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Creators on the Couch – Pocus Hocus 5

Allen & Will join the Five-Timers Club as we bring them back to talk Pocus Hocus 5! We also discuss Grandma Chainsaw, Monty Python, and more! Creators on the Couch – Pocus Hocus 5 Intro Background Chapter 2, Book 1 When last we…

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Better Podcasting #272 – Cohost Compatibility (Season 2 Finale)

In the Season 2 finale of Better Podcasting, we discuss co-host compatibility, and some of the ways you can self-reflect to help achieve that. We’ll discuss some personal challenges that we’ve encountered, and some of the luck that we’ve also had as…

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Ep. 197 – AI: Artificial Intelligence (2001)

This week the guys watch the futuristic retelling of Pinocchio that might be the creepiest thing they’ve watched all year with 2001’s AI: Artificial Intelligence.
SpaceX Record – https://spacenews.com/spacex-completes-record-year-with-israeli-imaging…

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Big Plans For 2023

All episodes are available at https://TheNeuroNerds.com. Follow @TheNeuroNerds on Twitter/Instagram and Like us at Facebook.com/TheNeuroNerds. Summary We’re back! It’s been a couple of months since our last episode and that’s because we’ve been busy building and working on some amazing projects for the brain injury survivor and brain condition community. In this episode our host,…

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Rapid Fire News

Willie is out this week but have no fear as Chris and Bachman are here to rundown some of the most interesting news to have popped up in the past couple weeks.  
For a full rundown of the show check out our show notes: https://bit.ly/ATGN514

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Issue 167 – Jessica Cruz

We wrap up Lantern Month with a case study in PTSD, Jessica Cruz! Lock yourself in your apartment and listen now!  Issue 167 – Jessica Cruz Intro Thanks to everyone who joined us for the watch party Background (1:56) Jessica Cruz created…

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GonnaGeek.com Show #397 – Gonna Talk Tech That Will Never Actually Happen

The December episode of the GonnaGeek Show was recorded on  Monday, January 9th, 2023.

For news this week we discuss a CES TV that has no cords (and no mounting hardware), Starship Orbital Flight Test coming soon, rumours of the iPhone SE cancellation and an all-Canadian EV…. concept.

We’ll also run down some of the geeky things we did over the holidays, including a discussion about Smart Home products and the predicament we find ourselves in while we wait for mainstream Matter products.

This Week’s Hosts: Stephen Jondrew, Chris Ferrell and Stargate Pioneer. When we record live, we stream to www.Geeks.Live. Full show information (including links related to points discussed) can be found at http://www.geeks.link/397 Come join us on our Discord server at http://www.gonnageek.com/discord/

The GonnaGeek.com Show is produced and edited by Stephen Jondrew (http://www.stephenjondrew.ca), proudly Canadian.

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Sensory Life on the Spectrum with Bex Ollerton

One of the best things about comics, especially lately, is the amount of creator diversity we’ve been able to get. So it warms my heart when we can get a collection bringing together a bunch of creators that don’t normally have a chance to get together for this specific reason. And what is that reason?…

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