Game/Life Balance Australia

Game/Life Balance U.S., the Australian edition of the Game/Life Balance podcast, is 2 Australian guys who talk about video games and life and everything inbetween! Each episode has a featured game, a video game-themed quiz, a bit of news and a lot of talk! Just don’t take what they say too seriously.

Game/Life Balance Australia. is a member of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network but is not owned by GonnaGeek.

Episode 110 – The Monkeys Have Invented Speedos

We're back after a 7-month break because we're nothing if not dynamic go-getters. And as always with every 5th episode it's an unstructured Stream of Nonsense, so strap in for listening joy as your hosts AC and Rob discuss the Big Tennis Racket, speedos, the joy of a samey sequel, Mickey Mouse's lack of comedic…

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Episode 109 – Numero Uno

We’re back! Yes that’s right, we recorded another episode purely out of SPITE because Game/Life Balance US is back from the dead and we simply cannot let the Americans win! This week your old pals AC and Rob review a…Read more

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Episode 108 – The Next Prime Minister

In this long-overdue episode we discuss the Australian federal elections, Pac-Man Versus, Rob’s bachelor party and wedding, The Legend of Tianding, Battlefield V, Hell Let Loose, the Urusei Yatsura reboot, Golf With Your Friends,

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Episode 107 – The McDonalds Extended Universe

The boys are back from the dead for a devilish double feature! This week AC and Rob review not just one but TWO Feature Games: they’re both arcade games and they were both released in 1996, but they’re very different…Read more

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Episode 106 – The G Stands For Good Game

This week the boys are joined once more by the lovely Joanna to discuss games and life and everything in between! Our featured game this week (month?) is F-Zero GX for the Game Cube, but we also discuss many more…Read more

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Episode 105 – The No Joannas Club

We’re back again after another lengthy hiatus, for Stream of Nonsense 21 – this time, with no Joannas! Join us for a long rambling discussion of internships, health care, Toxin Boxes, Chumbawumba, old Kaiju movies, snow, moving house, the privilege…

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Episode 104 – Better late than never!

We’re back from the dead to review Scott Pilgrim vs The World, and to help us out we found an expert on all things Scott Pilgrim … except for the actual comic books that, you know, started the whole franchise,…Read more

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Episode 103 – Elsa is real

It’s our long-overdue end of year episode, or should it be the start of the year episode?? In this illustrious episode the boys discuss Death Smiles, an arcadey shootery kind of game for the good ol’ Xbox 360. We also…Read more

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Episode 102 – Mario’s 35 illegitimate children

We’re back again to discuss games and life! On the Games side, the lads review Mario 35, the new kind-of-a-battle-royale Mario game from Nintendo, plus we discuss Spelunky 2, Hitman 2, and Rez Infinite. And on the Life side, Rob…Read more

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