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The best thing I read last week was a giant stack of Action Lab and Action Lab Danger Zone books. Big stack. Really damn big stack. It was a fantastic week. So I’ll do some quick hits to let you know my opinion of each of these books and maybe when I read the trades I’ll come back and hit on the ultra super good ones. So here we go:


Midnight Tiger – like a rebirth of Spider-Man this book comes out swinging and firing on all cylinders. It might be the best new take on a superhero since Invincible.


Shinobi Ninja Princess – a young Jetta coming into her own as she learns the ways of the ninja and comes to terms with her powers and being the “chosen one”. Killer action and art work, fun pacing and sweet villains. Plus chibi’s.


Fight Like A Girl –wanna see a girl risk her life in a series of challenges for the amusement for a pantheon of gods to save her brother? Of course you do, why wouldn’t you. Very serious action.


Planet Gigantic – the adventures of two crazy kids on an even crazier world. Like Lost in Space but good. Each issue throws so many new things at you that they are made for multiple reads.


Pirate Eye – a noir swashbuckling set of mini-series, how much better can it get? The latest issue also has some fantastic Action Lab employee cameos.


Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla – The misadventures of H.P. Lovecraft and Nikola Tesla, do you really need a description?


Hero Cats of Stellar City –see that amazing hero over there flying around and smashing things? While the citizens are distracted by him his cat is out saving the city for real with a pack of talented felines. I honestly thought I would hate this book when I saw the ads, I was wrong, I love it, it’s full of fun.


Princeless –the newest issue I read has a fight in mid-flight on the back of a dragon, GET IT!


Stray – how does a sidekick go on after the death of their father figure? This is the premise of Stray a fantastic new superhero book from Action Lab.


And that’s just the books in the all ages area of Action Lab proper, there’s also some amazing yarns being spun in the Mature Readers imprint known as Action Lab Danger Zone!


Dry Spell – possibly the coolest super villain I’ve ever read. It’s really hard to talk about without giving anything away, but all adult fans of the superhero genre will enjoy the hell out of this book.


Southern Dog – possibly the coolest comic I’ve ever read dealing with racism told through the filter of a werewolf story, and told extremely well with beautiful artwork


Itty Bitty Bunnies in Rainbow Pixie Candy Land: Cock Fight – if Ren & Stimpy was really made for adults, on crack, by artists and writers doing whippets in math, it might come close to Itty bitty bunnies in rainbow pixie Candy Land.


Zombie Tramp – when the hottest call girl in Hollywood becomes the sexiest zombie you’ve ever seen things just keep getting weirder and weirder. From raising the dead fighting off zombies Elvis and dealing with ridiculous jocks zombie tramp is the funnest romp this side of the grave.


Crimson Society – in a world of vampires and werewolves how far would you go to be normal once you weren’t?


Ehmm Theory – time traveling dimension hoping craziness with super powered circus chimps and talking cat sidekicks that rock eye patches and drop lines like “lollipop Mudafuck”, how are you not reading this book already?


And one of the new kids on the block and my new personal favs:

Holy F*ck – Jesus is back and he’s not taking any shit from anyone! He’s proving he’s the son of God and laying the smacketh down.


Go check out all the Action Lab goodness at their website HERE.

And check out their tweets!



Raised on a diet of Stephen King novels, Bruce Lee action, John Landis films, and horror flicks by his loving mother, Anthony spent his formative years reading everything he could get his hands on and spending far too many hours in his room watching movies while drawing.  Anthony currently spends his evening coloring comics whilst Netflix plays in the background. After starting his own podcast The Next Element, Anthony found a group of like minded individuals on Twitter and found that if invited to a podcast the desire to blab takes him over.  Anthony is Knight of the Pod Table on the Spoiler Alert Theater podcast and can be found guest hosting all over the podiverse. Anthony has dealt with a 23 year addiction to comics and a longer addiction to movies. Even if he hasn't seen it or read it, he probably has an opinion about it. 

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