Highlight from Indy PopCon 2018: Cosplay!


A convention is a convention with or without cosplay, but cosplay makes things a lot more fun! While I was walking around Indy PopCon, which was June 8th – 10th, I politely asked cosplayers if I could take their picture (this is proper convention etiquette), and many let me. Here are some of my favorites.


This is the first time I have seen One Punch Man cosplay!

One Punch Man Cosplay


Mary Poppins looking very delightful.

Mary Poppins Cosplay


Just a flesh wound! King Arthur and the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

King Arthur and the Black Knight cosplay


Lucille says hello. Negan from The Walking Dead.



I admire the attention to detail in their Game of Thrones outfits.

Game of Thrones cosplay


Many video games were represented, such as Bloodborne

Bloodborne cosplay



Krieg the Psycho and Tiny Tina from BorderlandsKrieg the Psycho and Tiny Tina cosplay


Princess Zelda from Breath of the Wild

Princess Zelda cosplay


Princess Peach and Bowser getting married. Where’s Mario?

Princess Peach and Bowser cosplay


Here’s Mario! And he’s with Waluigi.

Mario and Walugi cosplay


Of course, there were many from comics.

Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman cosplay



Shazaam cosplay


The Summers family and a Sentinel

The Summers family and a Sentinel Marvel cosplay


Carnage Gwen Stacey

Carnage Gwen Stacey cosplay


Hela and Loki

Hela and Loki cosplay


Captain America and a USO girl

Captain America and a USO girl cosplay



Mantis cosplay


Star-Lord – before The Snap

Star-Lord  cosplay


I have to admit the following is the best Star Wars cosplay I’ve seen at any convention.

Who knew a Stormtrooper and Jawa could be friends?

Stormtrooper and Jawa cosplay


An Imperial TIE pilot

Imperial TIE pilot cosplay


A cold weather assault Stormtrooper

A cold weather assault Stormtrooper cosplay


Bounty Hunters in Mandalorian armor

Bounty Hunters in Mandalorian armor cosplay


It’s a trap!

Admiral Ackbar and Rebel pilot cosplay


That’s not how the Force works, Finn.

Finn and Jedi cosplay


Count Dooku

Count Dooku cosplay


Darth Vader

Darth Vader cosplay


I was going to end with Lord Vader, but I couldn’t. Not when I saw him:

Pickle Rick cosplay

It’s Pickle Riiiiick!!!!!!!


Always ask a cosplayer permission before taking their picture. If they said yes to the person next to you, you still don’t have permission to take their picture. After the other person has taken their picture, ask nicely if you can take their picture too. Remember, cosplay is not consent. These tips will make the con fun for you and everyone else.

Thank you to everyone who let me take their picture at Indy PopCon!


Highlight from Indy Pop Con 2017: Cosplay Championships


For three days, pop culture was celebrated during the Indy Pop Con (July 7-9) in Indianapolis, Indiana. On Saturday, several competed in the Cosplay Championships.

Here are some of my favorites.

Not one, not two, but three Hellboys!


Rita Repulsa and her Putties


Warrior Queen Tiana


Why so serious? The Joker from The Dark Knight


Big Sister from Bioshock 2


Chaos Space Marine from Warhammer 40,000 – The gun rotated!


Who runs Bartertown? Master Blaster!


Wonder Woman


Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh


Commander Shepard from Mass Effect – Yes, this was her favorite event on the Citadel.


This Warcraft cosplay is favorite solo cosplay.


Reinhardt and Mercy from Overwatch. Yes, every joke about Reinhardt was made. Mercy won the main prize.


Most entertaining group – The Ravagers from Guardians of the Galaxy. They won an award, which they fought over.


This team really looked like they stepped out of the movie.


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Starling Tribune (A CW Arrow TV Show Fan Podcast) 3-D Printed Cosplay: Hero Complex PropsIt’s the Penultimate Arrow pre-season 4 Starling Tribune episode. Once again hosts Chris and Stargate Pioneer use Blab to invite in 3-D Printer Cosplayer and Prop maker Michael Ruddy of Hero Complex Props. Michael gives us his take on the Arrow series in general, his A.T.O.M. suit in development for New York Comic Con, the DC movie universe, the general DC television universe and how it may or may not connect this year, the props in the Arrow series, his thoughts on knowledge to date of Arrow’s season 4 and much more.


If you missed us live catch us next time and chime in yourself! Plus you won’t miss out on our live post-show conversations as we chatted with FOX media guru Jenny Stiven, discussed the best podcasting studio monitoring headphones, Michael’s All-Assassin Rock Band picks, and learned about the Convention Schedule “Nerd Out App” from team member Michelle (@yourfriendElle) in the post show. (This time we might have included some at post-credit content!)


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This podcast was recorded Friday September 25th, 2015.


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Musings of a Blerd: 12 Characters To Cosplay For July 4th


Independence Day is tomorrow and it’s such a great day to celebrate and be around friends and family. There’s food, fireworks, movies and games. But what about cosplay? Well last year I did my Wonder Woman outfit for the fourth:


And this year I’m thinking of cosplaying as Supergirl. With that thought in mind, here are 12 characters that you can cosplay for the fourth. There’s a lot of more of course but I would be here forever listing them. So here are my 12:

1. Wonder Woman, Nubia, or Amalgan Comics Wonder Woman

ww  nubia-wonderwoman



2. Patriot



3. Josiah X aka the first Captain America



4. Miss America

miss america


5. Captain America & 6. Bucky Barnes


7. Wonder Girl-Donna Troy and Cass

wg2  wg1


8. Supergirlsupergirl

9. Superman



10. Stargirl & 11. S.T.R.I.P.E.


12. Iron Patriot

iron p