Quips From A Clerk: That One Character…


superman-logo-012I talk to a lot of people in the shop, and I try very hard to be as open minded as I can be when it comes to old and new books. But everybody has that one (or sometimes two) character that they just cannot enjoy for what they are. For me those characters are Superman and Captain America. It honestly is nothing against the characters, but I just cannot find them interesting. They are the big guys that always win, to me that is uninteresting. I can handle more Captain America then I can with Superman, but it still is hard for me to sell a book on either character. When it comes to Superman, I have read a few of his stories, the best that I thought of is Red Son. When I like Captain America when he is in team ups, so I will read some classic Avengers, but his solo stories are hard to read.

I asked around to see what that character is for other people. It was interesting to hear what they said.

1855660-wolverine_comic_if_you_could_s392x480_134091_580Wolverine: “He is in too many books, I have no idea what is going on” is a valid point. Since his popularity skyrocketed, Wolverine is in almost every book, or has at least made an appearance. Giving up seemed to be the most practical option, rather than try to figure out what is happening. Recommendation: Picking up of the Marvel Now series Wolverine and the X-Men is a good title. I am in the process of reading All New X-Men, so I will let you know of that in the future. Another Wolverine story I have heard good things about is the Old Man Logan series.

redhood_18Red Hood: “Jason Todd needs to be dead” this actually surprised me. I can’t say that I have read much of Red Hood since Batman: Under The Red Hood, but I didn’t absolutely loathe it. I do understand it, Jason Todd being resurrected wasn’t a great plan, but I haven’t heard too many bad things about his current series, Red Hood and the Outlaws. Recommend: Batman: Under the Red Hood. Its an interesting story and you might actually enjoy the Jason Todd that appears.

Who do you loathe in comics? What makes you dislike them so?

Throughout her lifetime Naki was a volunteer at conventions and trade shows, working behind the scenes to make shows run smoothly. In 2011 she began working with ReedPop, becoming the stage manager for the IGN Theater. She now travels the country helping out as much as she can. You can see her at Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) East, Dev and Prime, Star Wars Celebration and New York Comic Con. In 2012 launched a new side of things as Naki began venturing more into the internet, starting a podcast with Nerds of the Roundtable creator Chris Ferrell and The Adahy. The podcast is called All Things Good and Nerdy (ATGN), which streams live on Sundays at 10am Central Time on YouTube, also available on iTunes, Stitcher and Player.fm. You can check it out at atgnpodcast.com, or for the livestream at live.atgnpodcast.com


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