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Crimson Comet #70 The Flash 3×17 “Duet”


Contact Information Website: Twitter: @CrimsonPodcast Facebook: Crimson Comet Podcast YouTube: Crimson Comet Google+: Crimson Comet Voicemail: 423-FLASH-53  423-352-7453 Email: Forums: (GonnaGeek on the tapatalk app) This Week We have a special guest with us for a very special musical episode of The Flash. Nikki from Tyrion’s Landing joins us to discuss “Duet”, the musical crossover episode featuring Supergirl! What did we think of it as a Flash episode? A crossover? A musical? Listen to find out! Show #185 – #GonnaGleek on GonnaGeek SPECIAL EPISODE


This week we’re BREAKING OUR USUAL FORMAT FOR THIS WEEK to FINALLY complete what has been MONTHS IN THE MAKING. That’s right, this is the GonnaGleek SPECIAL EPISODE where we discuss that musical cross-over that happened between the CW Television Shows SUPERGIRL and THE FLASH. We’re pleased to have both Michelle Ealey and Neil from THE STARLING TRIBUNE podcast as guests this episode.

We’ll discuss the background leading up to this event including cast musical experience, how the cross over came to happen as well as the shared Glee experience of multiple cast members. Of course we’ll also give our thoughts on the episode and also take your feedback on what you thought about this episode. With all of that said there’s one burning question still: WILL THERE BE SINGING INVOLVED ON THIS SPECIAL EPISODE? You’ll have to watch/listen to find out.


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This Week’s Hosts: Stephen Jondrew, Chris Ferrell, Stargate Pioneer, Michelle Ealey and Neil.

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