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Hosted ByWing, Beef, Rumdaddy and Jonolobster.

A podcast that talks about a variety of topics including movies, tv, video games, comic books, and more.

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Here we talk about entertainment Legends and Legendary Entertainment. Movie, TV, Web, Video Games, Comic Book, Classic, New, Old,Original, Sequel, Reboot, Remake and more . For better or worse.

This podcast is a member of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network but is not owned by GonnaGeek.

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Legends Podcast #611; The Hunt (2020)

We’re continuing the Most Dangerous Month with another movie with a controversial history. From director Craig Zobel and horror producer Jason Blum, this politically charged take on the human hunting genre was pulled from release after two high profile

Legends Podcast #610; Get Duked! (2019)

We’re continuing the Most Dangerous Month with a British invasion and the film formerly known as Boyz in the Wood. The debut film from music video director Ninian Doff tells the tale of four boys from the mean streets of Glasgow on a Duke of Edinburgh A

Legends Podcast #609; Battle Royale (2000)

We’re continuing the Most Dangerous Month with a Japanese cult classic that was effectively banned in the United States for over a decade. Based on the controversial 1999 novel by Koushun Takami, concerns over the film’s violent content and recent schoo

Legends Podcast #608; The Most Dangerous Game (1932)

We’re kicking off 2023 with a month dedicated to hunting the most dangerous game: man! And we’re beginning The Most Dangerous Month by reviewing the film that started it all, the 1932 adaptation of the O.Henry award-winning Richard Connell short story

Legends Podcast #607; Marvel Special Presentation Double Feature & 2022 in Review

Twenty Twenty-Two was a milestone year for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It completed “Phase Four” with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, boasted the return of Sam Raimi to Marvel with Doctor Strange and Mulitverse of Madness, and saw one of its first

Legends Podcast #606; Spirited (Christmas Movies)

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol has been remade countless times, from Patrick Stewart to Bill Murray to the Muppets. The latest version, starring Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds, incorporates both a meta-take on the source material and musical numbers –

Legends Podcast #605; Die Hard (Christmas Movies)

Here come the holidays, and if you’ve ever felt trapped in a house with insufferable relatives fighting like terrorists or dodging Grandma’s fruitcake like bullets, might relate to director John McTiernan’s 1988 action movie. Released in July, this

Legends Podcast #604; The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (20th Anniversary)

The second film of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy hit movie screens twenty years ago this month. While the first was a major hit for New Line Cinema the year before, the success of the second installment was no sure thing. Star Trek: Nemesis

Legends Podcast #603; Tenet (Chronovember)

Christopher Nolan has been playing with time in past films like Memento, Inception, and Interstellar and nuclear bombs in his future film Oppenheimer. For his 2020 film, Nolan plays with both big ideas in a story about a temporal cold war with protagonist