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About Better Podcasting

Who Are We?

Better Podcasting is a collaboration between long time podcasters Stephen Jondrew and Stargate Pioneer. The two met through other geeky circles and after months of geeking out about gear, podcast production and other podcast related content, they felt the calling to podcast about podcasting. Where Better Podcasting is different from other podcasts about podcasting is that we understand that many of you are simply podcasting because it’s fun for you – it’s your hobby. While we have definitely talked about things such as gear, we always recognize that you are just doing it out of the love of making podcasts and there are many ways you can make your podcast better simply with a little effort. Better Podcasting is a friendly place to exchange tips and tools for the hobby podcaster.

Our Individual Podcasting History

Stephen Jondrew •

My podcast beginnning is a similar story to many that you’ve heard yet different in others. The roots of my podcast endeavors really begain in 2007 when a friend and I decided we wanted to help out some local musician. We built a 24/7 audio stream that while it regularly looped a playlist of these artist with pre-recorded breaks in between, there would be several times through the week that we would take over to do a live show. Although initial traffic was good, numbers quickly dwindled and in August 2008 we changed the project in to a podcast, adding and extra friend to the mix. While this project may not have lasted long before podfading, once I had a taste of podcasting I had the bug and couldn’t stop. This excitement lead to initially editing/producing (and shortly later hosting) the comic book podcast the Fanboy Buzz. From multi-tracking, to multiple skype boxes, to experiment with post-production methods, the Fanboy Buzz was the place which I gained a large portion of my podcasting experience. Skip forward several years, 169 episodes and several comic book industry known guests on the show, and I felt a calling that it was time to move on to a new chapter in my podcasting fun. I created the website which included a podcast network.

Running GonnaGeek has given me its own unique experience that has been fulfilling in a different way. As you may imagine, after creating GonnaGeek it didn’t take long for me to get back behind the mic and thus the Official Podcast was born. In 2015 I turn all of my podcasts in to show which have full produced video companions, something which has added an extra layer of learning, development and fun. Additional credits in my podcast history include guest appearances on several other podcasts and also producing and editing the Walking the Walking Dead fan podcast (and co-running the website).

Every single experience I’ve had producing, editing, creating or participating in a podcast has offered it’s own uniqueness, and this is something I always look forward to sharing with you (and of course hearing about your experiences too).

Stargate Pioneer •

In the early months of 2007 I received my first iPod Nano. It was a silver 2 GB model and I had been hearing the term “podcasts” off and on for months. I decided to check out podcasts thinking, wrongly, that you needed iTunes to listen to podcasts. After figuring out how to search for the content I wanted and how to listen to it I became hooked on podcasts. I was no longer tethered to terrestrial (or satellite) radio for content and I could choose whatever content I wanted to listen to whenever I wanted. I discovered several niches that interested me including science fiction, fitness, and technology. A few short years later some friends offered for me to guest host on my first podcast which was recorded on January 1st, 2011.

The bug hit me to podcast that day and hasn’t left since.

Since my first guest appearance I have been guest host on several other podcasts including Legends Podcast, Gallifrey Public Radio and In Defense Of Podcast, I have been involved in several pilot podcasts involving space travel and video gaming that haven’t quite made it to their published status, I have been a regular cohost on a couple of podcasts including GonnaGeek, and I have hosted and produced four podcasts: Voices Of Defiance, Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D., Starling Tribune and Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Longbox Edition. I love learning and implementing new or better ways to podcast as the technology and services evolve with the time.

While producing podcast content takes up a significant portion of my free time I still love to consume podcast content whenever I can. Producing podcasts are my small way of giving back to the same community that gives me enjoyment and any way that I can help others produce content for others that can be enjoyed the way I have enjoyed it is also my way of paying it forward. I hope that through Better Podcasting I can help you in your podcast journey to produce engaging content for those that are interested to consume it.