Adventures in Erylia

Hosted ByDamian, Chris, Christa, Caitlin and Chantalle.

A casual actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast that takes place in the homebrew setting of Erylia.

This podcast is a member of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network but is not owned by GonnaGeek.

Adventures in Erylia is a casual actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast that takes place in the homebrew setting of Erylia. Damian is the Dungeon Master, and joining him are some of his friends new to the game, Chris, Christa, Caitlin and Chantalle. Join us, as we play go back and forth between two campaigns. In the Mieveht Story, four prisoners are all broken out of their cells and find themselves wrapped up in dealings with a Thieves’ Guild, in the Grand City of Mieveht. In the Erylian Epic, we follow four members of Syvahl’s Guild of Adventurers, as they fend off an invading force and end up uncovering something ancient.

This podcast is a member of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network but is not owned by GonnaGeek.

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MS-1-5 – Not From Around Here [Remastered]

Brit introduces the party to a contact of his, Gel. While the half-orc was not happy about the unknown and unexpected visitors, he gave the party some strict warnings on where they should “not” go poking their noses around, while keeping Brit bac…

MS-1-4 – Following the Tail into the Sewers [Remastered]

The group enters The Rat’s Tail, a small bar, ran by an interesting tabaxi by the name of Shifty. It’s small and the food and drink aren’t great, but it has a private room that the group can make a plan in. Not one to be kept waiting, Sug cuts th…

Show Relaunch – DSC – Teasers – Behind the Screen

For this first episode of Behind the Screen, Caitlin sits down with me and we talk about the show relaunch, the meet up we arranged for it and meeting up with the guys from Dump Stat Charisma. We also tease some upcoming bits of the story that has alread…

MS-1-3 – Finding A Rat’s Tail [Remastered]

Brit reveals to the group that he does, in fact, have a contact in Mieveht’s Undercity. After their meal, he offers to take them to The Rat’s Tail, a small bar in the Commons, owned by a black Tabaxi named Shift. He says that this will allow them…

MS-1-2 – An Old Friend We Just Met [Remastered]

The party wraps up what errands they had before being sent on this new task by Cassien. Sug makes his way to visit the blacksmith while the rest of the party continues to the leatherworker. Once they come back together the head off in search of T…

MS-1-1 – A Game of Cat and… Lizard [Remastered]

We rejoin the group with a debrief with Lord Cassien. He once again asks for the parties help in finding his missing daughter, Xanphia. The party agrees that they owe it to both Xanphia and Cassien to find her after they had saved the group jus…

Announcement – Remastering Early Episodes

Hello and welcome to Adventures in Erylia. My name is Damian and I am the dungeon master and editor for this show. Our show started with the group back in the middle of 2017. Back then, we were all still new to being recorded and I was still learning how…

Mieveht Story Prologue

This episode is a recap of events that happened in a prior campaign leading to the Mieveht Story. Previously, we had recorded and posted that campaign, but ultimately were not pleased with the audio quality. We now have a new recording set up and are bac…

Where Five Friends Sit Around The Table

Promo for the Adventures in Erylia podcast, where five friends sit around the table and record themselves playing Dungeons and Dragons. If you would like to use our promo in your show, please email us at
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