PUGCast 62 — The MurderBearsCast


Yub nub motherfucker.


– T-shirt check


– We pass the buck on talking about the ArenaNet firings (hint: fuck ArenaNet).
– Niantic will release Ingress-themed animated series on Netflix ahead of Ingress Prime launch
– TennoCon happened, and Jamie will now explain it to us.
– AbleGamers launches their next $10,000 Expansion Pack project at New Orleans Children’s Hospital
– Live action Gundam movie from Legendary? Mm hmm.
– Tommy Tallarico (from Electric Playground) is running Intellivision, which is releasing a new console for family gaming

The Star Wars Minute

– This week in toxic fandom: Ahmed Best opens up about the Jar Jar backlash and Rebel Force Radio targets Andi Gutierrez for harassment. Also do we need to keep covering this shit?
– First image from Star Wars: Resistance leaks, likely confirms Cardinal is featured
– Keri Russell (Felicity, MI:3) in talks to join Ep IX
– Billy Dee Williams confirmed to be returning as Lando for Ep IX
– Mark shaved his beard! LUKE CONFIRMED wait no

Tree of Woe

– Andrew suffered on the tree of woe at the danged movies
– What are we playing? Roundtable. The Division, Defiance, board games, etc.
– Psst… Ep 2 of the cartoon is out really soon

Link to Joel Carrol’s Murderbears shirt: https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/1606377-murderbears

Link to the Waypoint Radio episode about the ArenaNet firings (skip to 26:02 for specific coverage): https://waypoint.vice.com/en_us/article/pawy3y/arenanet-fired-developers-twitter

PUGCast email: podcast@operationpug.com
The Operation: PUG Discord server: https://discord.gg/0lK2mS63JIvKtLWz


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