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Who doesn’t love a good time killing app or game on their mobile device? Are you too worried about losing your geeky reputation by being spotted with the Candy Crush app on your phone? Look no further because Marvel Puzzle Quest just might be your ticket to geek approved mindless time killing!

Hey everyone, Usually Dave here from the digitalSoup Podcast and I wanted to share some info on a fun game/app I’ve been playing on my phone for quite some time now called Marvel Puzzle Quest! It combines all the fun of a match three tile game with a bit of an RPG twist PLUS it all happens with your favorite heroes and villains from the Marvel Comics Universe! Best of all it’s multi-platform so you can play it on Android, iOS and Steam.

For the full review head over to the digitalSoup Podcast website by clicking right here! In the meantime here is the condensed version.

The Pro’s:

  • Extremely easy to get into and figure out. We’ve all played a tile matching game, haven’t we?
  • The RPG element of powering up your characters brings a fun element of strategy into the game.
  • They’ve included a huge roster of characters.
  • The artwork on the menu screens and animations when you perform your special attacks are pretty solid and can be entertaining at times. I mean who doesn’t want to see Deadpool drop a whale on his enemies?!

The Con’s:

  • As with any mobile game these days, the dreaded in-app purchases are a part of this world. You don’t have to buy them but it does make it harder to power up or gain access to many of the better characters.
  • As you do battle your characters take damage and/or get killed off. You only get 10 health/revive packs until you have to wait for XX:XX amount of time for them to either heal on their own or generate more health packs. Not a deal breaker, but frustrating if you’re doing well and want to keep playing.
  • Watch your cellular data if you are not on an unlimited plan. The game does use data so I just connect via wi-fi and play at home!

At the end of the day it’s a great way to let your favorite heroes and villains battle it out in an easy to pick up and play format. Great time killer, just don’t get sucked into the in-app purchase nightmare. No app game is really worth that in my opinion.


My name is Oliver Queen….umm…wait no, that’s not right. My name is David Szweduik. My friends call me Dave and my co-hosts call me Usually Dave. I’m a photographer, podcaster and all around geek. Each week I get together with two longtime friends and we put out a fun show called digitalSoup, a blend of tech, geek culture and humor. You can find digitalSoup at where you’ll also find a number of articles and reviews about all sorts of tech, gear, gadgets and general geekery. As a co-host of the digitalSoup podcast we are also proud members of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network and we have one goal: share great geeky info with our fellow geeks. To do that I can’t just post my articles on, I must become something else. To save our geeky city I must also share these articles with the GonnaGeek Podcast Network. Enjoy the articles and remember that together we can unite geeks everywhere.

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