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Popeye 2 with Matt Storm (“Fun” and Games, Screen Snark)

Ahoy, landlubbers! Prepare to set sail on a high-seas adventure through the annals of gaming history, as we dive into the depths of the 1992 Game Boy classic, Popeye 2. This episode we’ve got a special guest aboard – Matt Storm from the podcasts “Fun” and Games and Screen Snark. They’re a veritable treasure trove…

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Better Podcasting #293 – YouTube Music Podcasts Still Evolving? / Media Host Segment: Transistor

In the Better Podnering this week topics include: Further evolving our media host criteria Libsyn walks back their recent comments about Apple Podcasts iZotope RX sale pricing / loyalty offers YouTube Music Podcasts may keep evolving Finally, in…

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Episode 94 – Superman II

Smoking and Drinking Capes Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, just another episode with Rob and Jason. This week they watch one of the weakest installments of Superman. Full of dull monologues and lackluster fights, it’s 1980’s Superman II.

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EE-3-13 – The Importance of The Tokens

SUMMARY The party has some time off before they get ready for their next adventure. Naturally, after being gone for so long on their first real adventure, they have to do some resupplying and they realize some things that they are missing for long journeys away from the city. After a group stop at Gregorio’s…

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Gunpunch with Fernando Pinto

Read transcript Strap in, true believers, because we’re about to dive headfirst into the wild world of Kickstarter campaigns and comic book mayhem! This week on Play Comics, we’re taking a look at the Kickstarter for the action-packed graphic novel Gunpunch, and we’ve got the creator himself, Fernando Pinto, here to give us the inside…

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Better Podcasting #292 – What We Want In A Future Audio Mixer / Media Host Segment: RedCircle

In the Better Podnering this week topics include: Recap of why we are leaving Libsyn A recent discussion on Libsyn’s The Feed about some testing they did on customer’s feeds What do we want to see in a future audio mixer? Expanding our media host…

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The Mystery of the Waffle House

It's a full house this week as we delve into the greatness that is Waffle House and the stunning realization they don’t exist outside the continental US. Meanwhile in the news Chris has detals on the newly announced Matrix 5 and what that means for the MCU, Wille sparks the Waffle House talk with some…

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Creators on the Couch – Erica Schultz 6

We sit down for the SIXTH time with writer Erica Schultz in advance of the release of Rat City. Get comfy, folks, this is our longest creator interview yet – almost TWO HOURS LONG! Intro Background What would it take to get you on a Marvel…

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Better Podcasting #291 – Mackie DLZ Creator XS Security Flaw / Media Host Segment: Guest Chris Osborne’s Pinecast Experience

In the Better Podnering this week topics include: Stephen returned the Mackie DLZ Creator XS (including a security flaw) Affinity sold to Canva – could there be benefits? Google Podcasts Gone: How to get your podcast on to YouTube Music For this…

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