Adventures in Erylia

Hosted ByDamian, Chris, Christa, Caitlin and Chantalle.

A casual actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast that takes place in the homebrew setting of Erylia.

This podcast is a member of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network but is not owned by GonnaGeek.

Adventures in Erylia is a casual actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast that takes place in the homebrew setting of Erylia. Damian is the Dungeon Master, and joining him are some of his friends new to the game, Chris, Christa, Caitlin and Chantalle. Join us, as we play go back and forth between two campaigns. In the Mieveht Story, four prisoners are all broken out of their cells and find themselves wrapped up in dealings with a Thieves’ Guild, in the Grand City of Mieveht. In the Erylian Epic, we follow four members of Syvahl’s Guild of Adventurers, as they fend off an invading force and end up uncovering something ancient.

This podcast is a member of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network but is not owned by GonnaGeek.

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A Meeting With The King – Erylian Epic

This was our first recording session after a long, nearly two month break that we took while Caitlin and Damian finished preparing for their wedding and got married. This are a little crazier than normal because of how long it had been since we l…

Of Jewels and Dragons – Erylian Epic

The party takes a night to rest at the first inn in Starrengeld, Lift’s End. Kenina wakes up early and is shortly joined by Tempest outside of the inn to get some of their morning exercises done. After waking up, Rem is more interested in filling…

An Angel in the Mountain – Erylian Epic

Our party of Adventurers travels along the lift system from the small village of Staren up to the entrance of the great dwarven city of Starengeld. During this journey, we take a moment to peer into the minds of the individual party members and s…

The Village of Starren – Erylian Epic

The party enters the village of Starren and has some time to kill while they are waiting on the lift to come down and take them up into the city of Starrengeld. The have a run in with a member of the traveling company who they previously rented t…

Behind the Screen – Wedding – Syvahl Map – Extra Life

Hello Adventurers!
I just wanted to take a few moments to talk about a couple things going on behind the scenes with the Adventures in Erylia family, and to explain the massive delay on this next episode.
Since the big thing to get out of the way is the …

On The Road Again – Erylian Epic

After defeating the rest of the gnolls, or so it seems, the party decides it was not a good idea to set up camp where they were. Kenina offers to power through the night while the rest of the group sleeps in the cart. Her time is uneventful, howe…

Unfinished Business – Erylian Epic

After getting to a safe spot by the lake, the group decides to set up camp for the night, planning to reach the village of Starren the following day. With Rem already passed out in the wagon, Kenina offers to take first watch while Ariel and Temp…

Trail Blazing – Erylian Epic

Our cart-bound band of adventurers continue their escape attempt as half a dozen gnolls are hot on their trail, and gaining on them. Things take a turn for the worse as Tempest, a Genasi who has spent the last few years on a boat, ends up in char…

Gnoll Pursuit – Erylian Epic

With a half dozen of gnolls charging out at them from the treeline, the party decides to hop back in their cart and spur the horses away. Unfortunately for the party, these gnolls have sighted them down as prey, and they are relentless. As they p…