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The best thing I read last week actually wasn’t what Chris Ferrell on All Things Good and Nerdy thought it was gonna be, the return of an X-Factor written by Peter David. But always give credit where it is due, he was half right. And it’s not his fault. Marvel had more announcements for today after we did the live podcast this morning that I was just not ready for.

The best thing I read last week was the Marvel news out of the New York Comic Con 2013 – specifically the launch on a new X-Factor title written be the aforementioned glorious Peter David and be still my heart, the return of THE NEW WARRIORS!!!!!

X-Factor 2014


For anyone following this column the return of a Peter David written X-Factor was bound to spin my head after I just wrote my little heart out over the end of X-Factor with issue #262 in my Bachman’s Best column for Sept 16th. Peter David gave us a great wrap up of an almost decade long run on the one X book people seemed to miss when they were complaining about crossovers and summer events ruining the X-books. If all those people had been reading X-Factor they would have been a lot happier. And it seems they will once again have that chance. Peter David is writing a new X-Factor with new members and corporate sponsorship so we know it’s not going to read like the detective stories of X-Factor Investigations from the previous run. And what little promo art there is so far from Carmine Di Giandomenico is pure streamlined sexiness. The Gambit and Quicksilver outfits on the cover I think are worth the price of the book alone, beautiful design work.

This news brightened my morning and pretty much guaranteed a happier day for me. Then more announcements keep coming and one of them almost made my head explode. It was actually hinted at in the last 2 issues of the Nova ongoing series but I wasn’t sure how far Marvel might take the idea they were teasing at in that book. Well it looks like they took it all the way to announcement of another title.

New Warriors 2014

The New Warriors are back! A new ongoing series written by the incredible Chris Yost, who I know mostly as the guy who has made Scarlett Spider one of my favorite Marvel books month in and month out and art by the fantastic Marcus To whose work I am sad to say I’m not familiar with but this first cover looks like he’ll have no problem putting the energy into the pages that this team needs to express.

New Warriors Vol 1 #1 is the first book I bought off the stands way back when I was 12. It’s the book that really got me addicted to comics in the first place. Roughly 100 issues and a couple of reboots later and the New Warriors have seen some ups and downs. And even though they are only bringing back 2 of the original core members; Justice (a.k.a. Marvel Boy) and Speedball – the Nova on this team is not the original bucket head Richard Ryder but the new kid Sam Alexander from the current series, I’m excited to see what Yost will be able to do with this cast of characters. And look, 2 of them look really familiar to the readers of Scarlett Spider.

Just when I’m cutting books from my pull list and realizing how weird it was that I only had 2 Marvel titles in my box last week they go and do this. Okay, fine Marvel, take my money. J

Bonus! – If you do just want a new recommendation for something good that’s available now, Netflix just put up season 2 of Continuum and season 3 of Louie, both superb shows. Go give em a watch.

Raised on a diet of Stephen King novels, Bruce Lee action, John Landis films, and horror flicks by his loving mother, Anthony spent his formative years reading everything he could get his hands on and spending far too many hours in his room watching movies while drawing.  Anthony currently spends his evening coloring comics whilst Netflix plays in the background. After starting his own podcast The Next Element, Anthony found a group of like minded individuals on Twitter and found that if invited to a podcast the desire to blab takes him over.  Anthony is Knight of the Pod Table on the Spoiler Alert Theater podcast and can be found guest hosting all over the podiverse. Anthony has dealt with a 23 year addiction to comics and a longer addiction to movies. Even if he hasn't seen it or read it, he probably has an opinion about it. 

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