On The Bubble

Hosted ByJosh Liston

A podcast dedicated to discussing cancelled TV shows/franchises with focus on save-our-show TV fan campaigns.

This podcast is a member of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network but is not owned by GonnaGeek.

Ever wondered why your favourite TV show or franchise was cancelled before its time? In ‘On The Bubble podcast’ your host Josh Liston delves into the who’s, the how’s, and the why’s of on-screen culture, and the renewals and cancellations that accompany deep TV fandom. ‘On The Bubble podcast’ is an oral history of save-our-show TV fan campaigns.

This podcast is a member of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network but is not owned by GonnaGeek.

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Stargate Universe: SGU will finally get its series-ending cliffhanger resolved with a Back To Destiny comic

  Full Show Notes Coming June 13th 2017 at http://onthebubblepodcasting.com  [ This Episode was edited and produced by http://SoupToNutspodcasting.com ]  “Stargate Universe gets its series-ending cliffhanger resolved and likely other S3 continuations r…

Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D renewed for season 5 – OTB008 Bubble Burst ed.

onthebubblepodcast.com (for full episode resources, links and Tweet pics)
In this Bubble Burst edition of On The Bubble podcast host Josh Liston covers the renewal of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D for a 5th Season, and covers off on some of the reactions from key AOS cast members.

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Legend of the Seeker: the SAVE OUR SEEKER campaign, DVD Drive, and Crowdfunding the LOTS movie – OTB007

http://onthebubblepodcast.com [to Listen to and Subscribe to the show] @joshuacliston on Instagram | @joshuacliston on Twitter In this edition of On The Bubble podcast we take a look at the SAVE OUR SEEKER fan campaign, for ABC Studio’s “Legend of the …

Defiance: the save our show fan campaign for Syfy’s DEFIANCE – #BringBackDefiance #RenewDefiance – OTB006

onthebubblepodcast.com In this episode of On The Bubble podcast – we take a look at the save-our-show TV fan campaign for Syfy original series DEFIANCE (2013-2015). For all episode attributions, links, images and source material – please check out onth…

The Almighty Johnsons: the save our show fan campaign for TV3’s The Almighty Johnsons – OTB005

http://onthebubblepodcast.com (to Subscribe to the show, and to find all audio-attributions, references, images and guest contributors) In this episode we explore the save-our-show fan campaign for the comedy/fantasy show “The Almighty Johnsons.”    To…

Terra Nova: the save our show fan campaign for Fox’s Terra Nova – OTB004

http://onthebubblepodcast.com/itunes  In this episode we take a quick look at the Spielberg | Chernin produced FOX TV show TERRA NOVA.    Episode links and audio attributions.   For all your Terra Nova basics check out their IMDb here: http://www.imdb…

Unpacking Chuck – a conversation with author G. Walter Bush – OTB002.0

http://onthebubblepodcast.com/subscribe (please subscribe, rate and review our little show in iTunes, it helps heaps – click above and choose your favourite option)  In this special bonus episode of OTBpodcast Josh is joined by author, writer, and thin…

CHUCK: the save our show fan campaign for NBC’s Chuck – Chuck Movie – OTB002

http://www.jcaldigital.org/on-the-bubble-podcast/ NBC’s CHUCK had its battles; man did it have its battles, but it also had its fans, and those fans drove an amazing Save Our Show fan campaign. So join your host Josh as he brings you some great moments…

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TSCC) – plus the savethescc movement – OTB001

Welcome to the first episode of On The Bubble Podcast with your host @joshuacliston – in this episode Josh takes you through a quick profile of what he hopes the show will be, and also introduces our first look at a Save Our Show TV fan campaign – the …