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Parker and Jarrell’s METEOR MEN Lands on Comixology Today

Parker and Jarrell’s METEOR MEN
Lands on ComiXology Today!
For Immediate Release

Portland, OR (August 19, 2014) – Oni Press is pleased to announce that as of right now, the first chapter of Jeff Parker, Sandy Jarrell, and Kevin Volo’s METEOR MEN is available for purchase from ComiXology!

Similar to the initial digital release of Paul Tobin and Benjamin Dewey’s smash hit I Was the Cat, METEOR MEN will be split up into weekly chapters, released every Tuesday for $1.99.  There will be five chapters of METEOR MEN in all, finishing up on September 16th.

METEOR MEN tells the story of Alden Baylor, a young boy who encounters a strange extraterrestrial entity following a glorious meteor shower in his small town. As he investigates this alien further, he discovers a unique connection to the presence; one that will turn his world upside down.

Fans of extraterrestrial adventure can click HERE to get Chapter 1 of METEOR MEN, exclusively from ComiXology

Wednesday’s Webcomic: Bucko


The comic Bucko begins with Rich Richardson, dubbed Bucko by the woman whose couch he’s passed out on, rushing through the streets of Portland on his bicycle as he tries to get to his job interview. Remembering he almost had a threesome with the woman, Gyp, and her roommate before he passed out destroys just about all the confidence he has, and then the post-drinking diarrhea that strikes mid-interview is about the worst thing that can happen… until he finds the dead body in the men’s restroom. What follows is a mystery, although the objective of it does end up different. The city of Portland seems weirder than the Wonderful Land of Oz as Bucko and Gyp, his almost hook-up, stumble on oddity after oddity encountering Juggalo queens, ghost bicycles , and a candle-making Suicide Girl.

Bucko Page 1

Bucko is complete as of January 2012, and has been bound up by Dark Horse Comics in one volume. The artist and writing duties are split between Erika Moen and Jeff Parker respectively. The story call itself a comical murder mystery, and while it is comical, there is a murder, and there is a mystery, the three are not exactly interconnected.  It’s a very offbeat and winding love poem to the city of Portland and the people who’ve chosen to live there and make it so darn odd. It’s also riotously funny. This comic gave me more than a few stitches in my side! I don’t feel I can say much more, or feature more images, as I don’t want to be one of those movie trailers that spoils all the jokes.

The Authors and Their Other Works:

Jeff Parker has an illustrious comics writing resume including many  Hulk titles, Agents of Atlas, X-Men: First Class and UndergroundErika Moen is a cartoonist, well known for her always honest and often raunchy autobiographical webcomic Dar! which I find incredibly inspiring. It’s worth watching her for the incredibl print work she does, which I regularly covet and mug little old ladies to acquire. Well,  not quite mug. More like work in exchange for wages to acquire, but old ladies are involved. Both of them work out of the freelance hive Periscope Studio in Portland, where I’m sure brilliant cartoonists are cultivated in tanks.