – My cons list
– 29:13 – My solution to the “clicking” issue mentioned in the previous video

Stephen is a west coast Canadian who enjoys pretty much all things geeky. Whether it's podcasting, playing with tech or just watching a great re-run of Star Trek, Stephen is probably interested in it. GonnaGeek is the brain child of Stephen. You see, for years he has helped run a variety of specific genre websites (such as comics, Star Trek, etc) but sometimes he found himself needing to talk more than just comics... that's why he created GonnaGeek. Stephen is currently the Producer, Editor and a Co-Host of the Official Show ( and Better Podcasting ( He also runs


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  1. Johnny Pennington says:

    Stephen, I enjoyed your Zoom L-12 tutorial. I watched your first one last year and also enjoyed it. Although I do not intend on buying the L-12, Podcasting and recording gear is always fun to learn more about. Now for the big question… when are you planning to shell out the $1000 to buy the Zoom L-20, just so I can enjoy another one of your reviews?
    Thanks for another Better Podcasting/GonnaGeek Gear review, Johnny Pennington

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