Bachman’s Best – Pacific Rim


Gypsy Danger Down!

No shocker here. The best thing I saw last week, which was actually last night, was giant robots fighting giant monsters, Pacific Rim! The new love child of director phenom Guillermo del Toro is a tour de force smashing sci-fi epic. 255 tons of total bad assery indeed. This is my favorite film of the year so far. It’s not an in-depth drama, it’s not a tense thriller, it is exactly what the posters and previews tell you that it is. Giant robots trying to defend humanity from giant killer monsters, HUGE fights scenes, rousing speeches, and just enough character interaction and dialogue to get us from one fight scene to the next.

Anyone going into this movie expecting depth of story and realistic character development is in for a bit of trouble. What Pacific Rim is, is Guillermo del Toro saying “Hey, I can make a Bay/Bruckheimer summer movie with explosions.” And he does. And he does it damn well. The added bonus being that at no point during the film did I ever have any trouble telling which robot I was watching fight, that’s a nice change. Also the folks at ILM put their powerful stamp on this film and I never saw a Jaeger or a Kaiju that pulled me out of the story, beautifully done.

Charlie Hunnam, Rink Kikuchi, Idris Elba, Charlie Day, Ron Pelrman, and Clifton Collins Jr. all turn in great performances. There’s some trash talking, there’s some witty banter, there’s an appropriately powerful speech at the right time. Is it the stuff of Oscars? No. Is it the stuff of fun nights at the movies? Hell Yes!

Grab a pal, head down to your local multiplex or IMAX 3D (this one I will see again in IMAX 3D and not complain about the ticket price), grab a soda and a bucket of popcorn and just sit back and relax. Let the robots take away your cares. Enjoy a night out, you worry too much. Go see a monster movie, have some fun.



I want  a Jaeger. :-)

Wednesday’s Webcomic: Monster Pulse


Wednesday's Webcomic

Monster Pulse is a supernatural horror adventure story written for young adults, with expressive black-and-white art and truly cool and original subject matter. A couple kids in the Pacific Northwest stumble on a secret government experiment to create life from life, which pulls an organ from their bodies and turns it into a powerful and devoted monster.  The organ is now permanently removed and independently alive but somehow still capable of performing its intended function. In the case of Bina Blum, her heart is now a six-foot-tall, incredibly strong and protective creature that still somehow pumps her blood from outside her body, as she can still check her pulse. The energy creatures that are seeking out specifically children to bond with are being hunted by their creators, the shadowy organization SHELL, which is taking extreme measures to capture or destroy them, regardless of the fact that the destruction of the monster means the destruction of the original organ. In Bina’s case at least, this means evading and fighting the agents of SHELL is a fight for her life!

Bina Meets Ayo

In the midst of all this, the kids must still deal with being pre-teens. While the monsters and evading SHELL brings them together, they don’t necessarily have much holding them together beyond that. They have to deal with learning their parents are human and not always to be relied on, jealousy amongst friends, those first romantic feelings, and heavier issues like death and responsibility. One of the kids, Abel, is homeless for as-yet-unknown reasons, and has had to engage in petty theft to survive. All this combined makes an incredibly deep and riveting webcomic-in-progress. I was glued to the archive until I was caught up! These are very realistic characters, which is rarer and rarer in the ever widening pool of webcomics that are out there. The author has small breaks in between chapters, but otherwise sticks to a regular update schedule.

The Author and her Other Works

Magnolia Porter is a freelance illustrator, who created Monster Pulse partially out of a love for Pokemon and the Kids-And-Monsters genre. She’s also written the complete comic Bobwhite about young women in art school. Monster Pulse Book 1 will soon be released, thanks to a successful Kickstarter!