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Deathstroke, Ninja Training, and Batman: Arkham Origins



As if the amazing trailers and super badass previous entries weren’t enough for Batman: Arkham Origins, Warner Bros. Games Montreal told Eurogamer that a single-player DLC will be set in Asia and allow you to play as Bruce Wayne training to become Batman. How cool will it be watching and actually participating in Batman becoming a ninja?


Hot on the heels of their reveal of a playable Deathstroke and a brand new Penguin trailer, the studio also dropped the bomb of a single-life, no-save, game mode for the hardest of hardcore players. When you die you’re dead.


The DLC, titled Initiation, will be included in the Season Pass @$19.99 and will come with 4 more DLCs. Three will be skins and the last is still unannounced. There is also an exclusive DLC pack for the PS3 crowd called Knightfall.


If the plethora of extra content isn’t enough, check out this online-order exclusive¬† replica of The Bat’s Grapnel Accessory available from Gamestop for $34.99.



Batman: Arkham Origins will be out October 25th on PS3, 360, PC, and Wii U.