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Hello peoples! Welcome to your new Monday on Gonna Geek! I’m Anthony, nice to meet ya. From this point forward I will be bringing you this column each Monday morning to hopefully introduce you to new things or remind you to check out something from our shared geeky past that you may have missed along the way. Each week I’ll tell you about a comic,  podcast, book, movie or game that stood out as the best thing from my previous week. So I present to you…Bachman’s Best. Enjoy!

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Infinite Kung Fu Cover

The best thing I read last week was a graphic novel called Infinite Kung Fu published by Top Shelf Productions. As I tell you about this book, you need to prepare yourself. Hitch up your gi and kiss your sifu good bye as there is a new sensei in town, and his name is Kagan McLeod!

The first thing you notice about this book is the heft of it. Truly a tomb an ancient master could use to punish unruly students. This beast weighs in at over 450 pages for a cover price of $24.95. I almost always would advise people to shop and hit up and try to find a great deal but in this case if you pay full price you will not regret it in the least. I was lucky enough to pick up a copy on the Used Trades rack at my LCS so I paid %50 off the cover price making it a spectacular bargain.

After you become acquainted with the weight you are struck by the artwork. McLeod has a brush technique that is its own master level of kung fu. Simply beautiful and striking in its stark black, white, and gray tones. Until I started reading The Walking Dead I really didn’t have an appreciation for black and white comics. Infinite Kung Fu joins the pantheon of amazing books that simply don’t need any color. The power of McLeod’s brush tells you everything he needs to convey.

Past the artwork you get drawn into the story. This is one of those books that I sometimes cringe at when I start reading them. There is a page listing the 8 Immortals with a small bio for each and the names of their students, lots of names, lots of hard to pronounce in my head Chinese names. The good thing is once you get started it all becomes part of the story and 20 pages in I was no longer worried about keeping names straight and I was hooked. The art is amazing, the story is great, but one of the most impressive things is the fight choreography. And I can’t just say fights, its fight choreography, some of the fights are so superbly detailed in this book I believe you could use the panels for fight story boards while filming this as a movie. They are striking, powerful and draw you in catching yourself flying through pages to see what is coming next. I enjoyed the hell out of reading this book. You will too.

And did I mention zombies…